Sunday, August 30, 2015

How Far Have We Sunk?

I try not to pay to much attention to the presidential candidates at this point.  I pretty much know who my guy is.  Most of the rest of the jabbering they do doesn't serve any purpose for me.  But you just can't seem to escape every breath Donald Trump takes these days.  It seems he is offending some one new every day, which apparently he is good at.  Even with me avoiding network news for the most part, there is something every day on the book of faces, or the various news sights I do check.  I keep hoping he will run out of steam but he keeps going.

Well I ain't buying it.  Was curious at first but have gotten over that pretty quick.  I have no doubt that he is a huckster, a charlatan, a PT Barnum, a showman if you will, that is in it for only himself.  He has managed to buffalo a good portion of the electorate if you believe the polls.  Well, that's just what his kind do.  He has just managed to do it on the biggest stage instead of the usual smaller ones his type controls. 

Somehow he has tapped into the discontent of a large portion of the 'right.'  There is no doubt that the right is desperate to get someone elected President that they hope will save us from hillary and everything that has been done by the current occupier.  I get it, I truly do.  But have they lost their good sense in following this guy? 

I was approached by a friend that is more Libertarian than I am and wanted to know my thoughts on Trump.  We always talk about politics, we are pretty close in our thoughts.  I just tend to place greater emphasis on some issues and he on others but we agree most every where.  So when he asked about Trump, I kinda went off.  The above is pretty much what I said except with a tone of disgust.  I told him I was pretty saddened by the fact that those that have bought into Trump are that gullible.  That I couldn't believe we had fallen so far so fast as to think this wack job is a viable candidate.  Then I remembered what we have now.  SMH.  His wife asked me if I would vote if he was the candidate finally.  I told her this would probably be the first election I would sit out.  That got Romney mentioned and how he lost due to so many conservatives sitting it out.  I still wasn't buying it.  I flat out told them I still believe Trump is a liberal and is only in it for himself no one else.  He has made a mockery of everything conservatives believe and now he has gone as far to portray himself as a Bible believer.  Really?  I think most see through that, don't they?

I keep thinking he will finally blow up his chances with some other stupid move and he will be done.  It's gone a lot further than I thought it would.  I hold out hope.

OK, I'm done now.

Happy Trails.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wally World

I'm done.  Never again to darken the doors of Walmart.  

There was a time we went there for everything.  I even kicked around the idea I might work there part-time as a greeter after I retired.  

Actually, I rarely if ever, go there anymore.  This will extend more to getting Kim to stop going there on the rare occasion.  The first time they crossed the line was several years back when they decided to stop selling the Confederate Battle Flag.  

No, that wasn't during the recent dust up.  I remember it due to other reasons.  They also thought it was a good idea to stop selling hand guns, but not the ammo.  Another reason, it was never very clean, and the employees acted as if they couldn't be bothered if you asked them for help.  Not to mention the assorted riff raff that just know the world revolves around their every action or inaction.  There is a website dedicated to the type folks I am talking about.  Yes it even happens at the Walmart that is located in the more affluent area of town.  Then they decided that having the word 'Dixie' on a product wasn't worthy.  Dixie Cups? 
Are you kidding me?  I read this somewhere else but don't know the veracity of it.  Those look really offensive don't they.  Wonder if that includes CD's by the dixie chicks.  Although that wouldn't bother me a bit.

Now there's this, they will no longer sell an AR 15.   
Other rifles are OK for some reason but that big ole bad, sinister black racist gun is a no go.  Who are the wack jobs that make those decisions for them?  I am not sure this gun ban will extend to the ammo for them.  Don't see why they wouldn't include that also.  It's just a matter of time, you can count on it.   

Yeah, I'm a let this latest bug me more than usual.  Yes, I watched the network news, shame on me.

Happy Trails.

Friday, August 28, 2015


AC is still going strong thankfully.

I have been browsing ebay a little.  Trying to find some good looking coins to make rings out of.  The Swiss 2 Franc coin I used to make a ring for a friend is really nice.  Have had a couple inquiries about the availability of ring made from them.  I told those folks if they could find the coins I would make their ring.  Evidently they don't want one bad enough to find one.  I even directed them to ebay.  My search turned up several but they were more than I wanted to pay.  Until today.  I managed to pick up a couple pretty cheap. 


If those folks still want them I will make them to fit.  If not, I will make them for Kim to sell.  But I suspect Kim may decide she needs one.

While I was there browsing I came across a couple other interesting coins I may try to get if they are ever cheap enough.  I wasn't aware they were ever made.  The first one I came across was the Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar.

I like this one because it's so not PC with Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  Not sure why they left President Davis off.
Then there was the Texas Centennial Silver Dollar.  This one I REALLY want.  Of course I want a 1936 year since that is the actual year of the centennial.  These are very pricey, especially for someone who is not in any way a coin collector.  I think it's a really nice looking coin, and hey, it's Texas.

No, these would NOT be made into rings.

Friday I go back to Costco so they can add new programs to my hearing aids.  They have been pretty good so far.  A couple issues I have noticed that I hope they can help with.  I don't hear so well on the phone, and singing at church.  I can't hear myself with everyone else drowning me out.  Hard to tell if I am on key or not.  So I get even more quiet lol.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

24 Hours Later

We have AC.  A capacitor on the outside unit had gone bad.  Looking forward to a more comfortable night.  Actually the unit came on early this morning but died again after 2 hours.  Took about an hour to get it fixed.  No cost and that is good.  It seems this contract I have has paid for itself.  That in itself is unusual.

Tried to use a Eisenhower silver dollar, the bi-centennial version 1776-1976, to make a coin ring.  What a mess.  First off it is much thicker than any I have tried yet.  I have made one from a half dollar and it turned out pretty well.  Will need to figure out something else to try.  Glad it wasn't an old silver dollar someone wanted done.  That would have been embarrassing.  

I just couldn't get that 'cone' shape to flatten anymore.  The more I tried, the bigger the size of ring I made as it worked it's way down the mandrel.  I wanted a size 10 but at this point it is a 12.  

More research and trial and error needed.

Happy Trails

Monday, August 24, 2015

Not Good

Was messing around in my office and noticed it was a little warmer than usual.  Checked the AC thermostat and it was up to 81 and climbing.  Checked to make sure the setting had not been overridden by our power company and nope, still set at 76.  We have a system that can be adjusted by the power company during peak times to ease the load and can also save me a few $$.  You can always over ride them.  The unit was running fine inside but no cool air out of the vents.  The outside unit, nothing, and it was pretty warm to the touch, warmer than I think it should have been, and it's in the shade.  Not what you want to see when it's near 100 in this part of Texas and it is humid too.  

I am extremely sensitive to heat due to having heat related incidences in the past.  I had one Saturday, the first in a long time.  So I am a bit concerned not have AC operating in these conditions.

I called the AC guys I have a warranty with and they said they are booked this evening and can't guarantee a service man out tonight, but can guarantee someone to come out Tuesday.  You can pretty much guess that will happen here.  AC repairmen are VERY busy this time of year.  Having them get here the next day is pretty quick.  Having the contract with them I do is supposed to get them out ASAP.  Turning off most heat producing things and staying under the fans should help, but sleeping will most likely be pretty bad.  

And to think we almost took a day trip and we would not have been home to catch it not working and call them.  We would probably have had to wait at least another day.  

This AC unit has had this happen a couple times since we had it installed to replace the original.  The old one never had this happen.  That doesn't sound to good for the long term.  The other one lasted 23 years.  This ones about 4 years old.  

Try to keep cool, we will too.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Why is it..

A lot of crap floating around in my head.  Maybe you have the answers and can help me out.  

I am eligible for Social Security, or as our gov't. labels it, an 'entitlement.'  Why is that?  I worked for that 'entitlement.'  It's mine, they took it out of my paycheck.  A lot of talk about future cuts to recipients may be coming soon.  Why is it that Social Security is always running out of money, but you never hear about any other 'entitlement' running out of money?  Help me out.  

I haven't applied for my 'entitlement' yet.  Not real sure when I will.  Lots of confusing info about when to take it.  Maybe it will be gone before I get mine.

Our gubmint has seen fit to reduce the size of our military and our arms purchases and development in one of the most dangerous times in our history.  Seems everyone wants to destroy us and yet we are trying to become weaker.  All in the name of cutting costs/expenses.  Yet we aren't cutting aid to those that would destroy us and giving weapons to terrorist enemies.  Why is it I can't understand that?

While our military is meant to protect us and our freedoms, we are giving away the farm to illegal aliens.  They get every type government assistance, health care, education, food stamps, housing, drivers licenses, just never ends.  Why is it that money never runs out for them?

General Patreus was convicted in short order for various security breaches.  The FBI was pretty quick getting to the bottom of that.  Yet we have a former secretary of State that has been stonewalling an investigation for 2 years into her national security breaches and continues to be evasive.  Does it seem to you that the FBI has suddenly gotten lead in their rears with this investigation?  Why is that?

I need to stop before my head explodes.

Happy Trails.

Friday, August 21, 2015


I found this on the book of faces, the photo drew my attention. 

I read and have read quite a bit about Lincoln's war.  This story was one of the most amazing experiences I have read.  Yes, that is a bullet wound in this survivors head.  As you can probably tell this is quite some time post war.  You can read the story in his own words here.  It is just astounding that he even survived.  He had been left for dead.

Happy Trials

Thursday, August 20, 2015


A friend asked me the other day just what I have been up to lately.  I know I have been very busy, but I couldn't tell him exactly what I had been doing.  It's still like that.  Nothing special just lots of errands and yard work and putting a sprinkler back together for the second time, helping my brother with his boat trailer and mostly just trying to stay cool.

I did get a quick ride on the boat.  As brothers will do, he had to show off a little with his boat driving skills.  I haven't been in a boat in many years and never did it much at all.  So his acrobatics in a boat I wasn't familiar with had me holding on pretty tight on those really sharp turns that never ended.  It was just to hot out on that water in direct sun for me to really enjoy it much.  Maybe another time.

I know there is a lot of speculation and talk in the political arena.  I ain't speculating at this point.  Just have to see how things shake out.  I doubt it will go the way I want anyway.

Grandkids will be here sometime today.  That's always entertaining.  I like to mess with their minds.  They don't take me too seriously.

Hope Y'all have Happy Trails.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Wonder

Always amazed at this.  This was Saturday afternoon.  I had gone out to get the mail and spotted this fawn and Doe.  Ran back inside and got the camera.  I got even closer the first time before the camera.

It just doesn't get much better than that.

Happy Trails

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Thursday was our day we are allowed to water our landscape/yard.  I had repaired my walking sprinkler, or so I thought, and was ready to go.  Not so fast.  While it does a good job of watering, it needs to walk to do it's job, and that was happening.  It had worked after my repairs so I had no clue what was going on.  It turns out that the main drive gear was worn down a small amount, almost undetectable to my eyes.  It walked just fine until it got to that one spot.  I turned the mechanism by hand until it stopped at that worn spot, even then it was hard to spot.  Ordered the part and hope it gets here by next Thursday.

Went back into town again Friday, late afternoon near rush hour, much to my consternation.  Picked up and was fitted for the hearing aids I purchased.  FYI, if you wear them or are considering them, it may be worth your time to get a Costco membership in order to get your hearing aids there.  You would save soooo much cash.  FYI they only take American Express if you would use a card. 

Since these things last on the average about 5 years and the top of the line, with insurance, elsewhere can cost you over 6K for a pair.  Every 5 years?  Are you crazy?  You do the math for the next 15/20 years.  The ones I got were less than the coverage my insurance would pay.  I will submit my own claim and see if I can recoup.  If the disallow, I will still have saved a ton.

As far as how they seem to work compared to the more expensive ones I tired, it's similar.  There is still quite a bit of adjustment in what my brain is hearing.  Some of it is a bit overwhelming at times.  This keyboard is crazy loud.  Unfortunately we have wood floors and Kim's walking across them is the worst thing so far.  I feel my ears doing weird things trying to adjust.  You know that numb feeling you get at the first sound of something extremely loud and sharp you weren't expecting, like a gun shot?  Yeah, that is happening off and on with both ears.  But this is just the first couple hours, so not going to toss them yet.  They tell me it should take about 2 weeks.  The good thing is, at Costco I have 90 days and they will take them back no questions.

Happy Trails

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Errands and Coin Rings

Got a few of the things I wanted to get done on my truck, oil change and radiator flush.  Also worked on a set of coin rings a friend asked me to make.

Thursday is my appointment at Costco for another hearing test and possibly hearing aids.   Hope I can get this resolved and not have to deal with it anymore.

Also got a letter from my surgeon.  It was the latest results of my recent blood work.  No detectable cancer.  Always good news and helps put my other 'worries' in perspective.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What to do

I got an order for a small purse from a friend of Kim's.  I won't generally do something like this for various reasons.  But I could get it done relatively easily.  Not any money in it at all.  And then this happens

Can you see it?  Click on the pic to enlarge.  Oh yeah, now you see it.  Those are two small cuts I made to attach the snap that lies on the inside that holds the flap closed.  They shouldn't be there.  I screwed up.  I don't have any more of this type leather to remake this.  I don't usually have any of this leather as it is too expensive to keep just sitting around.  I could cover it with some sort of concho easily but that isn't what she wanted.  *really big sigh*.  I will deliver it anyway.  Yes the price will be seriously discounted if she takes it.  If she refuses, no big deal other than the cost of materials and time.   I can then put a concho or something on there and see if Kim can sell it at the resort.  

What happened?  I got ahead of myself and let my concentration slip.  The price you pay when you get to cocky and think you have it done easier than usual.  That momentary lapse ruined a pretty good little purse.  Been away from consistent leather work to long it appears.

On the other hand there was this

I thought this turned out really well.  That is a 2 franc Swiss coin made into a double sided ring.  A friend saw what I was doing with coins and asked if I could make a ring out of a coin she had.  What a beautiful coin it was.  Almost hated to do this but I makes a really nice ring.  I will need to see if I can find some of these coins somewhere and make a few more.

And it is even hotter here than last week.  Our mild summer has come to screeching halt.  It was 105* Monday on my patio and 106* Tuesday at 6 PM.  Supposed to be similar today.  I stay inside under the AC most of the time.  Still better than being too dang cold.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A while back I mentioned the heat and having to irrigate the yard and showed you a photo of this bad boy

It's not the actual one I have, just one similar to mine.  I was to lazy to go take my own.  Well karma got me.  On the very next use, it decided it didn't want to 'walk' anymore.  It watered fine just no movement.  I took a look at it and I could get it to walk without the water running by spinning the arms.  But I noticed that was some significant movement in the shaft that made the worm gear not come in contact with the big drive gear you see above right in the middle.  Just Great.  I knew this may be a difficult issue to resolve.  I have NEVER seen my particular sprinkler brand anywhere ever.  I got mine from my Dad when he got a system installed in his yard.  That's just not an option for me.  It would run me near 6K or more to get this yard covered and I ain't doing it myself.  There is a limestone shelf just a few inches below what topsoil I do have.  This boy won't be digging in any rock.  

I start looking online for this brand.  Nada, just a few obscure references here and there with a few old ones available on ebay.  But I needed parts and not real sure what exactly.  One of those obscure sights talked about this brand and how they were no longer in business but another company that made another brand of sprinkler, their parts were interchangeable on some models.  I called them on the phone.  They put me in touch with a technician 'in the back' named Jerry.  I explained my issue and he knew exactly what my problem was.  He gave me a list of parts I needed and tips on how to disassemble and reassemble my sprinkler.  Didn't try to sell me something else.  Tried to save me money too.  I spent a total of 15.50.  Not bad at all, especially if it save me buying a new one right now to the tune of 150$ plus a huge shipping cost, those things weigh around 30 lbs.

Here it is in pieces


Jerry didn't have to help me at all with a brand of sprinkler that wasn't his brand.  He wasn't going to make much money off me just selling me a few cheap parts.  But help he did.  My hat is off to Jerry and National Walking Sprinkler Company.  Just this simple act of kindness secured a customer for life.  I will be buying new sprinkler from them next year to cover the back yard instead of moving my small sprinkler around ever so often.

Kudo's to them and their good ol' American values.  Yes, I wrote a email to the company with my compliments.   I always try to recognize good service or exceptionalism in others.  It doesn't happen near enough these days so I make it a point to do so.

Happy Trails

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Feds Mess Up (again)

So it seems that the Feds needed to remove some water from an old mine.  Why? Good question.  I haven't read yet why, doesn't really matter.  There was much more water than they expected.  Now we have this mess:

You can see how the pollution is heading down stream in this one.

It used to look like this:

I took these one of the times we visited there.  If you have ridden the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Durango to Silverton Colorado, that was the Animas River you saw.

That southern part of Colorado, Durango, Mesa Verde, Pagosa Springs, Wolf Creek Pass, is one of my favorite places on Earth outside Texas.  I hate seeing this happen.  I just hope no one gets sick from this screw up.

Jack Wagons.  EPA, I have thought several times that they should be abolished.  They need to be scrutinized closer at least but do you think that would ever happen with the blowhards that are in DC?

You can read more about it here.

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Plate is Full

My plate is a bit full these last few days and with a few things I need to get done.  I am trying to get back into working with leather after letting it sit.  Those skills do erode.  Nothing real fancy, some pretty simple things that Kim can use in her business.  Leather cuffs and leather bracelets seem to do pretty well.  You know those paper sleeves you get for your coffee cups at those over priced coffee houses?  I made a few of those out of leather with various designs/images on them.  Have given away some as a promotion and Kim has taken them to the resort with her.  A few have sold there, but invariably a lady will try them on as a wrist cuff or bracelet ignoring the sample with the coffee cup in it lol.  So I will make a few like that with the intent to be a cuff.  They will need a bit of adjustment to fit better than a coffee sleeve would.

She also says the little kids try on the leather bracelets all the time, but they are always too big.  There will be several of those made too.  Already have a couple new ideas in the works that kids may like.  The 'Peace' symbol is very popular with them after all these years.  I don't really like to do those as it evokes some emotions from that time I don't like.

My Ranger has hit 100,000 miles.  I need to have some preventive maintenance done before to much longer.  The radiator needs flushing as the coolant has now hit it's limit along with a transmission fluid change, a regular oil change and the spark plugs could stand to be changed.  They are still the originals.  Probably looking at a chunk of change.  For all of it.  I can get the radiator and transmission done at the place I get the regular oil changed.  I might hold off on spark plugs and look for a deal that will get the wires changed too.  It's running good, I just want it to stay that way for a while.  I used to do all my own vehicle work.  Weekends were spent keeping them running.  We had only junks back then.  I just don't like working on them anymore so someone else will get the work.

I made it known amongst my book of faces friends that I make those coin rings I showed you a few posts ago.  Got a lot of inquiries.  One person brought me a Swiss 2 franc coin.  Now that is a beautiful coin.  She wanted it made into ring for her oldest son so he could have it as a rememberance of their time in Switzerland a few years ago.  So I made this

It's no specific size as she couldn't decide how big to make it since he is only 8 or 9.  I made it between 8.5 and 9 since she had commented that she might wear it.  I may have to find some more of those.  A little harder to make since they are much thicker than our quarters which is my usual medium but they may be worth it due to their uniqueness. 

Lot's of other little bothersome things also but I won't bore you with that.  You're welcome.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Can You Hear Me Now?

Went for the hearing test and see about getting some help for my hearing.  They wanted someone to come along that I 'listen' too regularly.  So Kim was elected, although she might have something to say about whether I listen to her at all if not regularly.

The test it pretty easy, although I guess I failed.  There was nothing in the results that surprised me.  Moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears with the right one being considerably worse.  

We chose this place due to an ad on TV.  You could come in for a free evaluation and try out a pair of hearing aids for 30 days that they were running trials on and if they worked for you then you could purchase them.  My insurance will cover some of the cost of hearing aids but it ain't a lot.  In fact, the ones they advertised would cost me less even without insurance.  As it turns out they were a network provider for hearing aids and my insurance will contribute to the cost.  

So they try a pair on me and after a few adjustments, I can hear pretty good.  At first it was horrible, tinny sounding, like the old string on a can thing.  The most disconcerting thing was hearing my own voice.  Now that was really strange.  After a bit, it even started sounding more normal.  They weren't at all uncomfortable and even became almost unnoticeable.  Oh, they are the kind that fit behind your ear. 

Here's where the catch comes in.  They tried me with a pair they said would work best for my condition.  Of course it was the top of the line model.  Way beyond what I want to pay.  Which I expected, I guess it could be a bait and switch thing.  The one they advertised is a very very basic model.  They do have two less costly versions of that model which with the insurance contribution they are closer to affordable.  Still dang expensive, especially for something so small.  

Taking a little time to decide how we want to go.  Kim wants to move forward with obtaining them.  Now I have to get an approval or prescription from my PCP in order for the insurance to kick in.  Getting that is a PITB dealing with that doctors office. 

Now it's over to Costco and see what they have to say.  Checked their prices and even without insurance I could get a pair that are significantly cheaper.  I could still submit a claim but I haven't been successful in the past.  If they work anywhere near the ones I tried we may go with them.

I had been hesitant considering hearing aids due to seeing how my grandparents reacted to their hearing aids many years ago.  They would get pretty disgusted at times and it didn't seem like they could hear any better at all.  Yes, the technology has made great strides and things are evidently much better.  I guess it's gonna happen.

Today I head over to get some blood drawn for another post surgical follow-up and prostate cancer screening.  The actual doctor appointment was to be next week.  Evidently they screwed that up and it has now been moved to September.  I don't anticipate any issues.  It's one of those things I have to do every 6 months or so for the next 5 years to be considered a cancer survivor.  No biggie.

BTW, please get your prostate checked regular, and ladies get your man to go regardless of the griping you may hear from him.  This could save your/his life.

Happy Trails

Monday, August 3, 2015

Some Peoples Kids

We've all heard that or said it.  I thought it on our monthly trip to Costco.  I was in a pretty relaxed and good mood that day, so I don't think I was looking at it from a less patient perspective.  It was Friday and the last day of the month.  Not sure why we went that day, we usually won't go in to town on a Friday.  It is just crazy on the roads anywhere you go not to mention the crowds that go with a city with 1.4 million.  And it was pay day.  Crazy right?  

Costco was crowded, about like you would expect for the above mentioned reason.  There are always, always the oblivious shoppers that have no consideration for anyone else.  The ones that think there is no one else in the store and everything revolves around them.  That's true just about any where you go it seems.  There were the usual this day also, but it never is too bad there, since they have really wide aisles, it makes it easier to avoid those types.  That is one of my pet peeves, rude and inconsiderate behavior.  Just like Capt. Woodrow Call of Lonesome Dove.

That day there was one Mom that just didn't care one way or the other how her kids were behaving.   This Mom had 4 kids with the oldest maybe 11, a 9 year old, a 7 and a 6.  Two girls, two boys.  The youngest (boy) was riding in her cart, not the seat, the actual basket, he was too big.  The kids were a little rowdy as kids will get, but they got my attention as they were running around and hollerin' and chasin' each other around us and other customers.  Not a big deal, did I mention Costco was crowded?  Well, Mom was also on her Iphone the whole time.  Once in a while she would say something to the kids that got totally ignored.  We seemed to run in to them more than I cared to.  They also were checking out about the same time.  Since Mom wasn't paying more attention to them than the phone they got even more rowdy.  They were now running around the checkout stands chasing each other, in and out between customers etc.   Mom?  Her phone was permanently attached to her head, it must have been long distance as she was rather loud also. 

My good relaxed mood was changing.  Grumpy old guy was back.  We stopped at the hot dog stand in Costco.  Guess who else came over.  Yup, and still on her phone.  That's when she let the one jailed in the cart out and he acted like he had never been out before.  He proceeds to lay on the floor in front of me just as I was heading over to fill our drinks.  I semi snarled, 'get off the floor.'  Right in front of Mom, she heard me, as that was my intention.  The kid moved, what did Mom do?  Continued with the phone.  Maybe she was smarter than I gave her credit for.  She sure didn't want to speak to me in the frame of mind I was in.  I would have been polite but she would not have liked what I would have said most likely.

So why did this affect me so?  It didn't as much as it might sound here.  But it got me to thinking about how her kids are being raised and what has been going on with our culture.  It seems with very little guidance or teaching from parents is what is more and more prevalent.  It was pretty obvious the kids and no regard or respect for her as a parent.  They knew there would be no consequences.  You only learn that through experience, even at their ages.  

They were old enough to know better, but had either never been taught or they knew no one cared how they acted.  Yes, kids will be kids as they say, but that doesn't excuse rude behavior or ignoring your parents or disobedience.  The parents are to blame solely.  No one else, not the kids and certainly not 'the village.'  I could keep going but I'm sure you get the idea.

No I don't subscribe to the 'it takes a village' concept.  But that would be a whole 'nother post.

And yes, my boys were perfect angels.

Happy Trails 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Just Messin' Around

Tried to take a few photos of the coin rings I have been messin' around with.  It's a fun new hobby.  Click on the pic for a better view.  

The coins in these are as follows:  Kennedy Half, the wider one on the left in the first photo.  A couple of Texas 1845 State Quarters and whatever passes for a silver dollar these days, I can't even guess at what they are since they have a yellow cast to them.

Kim actually sold one last week at the resort.  I have given away a few also.  They aren't as good as I want them to be, still learning the tricks that work for me.  I still rub off too much of the impressions that are on the inside of the ring.  Look close you can see some of it.

I have to make a bunch of these in various sizes, since Kim can't take an order at the resort.  Right now I have a couple rolls of Texas State quarters uncirculated condition I got off Ebay.  The newer the coin the better the text is and is better looking.  I have about 5 rolls of other miscellaneous quarters also.  They are older and in worse condition, those are mostly the 'give-aways' and practice.

Happy Trails