Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Where has the country gone that I once loved with all my heart?  I certainly don't recognize it any more.  It has been overrun by the leftists, immoral, PC crowd.  How did we go so far 'wrong' in such a short time?  This isn't a new phenomena.  This has been decades in the making.  We are our own worst enemy.  Those of us that feel everything sacred to us is under assault, are as much to blame as those that assault us.  We have allowed this to happen.  We gradually accepted the 'go along to get along' mantra while they gloated as their small victories piled up.  Their small victories have become a giant snowball.

We are now at the point that we have our own Taliban in this country, the American Taliban.  I don't mean to belittle in any way our servicemen that fought the Taliban.  I know they are not the same but the principle is.  I also did not coin that term, I read it over at American Spectator.  They continually assault everything that they disagree with regardless of whether it's what we believe is right and moral, (or small an issue, i.e. the Confederate Battle Flag.)  We are now paying the price for our lack of vigilance and apathy.  It will get worse before it gets better.  Many are already at the threshold of their patience.  Is there enough courage to make a final stand against this onslaught?  Will we compromise even more? Will those that haven't yet compromised their principles eventually give way? 

I don't believe that those that think like I do are in the minority yet, but what will it take to make the silent take action?  We have traditionally taken the 'high road' and look what it has gotten us.  I often wonder, 'do I have what it takes' to stand up like all those that came before that sacrificed so much, my ancestors, yours?  Is that American heart now so soft and intimidated by those from within that we can't rise up as a nation, guided by truth and righteousness?

I don't have the answers, much smarter folks than me haven't been able to answer those questions either.

I truly believe it will get much worse before it turns around, if ever.  There is an ethnic cleansing currently going on in this country, especially if you are a Christian, and/or white male Southern conservative.  Just as the Taliban in Afghanistan, the American Taliban is assaulting daily, every cultural item, thought, belief and person they disagree with.  Not only is victory their goal but stamping out their opposition entirely, and humiliation.  Humiliation for the perceived sins of those they oppose whether it is true or not.  They have no problem telling a lie to gain a victory.

I am tired of all this, but that is what they hope happens, to wear us down.  I must always remember this. 

I try to not get too political here, as this is not what I created this blog for.  But I sometimes get off track.  This is too important to me and my family and our beliefs and principles for me to keep my mouth shut.  It is only one small way for me to make my stand.

Never surrender, never retreat, no regrets.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015


Last Fall I replaced the tires on the woman's car.  The original tires were Bridgestone (AKA Firestone).   

I had never wanted to put Firestone tires on any car of mine with their past history.  I even experienced problems with them back in the mid 70's.  I'm talking major failure of relatively new tires, all four of them and then the spare.  I wonder if the Bridgestone name is an attempt to distance themselves from their past.

My wife's car has one of those doodads that compute the gas mileage for every tank.  So we had a good idea of what kind of mileage we got on a regular basis.  I already knew what brand tires I was going to put on their regardless of what the cost may be.  My choice was Michelin.

It has been over six months and we have both noticed a significant increase in the gas mileage.  Anywhere from 2-4 gallons/mile based on what that doodad tells us.  At least I think that is significant.  No, our driving patterns have not changed, no tune-ups etc.

I had once before settled on a bit cheaper tire than Michelin and there was a definite ride difference.  We had previously had Michelins and went with Continental to save a few bucks.  What a huge mistake.  The ride was much worse, rough, and didn't quite handle as well as before.  This was on a 2003 Exploder.  Since then both of our vehicles have gotten new Michelins.  I am sold on these.  If and when it's time for a new vehicle, they will need to be able to get Michelins on there before we leave the lot or no deal.  Yeah, I think it's that important.

Happy Trails.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

He tells it better than I can

It’s interesting that liberals and Obama-lefties have little to say when the U.S. flag is trampled and burned by anti-American anarchists and Muslims. They call it “free speech” and “freedom of expression.” But they somehow justify condemnation of the Confederate Flag as a ‘hate symbol’.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More from our 'Road Trip'

Gonzales, Texas.  They have a very small museum, two rooms.  Great if you don't want to get bogged down in a museum visit.  These are a few of the things that caught my interest.

Then there was this bad boy outside near the museum.  I don't know what it is but it looks to be WWI or earlier.

I can't resist taking photos of court houses.

There is also a driving tour, very confusing going by the pamphlet, it doesn't correspond to the signs well at all.  But there were some pretty cool houses.

Happy Trails

Monday, June 22, 2015

Day Trip to the Birthplace of Texas Liberty

Gonzales.  If you get the chance it's worth a quick trip.  But first things first.  EVERYONE stops here, whether you need to or not.

This place is legendary.  Only one complaint, there is no place to sit and eat the food you get, has to be done in your car.

They have more gas pumps than you have ever seen, there are more on the other side too.  The BBQ is pretty dang good too.  Way more things inside for you to spend your dollars on.  The ladies love this part of it, not to mention they are famous for their bathrooms.  You just 'gotta go' in them.  This place was packed.

On to the good stuff.  The real 'Come and Take It' cannon.

This is what started it all.   They (Mexico) wanted this cannon back they gave to the settlement of Gonzales for protection against Indians.  It was hidden, buried for 100 years and then two young boys found it after a flood had uncovered it.  There is much more to that story than I planned to go into.  It was found again in 1936 (centennial year of the Revolution).

Size leaves me confused as to what real good this thing was for.  The bore is 1 inch approximately.

Hope you can see the names.  These are the Texians that prevented Mexican Troops from taking it and buying more time to rally the Texians to arms.  The statue appropriately faces South to meet the the coming threat from Mexico.

More memorials to the Texas Revolution.  You find these on the town plaza across from the court house.

Tomorrow, more pics of various things around this great little town.

Happy Trails

And More Rain

Hope everyone had a good Father's Day.  Mine started out not so great and ended better than expected.

Another 5.1 inches of rain from Friday thru Sunday.  I think I am starting to grow algae between my toes.  There is less chance for more rain this week but there is still a chance.  It is finally starting to effect my tomatoes.  They are starting to split from all the water.

The Grandkids were here all last week attending VBS at our congregation.  They went home Friday.  It seems so quiet after they leave.  It was great having them, but we need a break.  Also a change of scenery is much needed at this point.  Maybe a day trip somewhere.  That would be good.  

Happy Trails

Friday, June 19, 2015

Didn't Work

My roof 'repairs.'  We didn't completely avoid all the rain from the tropical storm.  Although the weather know-it-alls said we would get rain even if the tropical storm hadn't come through.  We got 2 inches yesterday and today so far with most coming this morning starting at 4 AM.  From the amount of water leaking from my roof, my attempts didn't even slow it up.  Evidently I don't know what I'm doing with roof repairs/patching.  Just hope the rain abates for a month or so.  Maybe we can get a pro out to take a look then.

The Grandkids have been here all week.  It will get very quiet this evening.  They will be back with their parents this afternoon.  It's been great, but we do need a break.  That won't start until next week, especially for Kim as she still has a full day of working the resorts this Saturday.  I wish I had her energy, she is amazingly resilient.

The garden (tomatoes) are starting to produce in over drive and the tomatoes are tasting better than the first batches picked.  I don't know, (shrugs).

Happy Trails

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trans-racialing (is that even a word?)

Ima make it one now.

Finally a liberal thing I can get behind.  Really.  Just think about the possibilities for this old Redneck, conservative, Christian, (did I mention Lilly white?) Southern Roots, Texian.  It just don't get no better'n this here idea.  

I inhabit an area of Texas that is predominantly Tejano/Chicano/Mexican-American/Hispanic/Latino, you take your pick.  There is ample 'opportunity' to be exposed to the predominant culture.  Heck I have even picked up a little Espanol along the way, enough that I can generally make myself understood at times.  I have been told my accent is very good.  I speak as much as some with it being their native tongue but weren't raised speaking it.  "But Texian, how in the world can you pass for that with your Irish/Northern European 'look?'  They didn't call you Colorado (pronounced the TexMex way) at work because you were from there."  Well I am glad you asked.  You see, here in this big city just to the South, it was settled by a group of Canary Islanders.  Every so often you get someone of a light complexion that claims that they are descendants of such, as they were very light skinned, or so the word is.  

So I think I can claim that heritage with just as little investigation others receive.  I can even claim that due to my unusually light complexion I was even persecuted MORE.  By not only those that we are against but my OWN PEOPLE.  I shed many tears over this.  It scarred me deeply.

It just boggles my mind of the new and varied things that would now be open to me.  Our city and county are predominantly of the blue persuasion.  Now I could just 'fit in' without question and wield my influence to MY benefit.  Just like they do, claiming what helps me helps you.

I can see it now, (key dream sequence music): They would just be clamoring for me to endorse someone or something, opening so many more doors.  All those that want to look good by 'helping' out this poor ole persecuted soul.    I would begin to gain more and more power and wield it with such alacrity that no one would be the wiser until I have become the most powerful and influential 'transracial' in this State.  

Yeah, it makes me sick too.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Under Threat

We are under threat to be assailed by yet another wet storm system.  This time it is a tropical storm named Bill that is making its way across the Gulf of Mexico.  At this moment (Tuesday morning) it appears that the storm track will be to the east of us.  Generally when that happens we get less rain than we would if we were on the opposite side of the storm.  While our reservoirs and aquifers could use more rain to replenish their depleted stores due to the multi-year drought, we don’t need some of the issues a tropical storm can bring.  Not to mention the issues I am having with my roof that became evident with the last round of heavy rains.  It only leaks during a heavy downpour, not a light one.  The ones predicted are to be very heavy as it is with most tropical storms.  I got up on the roof yesterday and put some roofing patch in every place that might possibly be the culprit.  You know that gooey black stuff that gets all over everything and you can't get off without gasoline lol.

My son can by this past week to take a look at the roof and give his professional opinion on whether my insurance would find enough hail damage to get it replaced.  He says it's in better shape than he expected and no hail damage was apparent.  He is an insurance adjuster and has seen more than his share of hail damaged roofs.  No new roof is coming anytime soon and I can't afford a repair job right now.  Hence the try at preventing any more leaks at this time prior to this big storm coming.   

I remember two very significant events from a tropical storm that made it's way through our area and we were on the wrong side of the storm.  The latest was in 1998 or so.  We got over 18 inches of rain in less than 24 hours.  I had never seen it rain as hard for so long.  Personally we were very lucky.  Only my garage was flooded with several inches of water and of course with that kind of rain, and wind, we sprung leaks in our roof but nothing major.  One neighbor down the street had water run through his house destroying his hardwood floors and furniture.  Not real bad compared to what was happening on the Cibolo Creek near us.  Several folks lost their lives and homes, including the man that owned the property next to us.  I think they called this a ‘500 or 1000 year’ flood event.

Back in the late 70’s or early 80’s there was another tropical storm that made its way through here.  It dumped as much as 23-26 inches in a similar time frame.  One of the hardest hit areas was the Medina River area in Bandera and Medina, Texas.  My parents had a vacation house on the Medina River there.  We also had friends that lived farther up the river.  They lost a 13 year old grandson that helped get his grandmother to safety as he pushed her out a window with the water filling the house.  She survived and was plucked from a tree badly shaken and injured.  Some due to the barb wire that she encountered in the water from fences that were washed away.  Almost unbelievable that this frail lady survived and the stronger grandson did not.

My parent’s place was about 175 yards from the river, uphill.  Maybe a 50 higher elevation than the river surface.  That river came to within 3 ft. of the house.  I can’t even begin to describe the devastation to the landscape.  It completely changed everything.  The giant cypress trees that grew on the edge of the river were either gone or broken in two.  None were spared.  The ground was scoured of any soil.  Just a solid rock surface remained in places.  The amount of brush and trees that were left after the water receded was daunting.  Someone would have to eventually clear that if you wanted to have a place that was enjoyable.  It was more than my folks wanted to take on.  They said it would never be the same, the place they had loved with the beauty it had.  They were wrong, though it did take a number of years for the beauty to be restored.  They sold it and have regretted that move as did I.

It hasn’t started raining here yet as I compose this and remember, but the effects are already hitting our coast.  Hopefully, even though they are predicting ‘heavy rain’ over two days, this won’t be as bad for everyone here as they can be, especially the loss of life that inevitably occurs with events like this.  With our rivers already full and some still in flood stage, and the ground still pretty wet from our previous weeks of rain, this could be really bad.  I am praying for those in the path.

Update: As of Wednesday morning we have missed most of this storm.  We have had a few small showers and quite a bit of sunshine.  They are predicting the 'heavy rain' to start this afternoon, even though the tropical storm has move far inland.  So far so good.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I finally finished a book I have been reading this weekend.  It has taken a while.  I am a slow reader and don’t read very long or every day. 

I have been a War Between the States student for as long as I can remember.  I have read any number of various books.  Rarely is it a biography like this one was.  While I have read quite a bit about ‘Stonewall Jackson’ I have never read his biography.  I learned much more than I did before.  It is a pretty easy read, doesn’t get bogged down in statistics and what if’s and should have’s like a lot of historians like to put out there.  I hate that crap.  I didn’t realize it was by an author I had read once before fairly recently.  I rarely look for particular authors, this was just lucky.  I really enjoyed the other one too.  

I am not a ‘book reviewer’ by any means and won’t try to tell you this book is for you.  In my opinion this was factual and flowed well enough to not get bogged down.  It is longer than most at 600+ and another 200+ if notes.  I’m glad I picked it up.

The last time I mentioned a book I read I had just started ‘Fix Bayonets.’  A WWI book with several stories from several soldiers.  I didn’t get far in that one.  The language was just too difficult to flow easily and I just didn’t enjoy struggling to get through it.  Maybe another time.

So I will be starting another bio.  This one about a man I have admired my entire life.  I read a bio about him back when I first got interested in the War of Northern Aggression, I was maybe 10 years old. 

Robert E. Lee, I hope to learn a great deal more about him.  There are tons of books out there, no idea why I picked this one, at least I don’t remember, I’ve had it a while.

As for the author of the first book,  S.C. Gwynne,  the other book I read was 

This one was a great read considering how there is very little written about the Commanche that will pass the sniff test.  They were much different than the other Planes Indians.  No religion, no chief, they were the truly free man.  I caught a sense from the author that he admired them more than you might expect.  You make your own judgement if you care to read it.

I rarely read any fiction but will occasionally.  I am awaiting this one to get on the market.  From a blogger I have on my sidebar.  Go visit him Old NFO.

Hope to get the author’s autograph on this one.  I didn't on his other two.  It's not out yet but will be soon.

Happy Trails.