Thursday, March 29, 2018

And The Rains Came

Just over 4 inches of Rain.  It appears that it is now over.  It won't be raining the rest of the week as they predicted.  The sun is supposed to be full bore today but I haven't seen it yet.  Still very cloudy.  
A couple days of full sun after this much rain and I should see some significant growth in my tomato garden.  It usually takes a good rain to jump start them and this is what I am hoping for as they have had almost no growth since I planted in about 3-4 weeks.  These rains should also bring the wildflowers into their peak.  Just in time for a couple road trips to view and photograph them.

K seems to have finally turned the corner on her illness.  She is feeling much better with less coughing although her beautiful singing voice is still very weak and I have considerable trouble hearing what she says.  Once we are sure she is over all this we will plan some day trips but that will probably next week.  Plenty of time for the wildflowers to get going.

The Live Oak pollen is as heavy as I have ever seen it.  There is yellow dust everywhere.  When it is breezy things seem a bit hazy also.  I don't ever remembers seeing that before.  We have about 50 oak trees on our place so we get more than our share of the stuff.

Ah, Springtime in the Hill Country of Texas, glorious.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ho Hum

The only thing that is somewhat exciting lately is it started raining a little Tuesday evening about 6 PM.  We so need that as I mentioned in my previous post.  This should lead into a solid week of rain.

The wife still is sick enough that I took her to the doc again.  She had fever and has been coughing so much she is worn out.  They gave her a breathing treatment and an inhaler along with some other meds.  She is not in the best of spirits either having been sick so long.  We are couple days into the begining of 3 weeks.  Nothing like I have ever seen with her before.  Not sure that her surgery and the resulting weakness from last December has diminished her constitution.  I will keep a close eye on her.  Doctors seem to have become a way of life for us lately.

I am trying a new pest control method in my garden.  I have planted a couple dozen small Marigold plants throughout it and close to the tomato plants.  I know certain bugs and animals avoid the marigold due to the smell.  I need something to deter the stink bugs that have inundated us the last couple years.  They sting the tomato and it leaves a discolored spot and it will eventually turn bad.  There were hundreds last year and my tomato production was well down from previous years.  All directly related to those stink bugs.  I will do some more research to see what other measures I can take without using toxic chemicals.  Oh, and I am hoping the Marigolds will deter those fuzzy tailed tree rats.  I had read they work on rabbits so I am hoping for success there also.

Everything else is wait and see until K gets better.

Happy Trails

Monday, March 26, 2018

Weather Coming

This week is supposed to be wet.  Rain is coming Tuesday and should be here all week.  While that messes up some of my plans for a day trip or two to see the wildflowers, we have been in drought conditions since early December.  I am looking forward to this rain.  The tomato plants alway seem to get a kick start with the first rain.  I am hoping for the same this time as they have had little growth since I planted about two weeks ago.

I got up Monday morning with no real plans but as I started with the morning routine I remembered the impending rain.  There was a pile of dead vegetation I had removed from one of the flower beds.  There are a ton of oak leaves all around the place that needed to go away just for aesthetics.  by the time the wife got up an hour later I had accomplished a good amount of chores.  The dead vegetation was bagged up and hauled out for the morning trash pick up and the leaves that gather in a valley on the roof were removed.  The grass was cut in the back and the weed eater (started on the first pull, woo hoo) was used to trim it up.  More leaves were blown away from walk areas and just general clean up.  I was toast by this time.  My back was starting to tell me it didn't like yard work and my right arm started getting numb and weak from the issues in my stupid neck.  But I got most of the worst looking things done and the rain won't delay me now.  I can sit and relax and it isn't even noon.
Where did this energy come from?  I don't know.

Sunday was another emotional day.  Our preacher announced he is giving up full time preaching to seek a doctorate degree and head into an entirely new field of work.  I knew he was probably going to be leaving us so wasn't all that surprised.  But I am very disappointed that he chose to leave preaching.  He is a very talented preacher and had given me new things to think about that I hadn't considered before.  He was also very easy to listen to, that is such a great thing and rare in my experience with over 50 years of listening to numerous preachers.  I hate to think his talent for spreading the gospel will sit quiet.  I told him so and that I hope he would soon return to preaching full time.  

There are many other bad and emotional things going on within my community of friends and loved ones that just seem to keep on coming, illnesses, deaths, bad news about cancer in others.  It could be overwhelming.  Yet my faith sustains me.  I have the peace that passes all understanding.  I stand ready to help in anyway I can to those I care about in need.  What else are we here for than to serve?

Happy Trails

Saturday, March 24, 2018

What to Think

I really don't know.  I have stopped trying to figure out what goes on in the head of the President.  His latest action to sign that bill that had things he was against iand said he would veto, is disappointing but not at all surprising.  IMO he has become part of the swamp he promised to drain.  Also the turmoil and turnover in his administration is troubling, however that also doesn't surprise me.  His mercurial personality is hard to gauge and I am sure many of those that have left or been fired are victims of that trait.  What's next?  I am afraid to ask.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I know most everyone in this area of Texas is aware of what has been going on in and around Austin with that crazy bomber killing and injuring several people.  Then it happened very close to me in Schertz at a Fedex facility.  They seem to have located the jack wagon and he did us all a favor and went to meet his reward by blowing himself up in his car.  The investigation is ongoing to determine whether anyone else may be involved.  I pray this is the end of it.

I had 6 month doctor check up for my diabetes today.  Everything was very good.  Finally seem to have hit the right combo of drugs to keep it in check.  The only issue was the twenty minute trip took close to an hour to get there due to the traffic.  This was on the alternate route that avoids the bad traffic.  I was 5 minutes late (that never happens and it drives my blood pressure up when I am).  The wife may have to go back and see the doc again if she doesn't improve over the next day or so.  She has really been slow to recover with this viral infection.  The continual coughing is wearing her out.  I know folks that have broken ribs from coughing.  We sure don't need that on top of everything else.

I think I am going to enter a contest on leather carving.  They will have well known leather craftsmen judge and offer critiques.  I really want the critiques more than anything.  Being self taught and nothing more than a hobbyist, I take those type opportunities every chance I get.  I don't care a flip about winning.

Happy Trails

Monday, March 19, 2018


Snot.  It is what is going on here.  It is very persistent with both of us.  K is now on an antibiotic and apparently now has 'pink eye' too, I assume the germs from her hands spread to her eye.  I have no infection but the residual is doing a job on me.  Coughing, hacking etc.  On top of that my back has been acting up.  It hurts to cough.  Sheesh. 

A friend has approached me about a couple leather holsters he wants made.  I generally use kits for these as I don't keep the heavy leather on hand since I don't use enough to warrant a purchase.  So I started browsing the suppliers website to see what was available.  Few kits were showing up, but now what I use for almost all the ones I use.  They had plenty of conceal carry but nothing else.  It got my conspiracy mind to working.  No, I don't think that is what is happening, if so why wouldn't all others be removed.  Maybe they just don't sell enough of those to warrant carrying them.  I have some patterns that will work, so now I have to consider buying the right leather I would need for these pistols.  I hate to do this, it will drive my costs up and my price will be much higher.  Not the way I want to operate doing this for fun and friends.  I will keep looking and may go by the outlet and see if they have some on hand that aren't on the website.  

This is not the way I wanted this week to start.

On a good note Spring is in full bloom here.  The Mountain Laurels are at their peak, the Bluebonnets and other wildflowers are slowly making their appearance.  The peak is probably going to be the end of this month or early next month.  We should be well enough to hit the byways for some photos of all the goodness they provide.  We both need a day trip as a break.

Happy Trails

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Friday Evening

We are both still a bit under the weather.  K even sought help from our doc and got some meds.  She was afraid she was getting the flu and didn't want to mess around with it.  It turns out it is a viral infection so not really much they can do but treat symptoms.  She seems to be feeling better after almost 24 hours of meds.  

I have also been trying to learn the ropes of my new insurance with medicare.  So I have spent more than normal amount of time on the phone, getting accounts set up and various meds via mail order.  It appears they will save me some money but I think they have made some errors in my coverage.  I'm sure I will find out at the most inopportune time.  Speaking of insurance.  The wife has a cancer policy with AFLAC.  She was filing some of her claims and called them to verify coverage.  She found out that she put me on that policy years ago and had forgotten.  So we can file everything related to my cancer surgery with no time limit.  That is such a great blessing for us.  It will help with some of the medical expenses we have now.

With both us under the weather, we had to postpone a dinner engagement/celebration Son #1 wanted to have at a fancy steak place.  He says it was because we all had a really tough year and just wanted to celebrate with us.  Son #2 and wife were included.  I won't go into all the details of the rough year, most of it has been put up here but not all.  This was a gift to the family to all of us.  So we get to try again next Friday evening.  I looked at the menu of the place he wants to take us.  I can't even pronounce some of the things they have.  Might be fun to try some new things.

I got a call from my brother that Mom had been taken to the ER by our cousin.  She is 85 and in very good health but at 85 you never know.  She went for a pneumonia vaccine a couple days ago and the injection gave her an infection/cellulitis.  She is home and is in good spirits.  

We have been kicking around the idea of changing Buster's dog food.  He is a senior dog at almost 14 and we have had him on a weight control food.  Since he has been on that food his fur has gotten very frizzy and has no shine like it did in the past.  So we figure he may not be getting everything he needs to help with that and his old age.  Since he is a VERY picky eater it is always a challenge to find a food he likes.  Found one first try.  Went to a doggy 'bakery' and told them about him and they recommended one.  I just hope it works out well for him.

I am still waiting to get out to the garden and get my tomatoes in the ground.  Hopefully I will feel well enough to do it Saturday.

Happy Trails

Thursday, March 15, 2018


I am usually about a day behind on this blog. 

This morning when I woke up I realized I have a doctor appointment next week.  They need me to have blood work done prior to the appointment, so I headed over as soon as I was ready.  They were packed, wall to wall.  It is a very big waiting room.  I would have guessed spring break had brought most of them in to avoid missing school.  Yet there wasn't one child.  I had to stand for about 15 minutes before the room cleared enough to allow me to sit.  The wait was longer than usual just for a blood draw.  All this without having had my breakfast or more importantly coffee.  I had to be fasting.  Not a good start to the day.  At least the traffic wasn't too bad.

I also woke up with a bit if a sore throat and a headache so I was guessing I might have contracted what K has now.  Yet I don't think it is that, more of the minor type sinus flare up I am experiencing more and more these days.  So all the ambitious plans I had today for the garden and other things just went out the window.  

I tried out a new recipe with some of the venison I had processed.  When I got the meat done most of it is ground meat.  They offer to add a little fat so it isn't so dry and hard to cook.  Venison is notoriously lean.  I had forgotten what ratio of fat I had added before.  So when they asked me a percentage I went with the 20% that I usually get with regular ground beef.  Yeah, I know but it tastes and cooks so much better than the 90-10 stuff.  They also asked me what type fat, pork, beef, or tallow.  What? Pork, in hamburger? Isn't that sausage?  I asked about the tallow since I don't have any experience with it.  They said it was a higher quality beef fat.  Well OK then, gimme 20% tallow.  I think I overdid it a bit.  The ground meat now looks much to fat and there is a LOT of grease now.  Much more than regular 80-20 ground beef.   SMH, it tastes fine, but the grease, sheesh.  I will most likely have to mix with some extremely lean beef to get it where I want it.  Lesson learned I guess.  Tallow seems to be even fatter than fat if that is even a thing.  At this point I think 5% would have been plenty.  They offered no help, my bad.  

Oh, and the new recipe just didn't 'pan' out very well since I was short a few items and subbed a few things.  Probably ruined that recipe for me now lol.

Missed another chance at one of the pesky squirrels.  They have ESP or something.  I hate those little tree rats.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Odds and Ends

Garden prep has been going on.  Got it uncovered and the dead grass removed, also added some bone meal to try and prevent that tomato blossom rot I have been fighting.  From what I read it is caused by a lack of calcium.  I need to get some more tomato plants.  I have three tiny ones.  Two are of a new variety I have never tried before.  They are Pineapple Tomatoes.  They tell me they taste like pineapples.  I will probably stick with the Florida Hybrids, I know the squirrels like them.  The squirrels have become a bigger problem than I was expecting.  They also ate all the Bluebonnet plants I put in the ground and won't stay off the bird feeder.  I can't seem to catch them unawares enough to dispatch them.

I also spent some time trimming up dead vegetation that was left from the several hard freezes we had this year.  It appears that most of the things in the large pots are completely dead.  No sign of life even down close to the base where I trimmed.  Unless they come back in a few months they will not be replaced most likely this year.  

K had planned a girls day out today with the Granddaughter and the new daughter in law.  The Granddaughter and her Mom are butting heads over her clothing.  So K was taking her out shopping for new clothes instead of Mom.  The Granddaughter is 10, but has strong opinions about her mode of dress.  No, it's not that she wants to wear what we would consider unacceptable clothing (revealing), it is just a style and color difference of opinion.  So K has offered to do this to help out and also spend girly time with her.  It cracks me up that my Granddaughter is so outspoken about this yet very quiet most of the time.  A Mom and daughter thing I guess.  However, K has come down with some sort of fever and sore throat.  So she will have to postpone the trip.  She must have picked up a bug from Son #2 when we saw him Friday.  He has had the same thing over the weekend.  Not what we wanted for sure.

We have also been dealing with a couple of medical providers' billing that went awry.  K inadvertently mixed up a couple checks to two separate companies while she was paying multiple bills one day.  Although the checks were made out to the other company with account numbers and amounts, they still cashed them.  No one can explain how that happened.  We will get a refund of the difference but they say 8 weeks, even though we only had 3 weeks to pay the bill.  If we cashed a check that wasn't ours, we could be charged with fraud.  We pointed this out to them and said they would try to expedite the process.  Yes, we admit our mistake but the time frame is unacceptable.  They also claimed they have two more bills that have come in.  Unusual since everyday she was hospitalized has been billed.  We are not sure that this is right and they have not been submitted to our insurance.  I think it was a ploy to keep the money as long as possible, in the eventuality they may have more bills.  But it is NOT their money or choice to do that with.  We have not called the other company yet.  Maybe we should turn them over to a bill collector.

Happy Trails

Saturday, March 10, 2018


We are getting some satisfaction from Panasonic in regard to our microwave.  They called me to tell me they determined that the problem would cost more to fix than the microwave cost us.  They offered a full refund.  So we headed out last night to track down a new one.  It is now up and running.
The wife and I had a little discussion about how much we 'depend' on a microwave.  I changed the wording to away from being 'dependant' to it being a convenience we have become dependant on.  That is NOT how she sees it at all.  She insists that we are 'dependant' on it.  To illustrate her point, she said she would rather do without her stove/range than the microwave.  To me that is a bit silly but I shut up at this point.

Spring is trying very hard to get sprung here.  It is much later than recent memory has recorded.  We can usually count on seeing some early blooms of Bluebonnets and the Mountain Laurels.  Not this year.  We have had so little sunshine all the new blooms and growth have been delayed.  I expect to see some explosions of color this week since the forecast calls for more sunshine.  I'm fine with that.  Hopefully we can take some excursions soon and get some great photos.  I have new routes to check out this year.

Today (Saturday) I have a lot of things I may do.  Yet I am sitting here in front of this computer goofing off.  I need to service my lawn mower, get the weed eater running again with some new fuel mix.  I have bone meal to put in the garden plot to see if that helps with the tomato blossom rot, they say it is caused by a lack of calcium.  First, though I need to uncover the plot and then mix up all the soil and get any dead grass out.  My office is a total mess, the floor is pathetically furry from a long haired dog that sheds constantly and leaves his DNA everywhere while he rolls on his back dislodging even more clumps.  Both vehicles badly need washing after all the misty foggy weather we have had over the last 3 months.  I'm sure there is more but I am already tired thinking about it.
There's always next week.

Happy Trails

Friday, March 9, 2018


Remember my microwave issue last summer.  The new one is having problems now.  Warranty is still good but the authorized service center won't work on one that is 'factory' warranty and says I need to take it back to the store, Best Buy.  Seriously.  OK so best buy tells me they can't fix that and to take it to the very same service center, there is NOTHING more they can do.  And they wonder why they are having economic issues?  

You can see the charring in that photo.

Finally got hold of someone from the manufacturer and after 3 phone calls they had me send them an email with some photos.  They were very concerned when I told them sparks were involved.  Seems liability issues get their attention.  So now we wait for their engineers to peruse my photos and determine what steps to take next.  May be a couple days before we hear back.  Best Buy can go out of business for all I care.  Poor customer service is their problem from my perspective.  At one time they got a lot of my business.  

Another one of my friends that has inspired me in my cancer attitude got some bad news.  Apparently they have found more lesions.  This is devastating to those close to her as we all knew and cared about the other lady that past away a couple weeks ago.  She was an inspiration to me and others.  Now this.  We had supper with her and a few close friends Thursday night to show our concern and care for her.  I will do my best to help her stay positive.  But she it that way every time I see her anyway.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


During the past two weeks while I posted about the Alamo, life has been busy.  Nothing exciting, probably not even worthy to post here about.  As I sit here trying to put together a post I try to remember things I thought I should post about as they came to my mind during the last two weeks.  Consequently that is a total failure.  There is no way my brain will allow me to recall those things I thought about at the time.  Maybe that's good thing.

We did make a much needed trip into town to the grocer and Costco.  Those chores had fallen behind a bit due to the things that kept us too busy the last two weeks.  We also finally got my processed deer back, right at 6 weeks.  Much longer than I would have expected.  The extra refrigerator in the garage is where we keep the extra foods that we freeze in there and keep various drinks that won't all fit in our everyday fridge, it seems to be going out.  I had placed the completely frozen venison in the freezer and the next day it was getting soft.  We had noticed this previously and now even the drinks in the fridge portion aren't as cold.  So we moved all frozen items into the house fridge.  We had to make room for everything by throwing out old things we had not used in  long while.  It all fit, barely.
We are considering buying a used one to replace that one.  I see them for sale all the time.  I don't think I want to buy a new one when I can get a used one extremely cheap from folks that don't want to move one when they uproot to move to another place.  

Currently I sort of feel like things are on hold.  There are a few things I would like to spend a little cash on, but we have not resolved all our medical bills from our recent surgeries.  In fact I am even postponing a medical procedure for the time being.  I have not been billed by my surgeon.  I check the insurance website, and it doesn't appear he has billed them.  Other than that I believe most of my bills have been submitted and paid.  K, on the other hand, continues to receive various bills almost every week.  Yet, nothing from the hospital.  That one should be a doozy.  It has been around 90 days since our surgeries.  Insurance companies have a 90 day limit where they can deny a claim not submitted within that time frame, at least most do.  So not sure what will happen with those bills if they get submitted and are denied.  I assume they will come to us for the full amount then.  I hope not.

One of the things I want to get is a new BBQ pit/smoker.  The two I have, have reached the end of their useful life.  The one I use the most is just about to fall apart.  The last time I used it, I was very wary that the firebox would lose it's bottom a scatter ash and fire all over the ground.  The other one is one I got from my Dad when he gave up BBQing.  It was a custom job and I just don't like it.  It wasn't made for the type cooking I do.  It is too hard to regulate the temps.  I only used it for grilling.  I want to replace them both with one similar to my old one.  I wanted a nice one that would cost more, but a cheap one will work probably just fine for the time I have left.  The other I used almost 30 years.  

Happy Trails

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March 6, 1836-Day Thirteen-The Alamo

During the night, the Mexicans had ceased bombardment of the Alamo.  Even though there was eerie silence the garrison welcomed the silence after nearly constant cannonade.  Travis posted sentinels outside the fort to watch for any Mexican movement.  Succumbing to exhaustion Travis turns over watch to John Baugh after send John Allen as the last courier.  

After lying in wait several hours, around 5:30 AM the Mexican forces began moving toward the Alamo walls.  The sentinels posted outside the walls were killed in their sleep.  The soldados making the assault could withhold the jubilation on finally being released to attack and began shouting 'Viva Santa Ana!' 'Viva La Republica.'  This alerted John Baugh and he could see the columns already in musket range.

Thus began the final assault and the end of the Thirteen Days of Glory.  There is so much more detail regarding the final assault, Travis' death, Crocket's death, Jim Bowie's, the method and results of the various Mexican columns.  It goes on and on.

Earliest known photo circa 1849

If you care to read one of the best accounts of the Alamo and what went on there and the Military History of the Texas Revolution, I highly recommend Stephen L. Hardin's book, Texian Iliad.  I have found no other that comes close to comparing the amount of information contained therein.  Being a reader of Texas History most of my life, there are things in there I had never been aware of.  I was searching for information on one of my ancestors that had supposedly been a scout for Gen. Sam Houston.  He had received a bounty land warrant for service in the Texian Army.  No, I found no information there regarding that.  I do know he served in a cavalry unit organized in East Texas.  He does not appear on the rolls for San Jacinto.  He served in what was noted as the 'S' war.  I had never heard of this.  A knowledgeable friend told me it was the 'Shadow War.'  These were the troops that 'shadowed' the Mexican forces as they returned to Mexico after defeat at San Jacinto.  I find no written documents on this and the museum at San Jacinto never heard of it.  However I have a copy of that document of his land warrant.  My search continues.

Although there is much much more to come in the coming two months of 1836, I will not try to cover it like I did here.  If you are a Native Texan , or call yourself a Texan, it behooves you to know this history of this time.  It is what makes us different than any other state in the union.  No one can ever know, that isn't a Texan, why we have the pride we do. I can explain it to you, but can't help you understand it.  This history, this revolution, these men that sacrificed so much is the ROOT of that pride.

Texas Forever!  Remember the Alamo!  Remember Goliad!

I hope you have enjoyed this minimalist recounting of portion of the Texas Revolution.

Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5, 1836-Day Twelve-The Alamo

Santa Ana issues orders the final assault to begin the next day.  There will be four assault columns and one held in reserve.  He also orders reconnaissance to determine the positioning and approaches.
Most of the Mexican officers were of the opinion no assault would be necessary due to no reinforcements arriving, the walls were crumbling and time would take care of the rest.  Col. Enrique de la Pena wrote in his diary the majority:

                “were of the opinion that victory over a handful of men concentrated in the 
                  Alamo did not call for great sacrifice.”

Santa Ana stubbornly refused citing morale as a factor.
A messenger arrives at the Alamo with the news that reinforcements aren’t coming.
Travis gathers the garrison and informs them of the news and what their options are.  It is at this time the legend of the Line in the Sand took place. 

Around midnight, Mexican forces begin moving to prepare for the final assault.

Remember the Alamo

Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 4, 1836-Day Eleven-The Alamo

Santa Ana gathers his forces for a council of war.  It is decided that there will be no prisoners taken during the final assault.  The decision on when the final assault is to take place will be determined tomorrow.

The Mexican artillery is consolidated into two batteries and is moved to within 200 hundred yards.
The constant barrage has weakened the North Wall.  The chief engineer directed work parties throughout the night to strengthen the wall.

Remember the Alamo

Saturday, March 3, 2018

March 3, 1836-Day 10-The Alamo

James Butler Bohnam arrives with news of reinforcements.  He reports that 60 more men from Gonzales are due and 600 more would be in route soon.  The Texians fire several shots into the city in celebration.

Santa Ana receives word of General Urrea’s victory at San Patricio.  The Mexicans ring church bells and there is revelry in the camp.

The lead elements of General Gaona’s Brigade arrive.  These are the reinforcements needed for a successful assault.

Travis sends a letter to the Independence Convention:

       Col. Fannin is said to be on the march to this place with reinforcements, but I fear it is not                  true, as I have repeatedly sent to him for aid without receiving any…I look to the colonies                    alone for aid; unless it arrives soon, I will have to fight the enemy on his own terms.  I will,                  however, do the best I can under the circumstances; and I feel confident that the determined                valor and desperate courage, heretofore exhibited by my men, will not fail them in the last                    struggle; and although they may be sacrificed to the vengeance of a Gothic enemy, the                        victory will cost the enemy dear, that it will be worse for him than defeat.

Remember the Alamo

Friday, March 2, 2018

March 2, 1836-The Alamo-Day 9

Mexican forcers return to the siege routine and continue their cannonde.  Artillery Is moved closer to the walls.  Travis begins to wonder why Fannin's force has not arrived after 9 days.  Plenty of time to cover the 95 miles.

Travis receives a report that there is corn at the Seguin Ranch.  Lt. Menchaca and a detachment is sent to retrieve it.

Mexican forces discover a road within pistol shot of the Alamo and the Jimenez Battalion is posted to cover it.

Unknown to the defenders, Independence is declared at Washington on the Brazos.

Things are beginning to look bleak.

Remember the Alamo

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 29, 1836-March 1, 1836 Day Seven and Eight

February 29, 1836

Santa Ana orders the Jimenez Battalion and the cavalry under command of General Ramirez y Sesma down the Goliad Road to intercept any reinforcements that might have been sent by Col. Fannin.

The Mexicans propose a three-day armistice and several Tejanos leave the Alamo during this time.

March 1, 1836

The Gonzales Ranging Company-the Immortal 32-from Gonzales arrive at the Alamo.

General Sesma advances down the Goliad Road to seek out the Texian reinforcements sent by Col. Fannin to the aid of the Alamo.  Finding none, he returns to Bejar.

The Alamo’s 12 pounder fires two shots, one of the hitting Santa Ana’s headquarters.

Remember the Alamo