Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nails It

I've said much of this before, but I don't say it nearly as good or clear as he does.  This is worth a read. 

United States of America No Longer Exists

I weep for my country.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


My Longhorns lost to the Land thieves from north of the Red River.  Some say it was a worthy effort, better than expected.  However, it is still a loss, no such thing as a 'moral victory' when you play those yahoos.  They played much harder this time than previous times, which does give hope for the future.  But it was the freaking okies man.  It is even worse when I have to deal with looking at other Texans that were wanting the land thieves to win and their gloating.  They don't have the right to wear the name Texan in my book.  Subhuman mouth breathers.

The wife has been down with some sort of epizootie all last week and finally is starting to be close to human again.  So that killed any of the fun day trips I had hoped to take.  We were also low on groceries and scraped around to fix things that were palatable to her in her condition.  So Monday I headed into town to the local grocer.  Since I was by myself the trip was much shorter and cheaper.  I stick to a list, if it ain't on the list it doesn't get bought, usually.  That does mean we might do without something if it got forgotten to be added to the list.  But it gets me in and out and less wandering around looking for things.  The list is usually put together in order of the way we travel in the store.  I finally got the wife to see my logic in this method.  Why travel all the way across the store to go back and get something you just remembered or just placed randomly on the list.  It makes no sense to me, especially with the size of the stores we go to.  The one we go to most often had been the second largest in the State at one time.  It's TEXAS size big.  Even when it's crowded there is still a lot of room.

No plans for this week, waiting to see how the woman feels before we commit to anything.  Even missed a funeral for a dear friend on Monday.  Hopefully we will get up and out sometime this week.  As for where we might head, no idea at this point.  I was thinking maybe a trip down to the Fannin Battlefield State Park since I have never been.  But it is at least a 2 hour trip maybe more.  Not sure that will be an acceptable time frame.  

My little fur buddy, Buster, has really been struggling of late.  Sunday he fell/stumbled more than usual.  At one point he fell coming up the steps in back and just laid there on them for a bit and then struggled to get up.  We gave him a pain reliever but he never really perked up.  Today he is moving  a little better and seems happy.  I can't help thinking about what may be in our future and it makes me sad.  He has been much more clingy, to me, of late also.  Not a bad thing at all but I hate seeing him struggle to get up just to follow me into another room for just a few minutes and then repeat when I return to the other room.  It just kills me to see that, but he never whines or winces, just carries on.  Very stoic.  He has turned out to be a really good dog.

Happy Trails

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Red River Rivalry

Today is the day every Texas Longhorn Football fan waits for all year.  So I will be perched in front of the tube hoping the underdog will prevail. 

Hook 'em

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kicking Back

The big party, reception, shower, pachanga for Son #2 and his new wife has come and gone.  I was pretty much worthless all day Sunday.  And today (Tuesday) I am not doing much either.  We had another clogged line Monday that I had to work on and put tools away after.  May do a little reading and work on a small leather key fob for a friend as a gift.   Other than that, nada.  

We wanted to do something fun this week since we have been so occupied with quite a few things the last couple weeks.  However that may not work out after all.  Things tend to crop up that will take priority.  The new Daughter has asked the wife to come over and help with a few things.  I would rather she go and build a strong relationship with her than take time for something else.  Since we haven't really spent much time with her and get to know her, to me that is an ideal time to do just that.  I will leave them to it and get my chances at other times.  It is very important to me that they have a strong bond.  I would love to see it grow to what the bond is between my Mom and my wife.  There is non of the mother-in-law rivalry there and has never been that way.  For that I am most thankful.  My wife deserves the same in return.

I am currently reading a book that was first published in 1936 and I think it is the 1949 version.  It is about Charles Goodnight.  A legendary figure in establishing and taming the early Texas frontier.  If you are familiar with the mini series Lonesome Dove, it is based loosely on the friendship of Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving.  Goodnight would have been Captain Woodrow Call.  The significant scene of Gus getting hit by an Indian arrow and losing his leg actually happened to Oliver Loving.  So far it is pretty good.  It will take me awhile to get through it.  I don't sit down and read as often as I would like and I read extremely slow.  This is a thick book with small print.  It may be months lol.  And if Old NFO ever gets his next Gray Man book out that will delay me even longer.  

Happy Trails

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Didn't Waste Time

I got that skin cancer removed bright and early Thursday morning.  They didn't waste any time getting me in and out.  Less than 20 minutes.  On the way back home I got the wife and I some breakfast tacos since it was still early.  I was home before 8 AM.  The doctor wanted me to come back in two weeks to remove the stitches.  I said I would do it myself and he was good with that.  They have enough of my money as it is, I didn't want to go back for another very short visit and have to pay for something I know I can do myself.  

I'm not going to comment about the latest shooting in Vegas, but it seems we have already forgotten about the 'evil christians' that were shot up in a church by an immigrant.  It doesn't fit the left wing scenario apparently.  No calls for gun control when that happened, at least none that I heard.  

I watched the Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam recently.  It was way too long.  It brought back a lot of memories.  I was just a young boy and a teen during most of that.  In 1971, when I graduated from high school I was headed down the see the Marine recruiter.  A buddy that had gotten in trouble with the law had joined up and convinced me to go in on the 'buddy' system they had at that time.  The recruiter had promised my buddy he would make his law trouble disappear if he joined up, so he did.  He lied.  The recruiter was upset with me for not signing right away, since I wanted to tell my folks before I did.  But I went home with the papers and told them what I was about to do.  It was the only time I heard my Dad have a real concern for me.  He never ever gave any advice or fatherly guidance other than to yell when he was pissed off at me, which was pretty often.  So his demeanor caught my attention more than usual.  In short he convinced me not to join.  He did not want me going to Vietnam.  I had told him the recruiter had told us they no longer sent new recruits to Vietnam.  He had always been in favor of me joining the military since that was what he did at about my age.  So his negative reaction to my plans had a big impact on me.  I went with what my Dad's wishes were and declined to return my papers.  That is my only real regret in life, not serving my country.  I always knew I would when I was younger.  However, had I joined, I would never have met my wife, the love of my life.  So things worked out for the best anyway.

As for the documentary, it was pretty one sided toward the left viewpoint, which is pretty typical of a Ken Burns film.  While I learned a few things and remembered several I had forgotten, I was disappointed in how much time he spent airing the viewpoint of deserters and those that fled to Canada and their opinion on the war.  There was also quite a bit of time spent with the communists that fought against us.  As you can imagine there was not an equal amount of time given to those that served honorably.  There were some things I will have to look into they claim Nixon did while running for election as President the first time.  If what they say is true.....but it is the left making those claims. 

Son #2  and his new bride will arrive in town sometime today.  They had stayed over in LAs Cruces New Mexico last night.  I assume they will be here late today.  So we are continuing preparations for the reception here.  There is still much to do.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The dermatologist appointment is now history.  Not near as bad as I let myself believe.  The wife was even texting me evil messages of what will happen with the exam while I was in the waiting room.  telling me things like 'bend over and spread em.'  Not at all like her but she has her moments.  She had much too much fun at my expense.  She was somewhat surprised the exam wasn't as extensive has hers had been evidently.  I didn't even have to take off my take that sweetheart.

There was only one other spot the doctor was concerned about that may have been precancerous, and he froze that.  The only hitch in the appointment was that the referring doctor failed to send the pathology report.  That inhibited any further treatment of the known cancer.  Once they get the pathology they will know better how to proceed with treatment.  I will be heading back for that in a week or two.  However, due to my complexion (Irish) and this current cancer I will be making regular visits, every 6 months.  Yippee.  More freaking doctors.  That will make 8 visits to 4 different doctors every year.  The price I am paying for the ignorance of my youth.  Yeah, I know, it could be worse.  

We also made our monthly trip to Costco to stock up and spent more money than I had planned.  They always have something new or something not on my list that I just really think I have to have.  They get me almost every time.  I'm weak and ashamed.  

The preparations to have the entire family (around 25 folks) to our house this next Saturday, have started getting serious.  I have a bit of yard work to take care of, we want it presentable and since it will be outside it demands a little more attention.  Also the inside will get and has been getting spruced up.  We don't want them to see how we really live LOL.  I hate visitors you have to clean up for, but here we are.  We brought it on ourselves.  We felt like Son #2 and his new bride deserved at least a small party/reception since they have missed out on all the showers etc. they would have normally received with an extended engagement.  Plus it is a good chance to spend time with the relatives closest to us we don't see very often.  I may even try to behave.

Happy Trails

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Revolution Begins

On this day in 1835, fighting broke out at Gonzales between Mexican soldiers and Texas militiamen. When Domingo de Ugartechea, military commander in Texas, received word that the American colonists of Gonzales refused to surrender a small cannon that had been given that settlement in 1831 as a defense against the Indians, he dispatched Francisco de Castañeda and 100 dragoons to retrieve it on September 27. Though Castañeda attempted to avoid conflict, on the morning of October 2 his force clashed with local Texan militia led by John Henry Moore in the first battle of the Texas Revolution. The struggle for the "Come and Take It" cannon was only a brief skirmish that ended with the retreat of Castañeda and his force, but it also marked a clear break between the American colonists and the Mexican government.

Happy Trails

Thursday, September 28, 2017

More Prodding and Poking

Back on the 11th I went in for my yearly physical.  For the most part things were better than usual as far as my diabetes numbers were concerned.  That was actually great news.  The change in meds and more exercise was/is paying off.  While there I mentioned a few minor issues that I wanted to get checked.  One was a wart I have had for years that just won't go away.  So they decided to do a biopsy.  I realized right away that it was more than just a wart of he wanted to biopsy it.  The doctor even mentioned that it might be squamous cell carcinoma.  As it turns out, that is what it is.  

I didn't really know what it was/is.  I know it is pretty common and have at least one friend that has multiple issues with this.  This is brief article on exactly what it is: squamous cell carcinoma 
It fits exactly what mine appears to be.

I don't think it is really anything to worry about.  I just don't relish the idea of more doctors and having to submit to the type of exam that will now occur with a dermatologist.  

No, I'm not really worried, just bummed.  I'll be ok.

Happy Trails

Monday, September 25, 2017


I can't say it any better about how those protestors have gotten it all wrong:

I am sure he will feel the wrath of the left and maybe get banned from you tube/google

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fall Cleaning

Yes, we are hard at it, trying to get things squared away and cleaned up around the homestead.  Since we will be hosting a gathering of family and friends for Son #2 and his new bride we want things to be more presentable than they usually are.  Even if we weren't hosting we needed to get busy with a few things anyway.  It doesn't take long for things to get somewhat out of hand for two people that would rather do other things than clean house.  Oh don't get me wrong, we do clean house but we don't do the deep clean thing that often.

We also had been having a problem with ants.  You think you have cleaned up after yourself when you eat, but you find out pretty quick just how thorough you were.  One little almost invisible crumb would get swarmed by ants.  When things get dry around here, some bugs start coming inside looking for water.  I think that is what has happened with the ants.  It has happened before and it hasn't been as big an issue as it has this time.  So, we started the deep clean and moving items around in order for me to spray insecticide inside.  I don't like using it inside but nothing else has been working.  One of our concerns about using a pesticide is the effects on our fur baby, Buster.  Since he lays around on the floor I worry about him getting some of the residue on him.  So I use it sparingly and very seldom if ever inside.  I don't even use it much outside.  This time around I was using a fine mist to apply and forgot to turn off the ceiling fans.  It wasn't too long before I was feeling light headed.  The fans were blowing the mist around too much and I was breathing it in.  SMH.  I'm still alive.

The wife has also been trying to thin out some of her 'beads' and jewelry making supplies.  She has been at it for several days.  I can't really see a dent in anything she has done but I know she has been hauling stuff out.  You would have to see all the beads and supplies she has to understand.  No, it's not a hoarder level type thing.  More may have to go if she never goes back to the resort.  Not sure how she will dispose of it, there is a lot of money tied up in that stuff.  I am sure she will come up with a plan to sell it to her jewelry making friends or something.  Actually she has never said anything about getting rid of any of it.  It's just me thinking that and you know how that would probably go over.

Sat in on a 'webinar' for medicare yesterday.  I have to register for that in the next few months.  I was a little surprised by some things.  Most of all the premium I will have to pay monthly.  It will be an added expense that I thought would be offset by the changes to my current insurance.  Nope, not even close.  We need to figure out some things in that regard.   

Happy Trails

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Don't Know

It seems we have volunteered (I didn't) to do some work at the place where Son #2 lives while he is in Arizona with his new bride.  I would love to have heard the conversation that got me committed to that.  It is mostly painting two rooms he would like done before they come back.  That will be sometime the first week of October.  However, one of the rooms is wall paper.  That will require covering it with joint compound first and letting it dry.  That is something we have done in several rooms we had wallpaper in.  It turns out really well and is much easier than your standard way of getting rid of wallpaper.  I suppose this will take at least three days to accomplish.  They don't even care what color paint to use, they will leave that up to us.  SMH.

I see that as an opportunity for Son #2 and his new bride to work together on a project.  You know, the things that husbands and wives do together, bringing them closer and closer.  I tried that argument with the wife and it fell on deaf ears.  She told me if I didn't want to she would do it herself and I could stay home.  I'm tempted.  So one day soon we will need to go over and assess what needs to be done and let the wife decide on the color.  

How did I get myself into this?

I have been looking for some quick easy leather projects that I can turn out quickly and make a larger number of in a short time.  I can have them on hand in time in case Kim is still able to work at the resort come Christmas.  There are any number of various things I am considering and have three in mind at the moment, but that could change as I do more research.  I can also use them to gift friends etc. when I feel like it without too much effort and little cost.  One is a coaster for a wine glass that I think is unique, various types of key fobs and another coaster with a mirror inside.

I will post picture of those when I get a few done.

Happy Trails

Monday, September 18, 2017

New Toy

A while back I picked up a cheap little dash cam.  I had been watching you tube and several videos of folks with these things appeared.  For some reason there are a lot of them from Russia.  From what I gather, after watching a bunch of those, you probably need one if you drive there.  They are crazy drivers and no one would believe your story if you didn't have a dash cam to prove it.

I don't use it very often if at all, however I did get a few hours of video on our way out to Arizona at the end of last month.  No, no Russian drivers made their appearance thankfully.  Actually it was very uneventful driving.  I did capture part of an area I would have liked to stop at for a few minutes and get some photos.  It is somewhere east of Tuscon, Texas Canyon.  No idea why it's named that.  It has a lot of big boulders all tumbled around.  It is pretty impressive as far as big rocks go.  

So here is the video of that part of our trip.  It will give you an idea what a very cheap dash cam looks like and a view of part of the canyon.  It was overcast so the colors don't really stand out and I only have the straight ahead highway view, but maybe you can get an idea of why I thought it was pretty cool.  

Skip to the 1 minute mark to get to the start of the canyon.

Happy Trails

Saturday, September 16, 2017


The wife got a phone call from her contact at the resort yesterday.  There are some possible major changes coming to the wife's business at the resort.  Since she is an independent contractor they now will require a signed contract and for her to carry liability insurance.  Her guests usually charge her fees to their room since few carry cash etc.  The guests are usually involved in swimming etc. and charging to the room made it very easy for her and the guests.  What it amounts to is that the changes just make it harder and harder to do business.  So it may go by the wayside.  It has been dwindling over the last year or so anyway.  We just hoped it would maybe last another year or two.  Even more belt tightening will be in order.  We will be OK.  

Otherwise, I have nothing worthy to post.  The brain is just empty in that regard.  

Happy Trails

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Doctors and Hospitals

Monday.  I spent most of the day at the doctor's office getting my physical and sitting with the family of my best friend while he had surgery.  My physical results were much better this time around although I did have to have a biopsy for a skin issue but it shouldn't be anything serious.  They also thought it was a good time to give me my flu shot and a pneumonia vaccine and I have to go get a shingles vaccine.  Suffice it to say I have had enough of medical things this week, especially needles. Along with my insulin injections and these I have had enough LOL.

That evening we headed to the church house and listened to an old friend at a gospel meeting.  It did us much good and was great to see him and his wife again.  

Plans are underway to have a reception for #2Son and his new bride in early October.  We will have it our house and will only be close family since we don't have much room.  It seems they may be moving back here permanently at that time with her giving up her job there in Mesa.  We are excited to have them get here.  

The gas crisis is alleviating finally, but you still might find stations with bags over the pumps, but fewer and fewer are now closed.  I wonder of that Irma hurricane will have it's own effect on the availability situation.

I have to get back at it.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Still Behind

It seems I can't seem to catch up with these posts.  There are a number of things I think about to post here and then forget them immediately.  So that puts me way behind in updating.  Maybe I am busier than normal.  Yeah, that's it, I'll go with busy.  

A while back my Dad and I both did the DNA thing.  Mostly out of curiosity.  We also are hoping to someday unravel the mystery of who is Grandfather was.  All his life he has been told he is 100% German Heritage.  While that may be true in the definition of 'heritage' it isn't necessarily so with DNA.  I can't give you a detailed description of how this DNA thing works or even a brief summary.  
It is much too complex for me and I have only scratched the surface.  We did discover that he is not exactly 100% German.  There was more British Isles DNA than anything else.  This didn't really surprise me as we have had indications, although very minor that his real Grandfather may have had that ancestry.  But this doesn't prove anything in solving that mystery.  With all the migration patterns over the centuries many of those cultures overlap several times and so the DNA has gotten extremely mixed.  Thus it can give a wide range of locations of where your DNA came from.  I think the biggest surprise that we both share a significant amount of Scandinavian DNA.  I suspected some through some of my genealogy research had indicated possible northern Germany/Denmark as ancestral grounds.  Oh, and mine differed on the fact that I had Iberian peninsula DNA.  What?  Reading further it reveals that the Celts migrated to and inhabited a large portion of what is now Spain/Portugal.  I am assuming that is why it shows up that way for me.  It has to be from my Mother's side, Dad had none.  The largest portion of my DNA was also the British Isles, with mostly Irish, Welsh, Scots  DNA.  I'll be getting my bagpipes and kilt soon LOL.  This is what I expected.  

This is my break down without detail:
Thousands of years ago
Ethnicity Estimate
  •  33% Great Britain
  •  27% Scandinavia
  •  40% Other regions

What it amounts to is, I'm a mutt.  But I know more about how much of a mutt.

I have been trying to get my Mom to submit DNA also, but she says she already knows what hers is. 
I just shake my head, she confuses DNA with heritage.  Honestly I think she is a bit afraid of what she might find out.  Her family (mother) didn't care much for her ancestry, they embarrassed her to be honest.  I think Mom gets a lot of that characteristic having listened to the stories over the years.  My Grandmother would always ask me 'when I was going to be through with all this genealogy stuff.' She just didn't understand my interest at all.  It only brought back unpleasant memories, it seems, to her.  She always avoided things that could possibly bring her any heartbreak.  That is another story all of it's own.  So I was never really able to get a lot of info that I needed from her.  

Now that I have the results in hand I can't do much more without help from others that show up as sharing DNA.  Those would be the people that would have the info I seek.  However, that costs more $$ than I care to spend at this time.  So I will have to sit and wait for one of them to get motivated enough to contact me.  It is a never ending search once you get into genealogy.

Happy Trails.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trying To Stay Busy

Not really trying that hard, it just seems that there is something to do everywhere I look.  `Which is pretty much the case everyday anyway.  However there is a bit of sense of urgency at this time. 
Son#2 and his new bride will be returning to Texas in October.  Since they didn't have the various showers etc. that go with a planned wedding, we will host a family reception for them at our home.
Yes, this will be only family, we can't host something really big due to size.  About twenty five folks should be here.  That has spurred me into action to get some of the small projects out of the way, like painting the hallway.  It was pretty nasty and I got that done and out of the way.  Also, we got a counter top microwave to replace the over the counter microwave that died way too early for what we paid for it.  So when you walk into our kitchen we have two microwaves sitting there.  The new one is much smaller (and cheaper by about 1/2), but takes up much needed counter space.  It also blows the breaker when we have the toaster and coffeemaker going at the same time.  The wife came up with the idea to put a shelf in the spot where the old microwave sits and place the new one up there. 
This would also allow us to use the dedicated circuit avoiding blown breakers.  That is now down, after trying to figure out the stupid measurements.  It's not perfect, but with a few decorative tweaks it will work.  Fitting something smaller into a hole that is designed for something bigger was a little harder than I anticipated.  There is more, much more, including major cleaning where two slobs live and a ton of yard work just for starters.  

I am hurting from trying to move all the sandbags.  Several had become soaked from the rain and break open when I try to lift them.  Not to mention they are much heavier when wet and my back is paying the price.  I still have about 6 or so to move and that will have to be done by shovel since they are a mess also.  They have been there too long, but I knew they would be a problem for me and my stupid back so I put it off.  

We heard from Son #2 this past week.  It seems their plans are probably changing by the day.  Since his bride is a teacher she has a contract through the end of the year.  He would be traveling back and forth throughout the year between here and there.  Once she was done the plan was to move here. 
However, it seems she wants to move here within the month.  There is a lot more to this and other things going on and we wonder what the next idea/change will be.  It goes with everything else that has gone on with this romance.  We of course are excited they would be here much sooner than planned, but we hope they have thought this through thoroughly before acting.  I am keeping my mouth shut and going with whatever they decide.  It will work out regardless.

Today I am heading north to see a college football game.  Something I loved to do a long time ago.  It will be a challenge for me but I am looking forward to it and try to make the best I can of it.  The weather should be perfect and the seats good, and even better, I won't have to drive in that mess.  I wasn't going if I had to drive.  

Happy Trails 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Catching Up

The effects of the hurricane are still being felt throughout Texas.  Finding gas here near and in Libtardville (San Antonio) is a real problem.  The word had gotten out that there may be gas shortages due the all the refineries that are were in the path of the hurricane would be shut down. 
Consequently, it created a mini-hysteria about the availability of gas.  Before we left for Arizona I had to search to find a station that had gas.  Three of the four near us were completely out.  This was last Wednesday.  Luckily I was able to fill up at the last one.  I was a little worried that we might leave on our trip and get stuck out in West Texas due to no availability of gas.  That didn't happen.  
However, the trip back was a different story.  We found gas at the outer reach of our range in Ft Stockton.  I planned to top off in Ozona so we didn't roll in on fumes and not be able to find gas when we got home.  I had been keeping up with the situation at home and it had become and even bigger problem.  The first two stations in Ozona were out.  The third only had ultra premium for 3$/gal.  
So I topped off.  Glad I did.  All the stations around home the next day were completely out.  WE have a full tank on my truck and near half on the wife's car.  We will conserve and avoid the hysteria.

There is no gas shortage.  The current situation is compounded be social media.  Everyone is telling others how there is no gas anywhere and as soon as a truck rolls in to refill they post that on social media and everyone descends on that station blocking roads and emptying the station in a couple hours.  Those idiots even advise folks to take extra gas cans to fill.  They are the ones responsible for this stupidity.  You know that everyone that doesn't really need gas is topping off and adding to the problem.  The herd mentality is in play instead of cool thinking.  Some stations are beginning to ration gas to 5 or 10 gallons  It makes me want to slap people.  Can you imagine the hysteria if there was a real shortage like back in '73/'74?  Not sure of the real date.  There would probably killings at various stations.  There are already folks with short tempers letting go at some of the locations with long lines.  I'm thankful we have small supply of essentials and we will stay away from the madness as long as we can.

Everyone in Texas is related to or knows someone really well in those areas hit the hardest.  There are a lot of folks turning out to help the worst hit areas.  Texans being Texans.  It's how we roll.

OK enough about that.  Where we live here in Texas is on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, so we are no newbies when it comes to heat.  This recent trip of 2000 miles in 3 days was an eye opener of what real heat is.  Granted they don't have the humidity we have.  But that saying 'but it's a dry heat' is meaningless.  When we rolled into Phoenix it was 110*.  Normally I would say 110 in the shade, but they don't have shade.  Those things they have aren't trees with those little spindly leaves and stunted growth.  (Yes, I'm dogging you Arizona).  When a friend found out I was headed out there he told me that it gets very cool at night.  I don't know where he was, but it was still near 90* at 4:00 AM.  The heat radiating off the pavement just keeps the heat in.  There is no way I could survive in anything like that with the heat issues I have.  I was a bit worried about the wedding since it was outside and it was 108*.  They actually found a shady place so all was tolerable for the time it took to get that over. My Grandkids didn't fare as well, they had some heat related issues.

Today we are sitting at home missing our kids and wishing we had been able to spend more time out there.  We hope to go back to take in the sights I want to see, but it will have to be sometime other than the summer.  Most likely an October.  We also want to get to know our Son's in-laws better. 
They are really great folks and he is blessed to have them.  

Happy Trails

Sunday, September 3, 2017

It's Done

We got that wedding over and done with in record time.  It went off without a hitch which is surprising since there was no time to plan.  That it a testament to the bride's parents that we met for the first time the day before the wedding.  I have to say they are outstanding 'in-laws.'  How many can say that?  My Son is very blessed.

We made it back home from Arizona about 12:30 AM Sunday morning.  Just under 14 hours straight through driving.  It was harder coming home that heading out.  That was due to the combination of all the things that had transpired over the last 2-3 days.  Yes, we drove straight through to Mesa, Az. from our home.  No time at all to take in the things I wanted to see in that area.  But that is mostly a good thing.  It is just too freaking hot there.  It was also an issue for Buster, since we had to take him with us.  There is almost no grass anywhere you go there.  That makes it very hard on his paws in that heat.  WE tried to let him out every chance we could while travelling, but he was miserable when we stopped for gas in Tucson.  He just sat a looked us, no place to get off the hot pavement in 106* heat. 
Poor guy.  We stayed in a La Quinta, they are pet friendly, and they are very accommodating.  he was still pretty anxious about everything and you could tell he was worried every time one of left the room.  He is a herder and his herd wasn't together.  We did take some anti anxiety pills we got from the vet and they worked pretty well but I hate what it does to him.  Over all he was an excellent traveling companion.  But it was very hard on his 13 year old bones and it is telling today.  He is getting some pain meds as I post.

There are a lot of issues that Son #2 has to deal with having to split time between to homes until they are able to move to one place once her teaching contract is up at the end of the year.  They have some challenges to meet but they are up to it.

We missed service this morning for the first time I can remember in years for something other than illness,it feels weird, but we were just worn out and will go tonight.  So, I'm cutting this short today, I hope to be back up to speed tomorrow and I can fill you in on what's going on here in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and it's effects here locally in my neck of the woods.

Happy Trails

Friday, September 1, 2017


Considering the future wedding and I couldn't come up with anything worthy, you get these:

Some of these are more true than not.

Happy Trails

Thursday, August 31, 2017


All the rain we have had has made the grass in my yard go absolutely crazy.  So yard work it is.  It hasn't been very long since the last cutting.  At this time of year I usually can go a month or more without cutting.  The last time I waited way too long.  I could have baled hay in the backyard when I was done.  It was the first time my 16 hp mower bogged down.  I leave it a little longer in the summer, it survives the heat better when it is longer than keeping it shorter.  The shorter grass just burns up with this heat.

I am really looking forward to the college football season this year.  I have every year and the last few have been very disappointing.  My team has a new up and coming coach and I expect great things. 
But that was the story for the last three also and I was very disappointed then.  So I am trying to temper my expectations, which is hard to do when your team is traditionally a national power.  I will actually attend a game this year.  First in a long time.  Son #1 has season tickets and has an extra.  He has tried to get me to go in the past and I always opted out for various reasons.  He convinced me to try it one more time.

Son #1 and I have attended many games there over the years.  I introduced him to live college football when he was about 10 year old.  That first game we went to, he was a bit uneasy before we went.  None of his friends were fans of our Team.  They were all fans of the Texas Aggies.  This was back when they had a string of wins against Texas.  With those wins the casual fans took up the bandwagon of the aggies.  He finally asked me, 'will there be any other Texas fans at the game?'  He hadn't come across any Texas fans anywhere else but me and some family.  So he was a bit intimidated at what he might encounter.  Of course I assured him, there would be more Texas fans than he had ever seen and there would be very few of the bad guys.  This was back when he believed I knew all.  I miss those days.

I ruined him as far as watching live college football.  We used tickets my Aunt and Uncle would send us that they couldn't use.  They were huge UT supporters and had been forever.  So we would make 1-3 games a year for several years, since they lived in Denver, they couldn't make every game like they used too.  Oh yeah, 50 yard line seats up high enough to see everything and not to far away. They were the perfect seats.  How can it get any better?  See, he is ruined.

We sat next to their friends that were at every game and they got to where they looked for us.  To a football fan, there is nothing better than live football, and that atmosphere at a place like Memorial Stadium was unbelievable.  It was a special time with my Son I still cherish.  So I am looking forward to this game, hoping to bring back some great memories and spend a little time with that boy I don't spend as much time with anymore.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Another Update

As of Monday 4:30 PM it hasn't rained since Sunday evening.  It is still breezy and cloudy and even cool but the sun is making an appearance.  We were very fortunate to not have the storm come to our area as they had thought it would, and seeing all the devastation Southeast of us.  Everyone is talking about Houston and the flooding there, it is some of the worst I have seen.  However, if you see photos of Rockport, Texas, it appears to be almost gone.  There are many other small towns and cities that have been hit as hard or harder than Houston.  There are a lot of folks that are suffering.  That storm continues to dump even more rain on top of those areas compounding a very serious problem even more.  

We have been able to be out and about as needed.  Nothing really changed other than being more aware of our surroundings and the weather before we ventured out.  We made a quick trip to the vet to get some meds for Buster.  We will have to take him with us to Phoenix and the wedding.  We will have to leave him in the hotel for a few hours while we attend to business.  Since he has separation anxiety and being in a strange place probably will compound that, we are trying some meds to help him stay calm, and hopefully sleep while we are out.  So far we are seeing no real effect.  The dosage may need to be upped.  We also made a trip to get the microwave that the wife wanted, we are too spoiled to do without evidently.  Then Kim went shopping for a dress she will wear to the wedding.

A bit about this wedding.  It is being thrown together at the last minute so arrangements are changing by the hour.  The first place they planned as the location was denied.  So an alternate place was chosen.  It is a park, in Phoenix.  It's outside, it's Summer, in Phoenix.  It's supposed to be 106* down from the usual 110*.  Yeah, I know. 

Son#1 will need to travel/fly out on the day of the wedding due to work.  I am hoping someone else can pick him up at the airport, I don't know my way around there at all.  But I am pretty sure it will be me.  There is a lot of stuff going on, it makes my head hurt.  It will be a fairly casual affair and hopefully short due to the heat.  Oh but it's a dry heat you say.  It's still too freaking hot for a guy that has had heat stress/stroke multiple times.  I will probably carry bottles of ice water in my pockets lol.
The things you do for your crazy children.  Actually, I am more worried about Buster and how he will fare for several hours alone.  Hopefully that will go better than I expect.

Happy Trails

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Update From Hurricane Zone

We have been very fortunate in regard to Hurricane Harvey.  Just continous rain, not what they predicted, we have gotten about 3 inches along with some wind.  the wind isn't even very strong where I live.  Although just to the south of me they have recorded over 50 mph winds.  It still isn't over but I doubt we will see anything worse here.  I can't say that for the folks to the southeast of us. 
It has been horrific there and it is still going with major flooding.

On another note, we were informed this week that Son #2 will be getting married much sooner than expected.  He was 'told' a new much earlier date than the Spring Break time originally planned.  Yeah, he caved, the Nancy LOL.  We are pretty excited actually and have been making arrangements for a quick long road trip to Phoenix.  I will keep the date under wraps for now, OPSEC you know.  No, she isn't pregnant.  

Just over a year ago, May or early June of last year we replaced our microwave.  We had one of those over the counter jobs, so they are about double the price of a good counter top model.  Well, it has gone toes up now.  One year warranty?  Just past it.  I tried to hold out and just see how well we do without a microwave.  It is mostly a convenience thing.  We spent many of our early married years without one and then we got a hand me down.  Well, it appears that we use that thing much more than I guessed and the wife is caving to getting a new one ASAP.  This is just after a week without one.  I have to admit, making tacos out of left overs just doesn't work real well without a microwave.  I don't know how we did it back then LOL.  I am sure we would be OK without, but you know how it goes, happy wife.....

Happy Trails

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hurricane Update

I wanted to give a quick update from yesterday's post about the oncoming hurricane.  So far, by this morning just short of 8 AM, it is currently raining and the wind is getting gusty.  We have only received about 0.30 inches so far.  But that is supposed to change significantly.  The main thing I am concerned about is the predicted wind of 70 mph.  These would be consistent winds not gusts.  So I am concerned about my roof and two large trees that hang over the house.  But at this point it is what it is.  

We made our trip to the grocer yesterday just to top off things of convenience mostly, snacks etc.  
This grocery store we go to, at the time it was built was the largest in Texas.  It is huge.  Even when the parking lot looks crowded, the store inside still has plenty of room and you don't really ever get to close for comfort.  This time the parking area was more crowded than I had seen it before.  Still, things inside were still pretty comfortable.  You could see they were starting to have items that were picked over, like they hadn't restocked after Christmas weekend.  The were having a run on ice.  This was about 11 AM.  We wanted to get here earlier but we just messed around to long.  However, the checkout lines were longer than I had ever seen them and they have a ton of them.  they probably had 20 checkouts working and there were long lines at everyone.  They have about 40 checkouts, maybe more.  It took a while to get through and I managed to keep my cool lol.  When we got outside the parking lot was even fuller.  The gas station on the way home was doing a big business too.  I am sure they were getting low on ice.  I found out last night they were completely out of gas.  Luckily I had more than enough gas in both vehicles, so that won't be an issue.

So we are hunkered down here for the duration of this hurricane that can't make up it's mind.  The local weather experts admit they don't really know what's going to happen with this thing but they have to give the worst case scenarios for the complete idiots.  Well they didn't say that but you get the drift.

Oh, while at the store we both noticed an elderly lady, looking around like she was nervous.  Deer in the headlights look.  She was by herself.  So my sweet wife tried to engage her in conversation hoping to take the edge off whatever was bothering her, which we assumed was the storm and the crush of people that were prepping for the storm and all it could bring.  She told the lady that she hoped she would weather the storm well.  She all but snarled back that she wasn't scared.  Well OK then.  Not a thank you as we would have done or something similar.  There can be no mistaking my wife's tone of voice or intent when she does that.  So I don't really know why she needed to respond rudely.  Maybe she was truly fearful and wasn't going to admit it to some strange person.  Not a big deal, but it makes you realize everyone reacts to certain things in a different way in a stressful situation.

I couldn't resist that one.

I will have some more news and updates from this part of Texas as things develop.

Happy Trails

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

The local news talkers are all atwitter with Hurricane Harvey headed our way.  The local channels pretty much stay on the air 24/7 with weather related info until it's over.  We are currently under Tropical Storm warnings in my area.  We are about 150-175 miles from the projected landfall.  We will see major amounts of rain if it doesn't change course.  They are predicting 10-20 inches just to the east of us by 10 miles.  So we will catch quite a bit.  We will be OK as long as we don't venture out.  The wind is my only real concern and of course the tornadoes that get spawned by these hurricanes.

We live on the side of a hill so we won't encounter high water.  However, the hill slopes down toward the house and my garage has flooded with these conditions before.  It can get a few inches deep in there.  We have made preparations for that this time.  All things that could be ruined by that much water (boxes etc.) have been lifted off the floor.  I went to Home Depot and bought bags of sand and have laid them across the front of the garage door this time.  My back is paying the price.  There was another guy there doing the same thing for his garage.  He got all the bags of sand in plastic bags, I had to settle for paper bags and putting them in trash bags.  I wanted to do the same for my parents at a couple doors to their house that are low to the ground.  They thought I was kidding. My Mom has made arrangements to have a handyman come over and place them for her instead of letting me come into town and do it for her.  This handyman is a bit handicapped (mental) and is 70 years old so I don't have a lot of confidence in him.  But she wouldn't hear of another alternative, me. SMH.  I can only do so much with that.

This hurricane will hit land sometime late tonight or early Saturday.  We will get copious amounts of rain prior to that by about 12 hours.  Then it will continue until the storm travels past.  Maybe 24-36 hours of rain before it gets past.  We will head to the grocers just to top off a few things.

This isn't our first rodeo.  We are ready.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I finished the cover for the wife's Kindle Fire.  I tried doing a filigree style this time.  Something I haven't tried before.  She likes flashy things so I thought this might work for her.  

If you look closely at the first two photos you can just make out a hint of red.  That is the filigree, where I cut completely through the leather and place a colorful material behind to shine through. Unfortunately the photo just doesn't catch it very well.  I like contrast so the turquoise thread was my choice for her.  She seems to like it, maybe she is just being nice.  I may try this again.  I like the look for certain things.

I am a Yelp reviewer.  I review  just about anything, from food to services etc.  I got some feedback from one of the places I recently reviewed.  They offered me a better experience to my full satisfaction.  I had dinged them twice.  This is a taco place.  I am very particular when it comes to tacos.  I think I know my stuff and what a taco should be due to the many years of eating them down here in this part of the State of Texas.  The biggest complaint I had was the price.  From near 4$ apiece to over 5$.  For a taco?!?!?!  Are you kidding me?  Two tacos and a drink and I am over 10$.  I don't think so.  Granted they are on the edge of the hoity toity part of Libtardville.  I guess I can't blame them for taking advantage of their situation.  I told them, thanks but I doubted they would lower their prices and increase the size of their tacos for me since that was my biggest complaint. 
Yes, they were rather small too, not even average size.  

I am pretty particular about my Tex-Mex food.  Libtardville has that going for it.  It is the home of Tex-Mex.  I don't care where you go, the so called Tex-Mex elsewhere just isn't the same.  Even in Libtardville we will get these chain's that think they know what they are doing with Tex-Mex.  Some get very popular, but if you look at the clientele they attract, you know right away it isn't authentic.  
Yeah, I always ding them pretty hard on Yelp.  Imposters.  

So what is true Tex-Mex to me?  The easiest way for me to tell is by their enchiladas.  The tortillas that are used MUST be the red tortillas.  If they are anything else, pass them by.  Yes, there is a significant difference.  The yellow corn or white corn tortillas will get so soggy it is like eating slop. The red will hold their texture and and actually give you something to chew instead of soup.  Also, this is a Libtardville invention.  If you see it anywhere else, they stole it or ar from here.  Puffy Tacos. They are exactly what they sound like.  The tortilla or shell has been fried to a puffy texture.  
You might have a choice of chicken or beef filling.  Sometimes you can get one of each.  If you are trying them the first time I would suggest getting one of each.  They will most likely fall apart in your hand before you are through, so resort to the fork. 

There will always be a side of rice and beans.  These can vary widely in quality.  Most places it is just an afterthought.  Anyway, for my tastes and experience it is the little 'hole-in-the wall' place that gets it right most of the time.  They probably use Abuelas recipes that have been handed down over years. 
Check the parking lots of those places, they will generally be packed and the clientele is what you would expect to see in an authentic place.  They sometimes look a little seedy, but that's OK if they are clean, and keeps the Yankees away.  Yeah, my definition of Yankee is probably different too.  It's pretty much anyone that is not a native.  Born and raised.  Yes, if you couldn't tell I can be very opinionated.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Underwhelming.  That is the word I would use to describe our eclipse viewing.  We were at Son#1's home as I mentioned previously.  My Mom was ready to leave about an hour and half after they arrived and it was only 30 minutes until peak eclipse time.  They always leave early at every event. Which always puzzles me since she likes to get out and socialize as much as possible and that doesn't happen all that often for them anymore.  We did convince them to stay through the peak anyway.

My Granddaughter was very excited about the eclipse.  Mom evidently spent a good deal of time teaching them about it and they constructed an eclipse viewer out of a cardboard box and other materials.  I guess you could say her anticipation was palpable.  Was she ever disappointed.  She got this hang dog look after a few minutes and it persisted until we left.  I tried to find out what was bothering her and her words were 'I thought it would be cooler than this.'  Yeah, me too.  We had 61% coverage here and I thought it would be significant enough to see some light change at least.  It didn't turn out that way at all.  I am guessing it would have to be in the 80%+ range to see a significant difference.  I tried to console her about it and she wasn't having it.  We will have a near full eclipse here in 7 years.  That is an eternity to a child.  She told me she would be 16 by that time in that same manner she had on her face.  I still tried to cheer her up and told her she would be a sweet 16 then. 
There was a faint smile that lasted a couple seconds.  Hopefully her disappointment didn't last much longer after we left.

The half moon shapes of the shadows of light filtering through tree leaves also was harder to see.  In fact we couldn't see it at all without a piece of cardboard laid on the ground to help define it.  The shapes were getting lost in the grass.  

Yes, I was a bit disappointed too, but it was great to see how much time the network news spent on the eclipse.  Something other then all the doom and gloom news for a change.  That, at least was refreshing.  

Happy Trails

Monday, August 21, 2017


I am not really sure how to classify this weekend.  Kim had a pretty good day at the resort, but it was longer than usual and harder.  Consequently it has her down physically and that can last a few days. 
She appears to be better this morning, somewhat.  I am glad as she has planned brunch for my Mother's 85th birthday.  This will take place at Son #1's home.  So we will have to head over there in a few minutes in order to get everything accomplished.  I hope the traffic cooperates.  

I have been trying to have a meeting with my congregations' leadership for the past three months to ask some questions.  After 3 months it was sprung on me with little notice.  I was getting weird a vibe earlier and got a feeling it was going to be antagonistic which surprised me.  That part was at least a misunderstanding.  It was very trying but I had worthy support and I believe I acquitted myself in an appropriate manner and they got the message.  It was also a reminder that they are just men, like myself and can make mistakes and errors in judgement.  There are times when we all can learn something new or at least understand the other's perspective better.  I can't go into details, I put this here for my own failing memory.  The anticipation of this meeting was what made this whole weekend harder than usual for me and that affected the rib also.  

We will have only a 61% eclipse here.  That is enough to see that something is happening.  I understand that my Grandkids are very excited about it.  I assume we will still be at their house when this occurs around 1:00 PM.  It will be fun to watch their reactions.  I want to point out to them the shadows under the trees and how they look 'half moon' during the eclipse.  I have seen that a couple times and that to me is the most impressive thing about an eclipse.  The light filtering through the trees gets this weird half moon shape.  I have never heard it explained and I haven't 'googled' it either. No idea why or how it happens, I just enjoy the wonder of it.

I have a strange physical thing happening to me.  I have a slight tremor with fine motor skills.  I notice it mostly when trying to text on my phone.  My right hand has enough of a tremor that it makes it a little harder to accomplish.  If I am overly tired it is even more pronounced.  I guess most people have some sort of tremor to overly tired muscles at some point, that is what this is like.  I had gotten the weedeater going Thursday or Friday and the right arm felt strained.  It still does today and the tremor is noticeably more pronounced.  I think it is mostly due to the problems in my neck with all the compressed discs and pinched nerves.  I will need to mention this during a physical I have scheduled for next month.  No, I am not worried, so that is good.  Although it can play havoc with my leather work.  Fine detail will be a chore if it gets worse.  I already try to avoid heavy physical exertion with my arms/hands when I know I have leather to work.  Getting old isn't for pansies.

Happy Trails

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Pulled The Plug

I admittedly spend far too much time on the PC.  Much of it is spent on the book of faces.  About the time my Granddaughter was born my Daughter-in-law convinced me I needed to get on in order to see recent photos she would post.  How could I resist as I had in the past?  I got more and more caught up in FB over the years.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Over the past few years I let the political and other similar type articles become a major focus for me.  Almost everyday I would get to shaking my head over the idiocy I would see with those posts.  I already avoid network news due to the garbage they spew most of the time.  It has spilled over into the local news at times also.  No, I didn't delete my account yet, as I have a couple business pages I tend to.  I just will be not looking at my personal page.  

Lately, with all the antifa garbage and much more stupidity I just felt like it was time to take a break from it.  Yes, I found old friends and we stay in touch that way.  I will miss some of the interaction I had with them for the most part.  I decided it was better for me to get off for awhile, not only to keep my sanity, but to keep from reacting to something stupid by saying something just as stupid.  I don't need to be saying things in the heat of the moment.  I get misunderstood enough in normal life without adding that to the mix.  Text and typed messages and posts can be so easily misunderstood since they don't convey inflection and emotion and facial expression.  It can be bad thing, I have seen it happen in my work place.  I don't need my friends and especially my family being alienated due to a misunderstanding.  Yes, I could TRY to keep from posting responses to things, but sometimes the temptation to respond is much too great.  Especially when error or truth is involved.  I seem to always get in trouble with things like that, especially with my family.  I don't need that.  Well, not 'always.'  I just don't need to have them misunderstanding me even in the least.  

So, yeah, maybe I am surrendering.  Maybe I am just avoiding being a 'trigger' by being triggered. 
Sorry I couldn't resist using the latest catch phrase.  Call it what you will, I still have this outlet.  I am old and tired.  Yes, I worry about the world my Grandchildren will be having to deal with.  Things are happening so much faster now, I know I am behind the curve most of the time.  I just have to get a break from the crazies for a while.  

Happy Trails

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I have been a lover of history as long as I can remember.  Even before it was taught at the lower level of elementary school I was always asking questions about things that happened in the past.  We didn't get exposed to real history classes until 3rd grade, and that wasn't an official course, it was due to a teacher that had a love for all things Texas.  She taught some of the history of early Texas.  Yes, she was my favorite teacher and that is partly due to her love of history and Texas.

Consequently, get pretty wound up when I see the distortion of history to meet a political agenda and destroy the other opposing side or bait them into doing something to use against them and say: 'I told you so.'  I won't go into a lengthy discussion about the correct history they distort for their own purposes, it would fall on deaf ears.  The others that know the true history don't need to hear it again.  
This isn't a new phenomena, this distorting of history.  Almost every event in history has two sides and the one that wins generally writes the history.  It is then prettied up to justify many of the things that were done by their side.  The narrative changes to make them look holier than the defeated. 
Nothing will change that now.  It has gone on far too long and most don't want to know the truth, it would hurt their sensibilities and these SJW's would need to find another reason to be the jack asses they are.  Well, maybe not.  Most would adhere to the adage: 'Once a jackass, always a jackass.'  You have probably heard that applied some other way.  It is not always true for everyone.  There might be one or two that would actually change their stripes, but there will be 100 more to take his place.

I want to leave you with these quotes, that reveal the truth about the character of two people that opposed each other.

"In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but would acknowledge, that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil in any country."

And then:

"I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races...I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality.  And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race."

Which of these comments comes from a white supremacist?  Can you guess who said which?  Most of you probably already know.  Robert E. Lee wrote the first quote in a letter in 1856 while stationed in Texas, 5 years before the War of Secession. The second quote was spoken by none other than Abraham Lincoln in one of the Douglas/Lincoln debates just before the same war.

Who was the white supremacist?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Was feeling a bit nostalgic Monday.  That almost always involves cowboys from my childhood.

And then to a lament about days gone by

Happy Trails

Monday, August 14, 2017


Hot weekend here, so I didn't get much accomplished.  I stayed inside with the AC mostly.  I did get started on a leather cover for the wife's Kindle Fire.  I am trying something new (to me).  Filigree is what it is called.  It will be easier to show you than explain it here.  So you will have to wait for pics when I am finished.

Last week I mentioned the rally in downtown libtardville.  The Libs that run the government want to remove a monument to the Confederate Dead.  I kicked around the idea of attending and was on the fence about it.  Other than the +100 degree temps that probably would have put me down I discovered there were several groups that were going to attend, not just the one I belong to.  Some that do things just to antagonize to make their point.  I don't agree with their tactics and don't want to be associated with them even by accident.  So I didn't go.  The city, in all their great wisdom granted a permit to a counter rally (Black Lives Matter) at the same time at the same location.  IMO they are just asking for trouble.  Maybe that is what they wanted.  Hoping the Far Right protesters would do something to the Far Left protesters so they could prove their point that they are filled with hate. Giving them more ammunition.  Yeah, open carry was going on there too.  I don't oppose open carry, but what's the motivation for that here?  Don't tell me that it is just to exercise your constitutional rights.  That isn't motivation.  What is the point in doing that at something like this other than to feed the fire of those on the left.  That would be news they could use to further their agenda.  

Other than one of the far left being arrested for violence (they wouldn't get specific) it was a peaceful rally with everyone chanting slogans back and forth.  I am thankful it didn't turn into a Charlottesville.  I really didn't expect that to happen here anyway.  The only way it would is because outsiders would have prompted it.  Some of those groups I mentioned were just that, outsiders.  It could have gotten ugly.  Will this rally have any effect?  Probably not.  The new mayor is probably farther left than Mitch Landrieu in New Orleans and we see what he did there with those Confederate Monuments.  I expect the same.  No rallies will stop that type of mind.

A lot of other things have been going on that I just don't have the words to chronicle it all.  It's been a trying day.

Happy Trails

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Friday morning we had plans to do several things.  Visit a friend that just had surgery, have some breakfast tacos on our way and head over the next town for something the wife wanted.  Not a real big day but enough to keep us busy for a few hours.  Those few hours wound up being a little longer than anticipated. 

To get into the area we needed to go to, to see our friend and eat tacos requires a trip into town. 
There are really only 3 ways in that all parallel each other and only one is a major roadway (4 lane divided.)  That is also one of the busiest most hair pulling drives in our county of over 2 million.  It is something we have learned to avoid at the worst times.  We approached that road at about 8:45 AM, this should be on the outside edge of rush hour.  No idea what was going on but the highway was backed up to the area where we usually get on.  So we diverted to one of the parallel roadways.  I picked the wrong one.  Everyone else had the same idea.  We made a 180 to head to the other parallel roadway.  That was a drive in itself.  We finally arrived at the hospital about 2 hours later.  Yes we ate first so that took some time.

After our visit we headed out to the other destination.  It happens to be in one of the top 5 growing counties in the US.  It also sits on one of the major N/S interstates, IH 35.  No traffic jams this time but there was more traffic than usual.  

By the time we did that errand and started home we had to divert one more time due to traffic.  It felt like I had been driving forever by the time we got home.  All told it was probably 150 miles and more time than was planned.  I like to drive, but this day with all the many diversions and the overwhelming amount of traffic, I think staying home would have been a better idea.

No, it's not as bad here as maybe some places in Dallas and Houston, but for me, that has seen what it used to be and what it has become in just a few years, it's hard to take in the amount of growth we have seen.  They just started a 4 year major rebuild of the one major highway we use to get into town.
SMH.  We are making contingencies for alternate routes for various thing we do.  Some will work fine, others, not so much.

No, I'm not whining.  Lamenting, yeah, that's it, lamenting lol.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Catching Up

The wife has been doing pretty well over at the resort these last couple weeks.  She has even sold a few of my leather pieces.  This holster sold almost one year to the day I made it.

It had always gotten a lot of interest but no takers until this weekend.  I have made a biker wallet with the same pattern on it and it gets the same attention.

But it seems that since it is not black it is not as desireable.  So I made this one.

Black is much harder for me to make and thus I left of the webbing.  Then I made something for myself, which is actually very rare.  For my phone.

The leatherman scabbards I made for my fireman friend was apparently much more appreciated than I thought.  He sent me this photo.  Cool.

Then Sunday he gave me this.

A very cool coin from his Technical Rescue Squad.  This means a lot to me.  I was pretty much speechless.  The Fire Dept. there doesn't even have a coin of their own, but the rescue squad does and I have one.  It will go next to my 1st Bn 75th Rangers coin.  Both of my Grandfathers were Firefighters, so this means a lot to me.

Happy Trails