Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Ligths

I actually got Christmas Lights put up Friday instead of Saturday.  Not near as many as usual and didn't get them up to the higher spots on the house, but there are some.  May put a few more around to door tomorrow.

Picture isn't all that good and it's a weaker effort than usual.  It looks much better in person.

After it was done, I was in a mood that told me I may not do this anymore especially with a half hearted attempt like this one.  We'll see next year. 

Kim made good headway on the other decorations and the tree is up.  It just needs all the things she puts on there.  She really makes it look spectacular.  She does all the inside and mine has always been the outside.  Guess that's why my effort looks so puny next to hers, especially this year lol.

I have been just on the edge of getting a few butterflies once in a while the last day or so.  I guess that's to be expected as my mind turns more to the thoughts of surgery as we get closer.  I have expected it.  I try not to let the butterflies get loose.  It's all good at this point, I just want to avoid the giant moths I know are flying around out there somewhere.  We'll see if they come fluttering around when I am alone and Kim is out doing her thing.  I stay on guard for them as I try to keep the mind active and not focused where I don't want it to be.

We went to my Mother and Fathers for Thanksgiving this year.  I sensed that my Mother is a bit nervous about my surgery, maybe more than me.  She hides it well to try to keep me from freaking out, but there is something else behind all her assurances.  I can feel it in the air when she talks to me.
Tried to talk her into staying home as it's a long drive through bad traffic at rush hour to get to the hospital where this will take place.  She says she just can't stay home.  I have suggested that she come later than the early start time.  Come a couple hours later and see me after I get out.  She can avoid the rush hour traffic and still be there before I get out.  Not sure what she will decide.  I would rather she be safe.

Four more days.

Happy Trails.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

No shopping madness for this house, not by a long shot.  Well not for me at least and Kim hasn't said a word about going.  If I can't buy it online it doesn't get bought.  I have been doing that for a looong time.  When someone asks me if I am going shopping that is the answer I give.  Then they immediately counter with "don't you miss all the excitement of shopping?"  Uh, NO!  Never have been a "shopper," when I did go when the kids were young it was almost always for something specific, no wandering around trying to figure out what to get for whom.  My method was 'get it and get out.'  No muss no fuss.  Not to mention I have little patience for larger gatherings of people in almost any form.  Even so, this year will be sparse anyway due to all the medical bills.  We will get them covered, we just don't want to accumulate any additional debt by adding gifts to each other on to what we get for others.  Plus buying for each other reduces what we can provide for others.  I know that shopping is mostly all a woman thing and that is another reason I don't go into the maelstrom of the mindless zombies that lose all reason and have no idea that they aren't the only ones in the store.  Even though this is supposed to be and generally is a time of year when people are nicer etc. that doesn't seem to apply to shoppers.

Will be trying to get some of the Christmas decorations up.  I like to have lights on the outside of the house, always have.  There have been very few years that I didn't put up at least a few.  I used to do it for the kids but soon realized they didn't care about it like I did as a child.  It was always one of my favorite things to have on our house.  So I continue with it even though the kids and grandkids may never even see them.  I do it for me now and really always have.  This year, even though I don't put up near as many I just don't have the mojo to do it.  Even after dragging out all the tubs of decorations.  That usually gets me more in the mood to do it.  Hasn't yet.  Not sure why that is this time.  Maybe the thought of taking it all down and putting it away after having surgery on your abdomen?  Low 'T?'  Just old?  (hate to use the OLD excuse) No idea really, if it doesn't get done today, maybe Saturday.  Kim goes to the Resort, there aren't really any games on TV I care about and I will be looking for something to keep me occupied.  Oh, on that note, the Granddaughters purse is coming along really slow.  It has gotten the stain/dye applied, just need to cut the gusset, glue where needed, punch holes and stitch it up.  Plenty of time to complete it, but I seem to keep forgetting I need to get it done.  Also trying to decide of lacing or thread stitching is in order.  The lacing isn't as durable IMO for a little girl that may be hard on it.  The thread has some durability issues to but I can repair that much easier.  Kim says thread so I am probably going that route.

Hope all Y'all had a good Thanksgiving and if you venture out shopping hope you can keep your sanity.

Happy Trails.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Light to no posts next few days.



Hope y'all have a good 'un and be safe.
Six more days.
Happy Trails

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Shopping

I see they started Christmas shopping early in Ferguson.  I wonder how much of the stuff 'liberated' will end up as Christmas gifts this year.  Probably none, selfish people don't give.

I simply don't understand the sort of mentality that is being displayed there.  Tear up your hometown and destroy your neighbors property and steal from the people that you shop from. 
All in the name of righteous protest, I call horse hockey.  Who in their right mind or has a normal semblance of reason does this sort of thing or even thinks it's justified.  These riots only justify what they are protesting, don't they get that?  Why should you be treated with respect when you do things like that.  You are just asking for a beat down by the police.  If you even support or condone that behavior you're as guilty as they are, you're part of the culture that thinks backwards, as if thinking is any part of the equation. 

Those that get their names in the press at every event like this are in no way trying to solve the problems they perceive and are just lining their pockets by accepting donations from those that are misguided or have a hidden agenda.  Their cause is ONLY the almighty dollar.  They quit caring about being right the first time they got a big donation and realized they wouldn't ever really have to work again.  They became professional racists, troublemakers and victims.  Our current divisive occupier of the white house is no better.  I submit that there would still have been some sort of civic disorder had they indicted that police officer.  The tensions were just to high to not explode some how. They have been preparing(egging it on) for it for months. 

These protestors don't want justice they want vengeance, misguide vengeance.  There is NOTHING about what is going on righteous.

On another note: Kim went and got her hips X-rayed today.  I assume we won't hear anything until the Doc reviews them.  Her Cedar Fever is still bad.  She is miserable but keeps on.  She is much stronger than me when feeling bad.  Chimney Sweepers can't get here until 12/16.  They don't schedule you first come first serve, it is by where you live so they can create an efficient route?  What?  I understand that but it will have been a month since we first contacted them and they NEVER returned a call as promised.

7 days to go.

Happy Trails.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Leather and Beads

Don't forget to click on the pic.

This is what I was trying to get done for Kim's Open House.  I tool and dye/stain the leather and she adds the bling.  They have been much more popular than just my simple tooled cuffs.   Nothing real fancy as far as leather work is concerned.  It doesn't require intense work/tooling and can be turned out rather quickly and the margin of profit is much higher.




These are what we had produced previously with some conchos, but her new beading idea seems much more popular.  While some of the non-beaded could and are worn by men these latest restrict the market but sell more as the ladies really seem to notice them more with the beads/bling.

Older styles

I have a few other leather things I have created at Kim's request that I prefer the looks of over these.  She just hasn't had the time to get around to putting the finishing touches on.  When she does I will post a few of those.  These are similar to what I think she will produce with those.

Keeps me occupied and I enjoy the work.

Heading into town today, make a few visits to some stores to pick up a few items that will make me more presentable at the hospital lol.  I don't think they want to see what I wear at home and I don't want them to see it. 

Been trying to get a chimney sweep out to the house so we can use the fireplace if we feel like it.  We only use it on the extremely cold days, we just love the coziness even if it does require more work for us.  We bought a 'Groupon' for a chimney sweep but it seems he is very busy and we have been having trouble getting him scheduled.  Not sure why that is.  If you are ready to offer a Groupon you should at the least be able to create a schedule to put your customers on. 

Will also try to get the cracked windshield replaced.  They will come out to the house and do that so I don't have to go into town for that. 

8 days to go.

Happy Trails. 

Monday, November 24, 2014


Not much here today.  I have a general feeling of malaise about myself and it has been there most of the weekend.  Both the wife and I are feeling the effects of some sort of allergens that blew in last week.  Just not feeling much energy at all.  Obviously it is affecting the few active brain cells I have retained.  Can't really get motivated to write much or anything else for that matter.  Kim's allergy is much worse.  Sometimes is seems it may be terminal she gets so bad.  The Cedar Fever just tears her up and it is much earlier than normal and it isn't anywhere near the peak.  Gonna be a bad one for her if she is this bad already.  I'm not allergic to Cedar so not sure what mine was brought on by.  When trying to stay healthy so as not to delay the surgery, this episode has me a little aggravated that it has shown up now.  Not sure if I am more susceptible with something like this.  Hopefully it will clear up by next week. 

As I suspected I have started thinking more about the surgery the closer it draws.  Thankfully I am not at all distressed with these thoughts, they are just sort of matter of fact if that makes sense.  It's something that has to be done and I am ready for it to be done.   Starting to count down the days now, 9 to go.

Hopefully this malaise we be gone soon also, until then....

Happy Trails.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Open House

Saturday evening was Kim's Open House.  Rain and storms were predicted for the entire time frame with some possibly being very severe.  We're talking hail and tornadoes. 
In November?  I think the threat of bad weather kept some folks home. And it did come a thunder storm with some hail, but mostly heavy rain.  Got an inch in about 20 minutes.  It's still thundering as I write this.  Since we live well outside the city there are no lights for the city dwellers to use.  Probably safer that they did stay home.
She did sell a few things, not a lot but we are grateful for any sales.  She works at it very hard and long hours.   I also want to mention that I don't want to use this blog as a means to sell our wares.  I believe that if you have been coming here it isn't to be solicited and that isn't how you found me in the first place.   One of the husbands did come and we had a good visit, and we kept each other out of trouble for the most part.

The day at the Resort was not good at all either.  That is very unusual for this time of year.  It was raining which is also good for her.  It keeps folks inside looking for something to do and they come find her.  There just weren't many folks there this time.  I thought that was surprising being the week before Thanksgiving.  I figured there would be a load of folks starting a full week of festivities.  Wrong.  Next weekend they will probably be full.
Now that we got this show out of the way I can try to return to working on the purse project for the Granddaughter.  Should be able to get the leather colored and ready for stitching.  I think it looks pretty good so far.  Will try to color hers a little different than her Nani's but not to much.  Then turkey day will be here.  We have the traditional meal at lunch time with my Mom and Dad and my boys and their family.  Only one son is married with kids.  Then the oldest and his family will leave to spend some time at his wife's parents house.  Miss being able to watch our football team play with him.  Mom and Dad leave pretty early too but the fact that they can still drive out this far is pretty good.  I just wish our Tgiving with family lasted all day like they used to when I was a kid.  This one I will try to be on best behavior so we have extra good memories of this one before I go under the robot. 
Have been a bit under the weather with some sort of sinus thing.  It's not anything bit allergies I think but it has made us more aware.  Trying to stay healthy and have been avoiding a lot of things to keep from getting sick before surgery.  Don't want to delay that any longer due to illness if I can help it.  So am staying away from crowds and using a lot of hand sanitizer. 
Happy Trails.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Getting older

Kim had her annual physical yesterday.  The way things have been going the last couple years with us and the results we have had, I am always a bit anxious about what the doctor will say/find.  We had a real scare with her a couple years ago.  They found a tumor on one of her ovaries.  Had surgery and it was benign. (Her surgery was two years to the day mine is scheduled for.)  Let me tell you that the initial thought of what she might be facing affected me more than my own recent health concern.  It was a really rough couple weeks but we got through that.  All she needs now is to find out why her hips hurt almost all the time.  I assume it's from being in retail on your feet 8-10 hours a day for 30 years.  It's difficult to watch her when she simply tries to stand from a seated position.  She rarely complains but I can see how she struggles with it.  It hurts me to watch.  She will get some X-rays and see where we go from there.  Hopefully it won't be anything really serious but I suspect she will need some sort of anti-inflammatory to help her function better.  Not trying to do the doc's job but I hope and suspect it is arthritis and nothing more serious since it's both hips.  Other than that he says she is very healthy, YAY!

Got the blood drawn and peed in a cup and various forms filled out at the hospital for the upcoming surgery.  No idea how many forms there were but it was a lot.  A little less then 2 weeks to go now. 

This getting old ain't for pansies.  My parents didn't spend as much time as we are at our age going to the doctors.  At least it doesn't seem like it.  But I have been a regular with the doc's going 2-3 times a year for the last 17 years to stay good with my diabetes.   I hope we can get a bit of relief from doctor visits, but I doubt it will.  There will be many more appointments due to my recent issues for the foreseeable future.  The alternative isn't so pleasant is what I tell myself.  Grateful for good insurance and not that government supported mess.

Always thought it strange to hear folks say, when you ask them how they are, 'well I'm still here' or something similar.  Now I do it, when asked how I am I say, 'still this side of dirt.'  Better than the alternative lol.

I know I say this all the time but, it really could be worse.  We have a lot to be thankful for and try to focus on that.  Regardless of how what I write here sounds , we are doing really well and are not depressed or anxious about things.  This is just for me to document events and thoughts as they happen as I have mentioned before.

Happy Trails pard's

Thursday, November 20, 2014

TBT #5

Throw back Thursday

Got a phone call from my cousin that I only see or talk to once or twice a year.  This is the second time in a month.  He calls to check on me since hearing about my cancer and has apparently been feeling very nostalgic about the days we shared with our grandparents.  He and I share many of the same memories.  I think about the old days a lot, almost to much according to the wife.  In my defense these were all good times with folks I love and I have always been very sentimental.  There are a few things different about how we remember certain things but not enough to argue over.  We focus on the good things and get a laugh or two. 

My Grandfather (we called him Granddaddy) was an avid hunter.  Mostly deer and raccoons.  He had a bunch of dogs we would trail at night hunting the raccoons walking miles and miles with just a lantern and a few flashlights.  We have a lot of good memories about those times with him.  He was a great and righteous man.  We both miss him very much.  Cancer took him to early.  He was not even 75 and had been very active as he got older.  It was devastating to watch him fade away.  Still chased his dogs while hunting raccoons at a late age. 

No one could ever tell a story like he could.  Just watching him tell them was a treat in itself as he would get so animated and even act things out at times.  He would make up his own songs while we were riding around with him, they made absolutely no sense but he made us laugh.  We drove all over the countryside helping sell watermelons out of the back of his truck, what a treat for us cousins to spend that time with him.  He got free labor out of that.  He didn't need the money had a good job, he just loved to make deals with folks and the 'art of the deal' was invented by him.

These next few photos will be in honor of him and the many great memories we have of him.

He is on the left. 


                                                 He is on the left I am in center, circa 1975

With my youngest boy, circa 1981

At my brother's wedding, 1980, the cancer was taking it's toll.

My cousin says he can hardly wait to see him again, I have to agree.
Happy Trails

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The title is not what it means in today's context.
Leatherwork, that's the word of the day.  Got almost everything completed for Kim's Open House.  Just finishing touches to add and then over to her so she can add her magic.  Hope there is time, lots for her to do still to get prepared.

Dropped off the pre-op prescriptions.  While there I was advised the pain med was improperly prescribed.   The federal law governing those type meds changed the day I saw the surgeon.  The Feds are making it much harder to get substance controlled pain meds.  Consequently if you need a refill, good luck.  You will have to make an appointment with the prescribing doctor, pay your co-pay and get your pain meds from him and pay for those.  Making it harder on the patient and more expensive by adding a doctor appointment instead of a phone call to the pharmacy.   At least that is how I understand it. 
The pharmacy contacted the doctor and they decided to prescribe them when I get released from the hospital.  I assume that since it will be from the hospital pharmacy it will be 10 times as expensive.  We will see, I may just have him write a proper one and take it to my pharmacy myself. 

There is also the pre-op testing of the blood.  I called the hospital lab a month ago and they told me that they would call me the week I was supposed to come in.  Guess what, no call yet.  I called twice yesterday, no answer and left voice messages.  They finally returned my call after hours.  Better than nothing.  Thursday 10 AM.  Also tried to contact my regular doctor.  Again, voicemail and no return call even though the voice on the other end promised a return call within 24 hours.  Nothing.  That one was not that important but will need to follow that one up before the end of the year.   

Is it really this hard for everyone to get a simple returned phone call?  This may not seem like much but this happens ALL THE TIME with my doctor.  I couldn't function as a person in my job knowing I had an unreturned phone call.   It would bug the snot out of me. 
I handled inquiries and complaints from the public and internally in my job.  It would have been so easy to use voicemail and never return a call, just because I didn't want to.  I never did that though.  Ever.  Every call, email or voicemail was answered promptly.  If you hate dealing with the public GET ANOTHER JOB!  No one seems to know what the word integrity means anymore. 
Oops, sorry rant over.  I am usually very patient in regard to how I treat others and the job they are doing, especially when it is serving me in some manner.  Much more than my sweet wife.  You don't want to make her angry due to your poor job performance.  They are just trying to perform a job, I tell myself and treat them as I would prefer to be treated.  Maybe too many years serving the public taught me that.  I probably tolerate too much at times.

It could always be worse....I need to listen to this more it seems.

Happy Trails.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Open House

Not a lot going on here Monday, worked a little genealogy and some leather.  Kim has scheduled an 'Open House' for her jewelry next Saturday evening.  So things should move into high gear over the next few days.  Quite a few folks have been asking her for something like that since she only displays her wares at the Resort and doesn't do craft shows.  While she will do 'in home' shows and will give nice hostess gifts, that hasn't happened very often.  Not sure why that is at all. 
She is in 'make more stuff mode' which also affects me.  She wants more leather items that she combines with her jewelry.  I should have guessed but I didn't, so I am way behind on what she wants.  I had mentioned picking up some things from the leather supplier and she automatically assumed that I meant those items for her 'Open House.'  Oops.  I hadn't even given it a thought.  Some of those items would have taken quite a bit of time to complete and there were at least three projects that were completely new to me.  One week is not near enough time for any of that.  I messed up due to a lack of communication.  I was wanting those items because they were 'on sale' and they could be added to the inventory easier and be more profitable.  The sale dates weren't conducive to the Open House anyway.  So I am trying to get a few minor things completed ASAP, she still has to do her magic on the leather for them to be complete.  Not much time available with everything else this week. 
I have to figure out a way of staying out of the way that day but being available for leather questions while watching college football, all right around supper time, and appear like I am enjoying it all  :)  . 

Reminds me of something we used to say at the office, 'poor planning on your part doesn't make an emergency on my part.'  Was wrong then every time and probably am now. 

It could always be worse.

Happy Trails

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pre-op week

This week I go have blood drawn for prior to surgery.  Not real sure what they look for with those tests.  Hope nothing shows up to postpone the surgery any longer. 

Was also advised to start filling the prescriptions needed prior to and after surgery. 

Not really that many

With these things in mind I started reading the surgery information.

Was aware of most if not all but figured there may be something in there that wasn't mentioned.  Didn't get through it all.  There was nothing encouraging and yes there was one or two surprises. 

Maybe I will make a copy and post it so you can see for yourself.  But I wouldn't want that to discourage anyone from getting checked or having needed surgery.  Since one of my goals is to get men to get their prostate checked and possibly save their life I have serious concerns about how much of the not so good issues that will have to be dealt with.  I'll have to think about that some more.  If you have an suggestion please let me know in the comments.

It's starting to get real.  Had another night thinking about surgery and the aftermath.  Not good for helping you sleep.  Don't get me wrong, I am not obsessing over this like it may sound here.  I get over any dark thoughts pretty quick and they really don't show up much at all.  They could if I let them but I refuse to do that.  I don't want to be that person no one wants to be around because he is depressed and in a bad place with his state of mind so I refuse to let that happen.  Prayer helps with that.  There truly is a Peace that passes all understanding. 

It could always be worse.

Happy Trails.

Friday, November 14, 2014

First Freeze? Hardly.

They weather jokers are predicting our first frost of the season tonight (Wednesday) with even chillier weather predicted for Thursday.  We have a few plants we need to cover so they survive the winter.  Survive is the key word, they generally always suffer some damage from freezing temps over the course of the winter.  I have one tomato plant left standing.  Has a handful of tomatoes still trying.  I don't think any precautions will keep this one productive.  They were pretty spotty even in the summer as far as production was concerned.  It may just get yanked after this freeze.  (I know this is late, due to the TBT post, it didn't get as cold as they thought, barely 32*)

They wife has become more interested in 'prepping' or becoming more self sustaining.  One of the reasons I am trying to get more active with gardening.  We both have had a passing interest in being self sufficient over the past couple years.  With everything we see and hear I think it just makes sense to make a few preparations.  Nothing extravagant just enough for the 2 of us to last a bit and have an actual plan.  Of late she has been more in the mode and has been making lists of things she thinks we should have on hand.  I think the renewed interest is due to a program we watched on PBS about the power grid getting hacked and going down nationwide for an extended period.  I think it may have been pretty accurate portrayal of how things may go down inside the big cities.  It at least gave another insight as to how others might react.  Some of it was pretty extreme but I have no doubt that over an extended period (longer than what they showed) that most if not all of the things they portrayed would actually happen. 

My interest in all this comes from what I see happening in our country.  Every generation it seems has a time period when they talk about how bad things are and seem to have a doom and gloom attitude.  But we have always managed to come out of it just fine.  I have lived long enough to have seen several of these times.  This period of time is much different from anything I have ever seen before and I am not as optimistic as I usually am about these things.

I grew up learning how to 'duck and cover' in school to try to avoid the Reds from turning us into charcoal.  What does that do to an elementary age kid?  Then came the Johnson and Carter years.  Most of that time we had confrontations that looked very ominous.

When the Georgia boy took office we had just been married a very short time and only one of us worked and jobs were scarce.  The economy was in the tank and I remember having  $00.86 (that's cents) and still two weeks to payday.  Not long after Kim wanted to start a family.  I was in doubt as most fathers are due to the way the world was going.  Why bring a child into this crap for him to deal with it?  It just didn't seem fair to the child.  That was my rationalization at the time.  A very wise person helped me with that. 

My son dealt with the same thing when his wife wanted to start a family.  He used the same exact rationalization that I did way back when.  I used the same words that were wisely imparted to me when I talked to him about it.  Not sure it had the same effect or if he even remembers that conversation but we now have Grandkids.  The point is, his generation was and is feeling the same as we were so many years ago.  With different threats of course.

Now I can honestly say, I don't know that it has been any worse for our country than it is right now.  Not only due to the outside threats to our country and lack of ability/leadership to deal with them, but the inside threats.  That is what concerns me even more than ever before.  I believe we are more divided as a country than at anytime since the War Between the States.  There is no desire to work together to settle our difference, is usually just degenerates into name calling and stupidity.  I pray for us as a nation.
It could always be worse.
Happy Trails.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

TBT #3

Throw Back Thursday

Photos from some of my Dad's Navy service in 1945.  Just after the war ended.

The first two are labeled Pearl Harbor

Manila Harbor

Recovery Operations

This one wasn't labeled, it may be the USS Duluth that he served on.  He was also on the USS Iowa but he says he never went to sea on her.  Maybe some of you old salts can tell if this is a cruiser or not.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

I am ashamed that I didn't dedicate a post to Veteran's Day. 

Veteran's from my family

Bath Time For Buster

We don't bathe Buster very often.  About twice a year or whenever he gets a little malodorous.  Well it was time today.  He wasn't very pleasant to be around.  He stunk.  He has taken to licking his paws and they get really stinky from that.  Not to mention with the long hair and no tail he can get dingle berries.  We keep his backside trimmed pretty well due to the dingle berries.  This time he had both, stinky paws and dingle berries.

Generally there is very little odor at all from him.  Which is good for him since he likes to be inside with us.  This time if he got within 5 foot of you, you certainly got a whiff of jiff.  So with the very cold front coming sometime Tuesday, he would be cooped up in the house and that would not be good.  So much to his displeasure, bath time was Monday.

From what I have read, Aussies usually love water.  Oh no, not this guy. 

We have to fool him, keep him distracted while we get the bath stuff together or he stays just out of reach.  We did the dance with him trying to avoid the big ole mean hose and got him cleaned up pretty quick.  It takes both of us.  Trimmed out some matted fur.  Towel dried ( he loves that ) as best we could after letting him do the doggie shake.  There is a lingering odor.  But it was skunk smell.  He got sprayed a while back and every time he gets wet there is an 'eau de skunk.'  They told us this would happen when he got sprayed.

It was around 78* but pretty breezy so we spent extra time drying him so he wouldn't be outside when it started getting really cool.  For some reason his fur has gotten really frizzy of late so he even gets some of Mom's conditioner.  Now he is good to go for the winter hopefully.  We just need to figure out why the paw licking has begun again and get that stopped. 
This will be a little graphic so be warned.

For those that have been following my prostate cancer progress, had a bit of an issue last night.  I woke up around 4:00 am with a serious pain, in my prostate of all places.  I also needed to use the rest room, (pee) and had some difficulty.  The pain continued for about an hour then subsided to nothing.  Not sure what was going on.  I think my body had been holding off needing to pee and the prostate and muscle involved were contracted for a considerable time while I slept.  The pain was centered mostly on the right side where they found the cancer.  They tell me there are no symptoms with prostate cancer.  I wonder though, if things just don't work like they should when under stress and the cancer is the cause of the malfunction/pain.  I'm chalking it up to the contracted muscle/prostate.  I will ask the Urologist about this. 
Just need to get this thing outta me.  Still a ways off.  I figure time will speed up around the week of the 17th when I go in for pre-surgery blood work and have to get various surgery related prescriptions filled.  Then it will seem more real.  Kim and I were talking about this the other night, things are good with us, we feel fine and are in good spirits, but it seems life has been put on hold, waiting for this surgery to get done and the lengthy aftermath and dealing with the issues of having no prostate.  If you don't know what that is, go look it up, I don't want to mention that now.
It could always be worse and we are so blessed.
Happy Trails.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Grand Gift

My Granddaughter has told me how much she wanted a purse, just like her Nani's with the heart and her favorite color would be red.

I told her that one might get done for Christmas.  She was delighted and didn't complain about the wait at all.  She made sure I knew it should be red, and with a heart. 

This was last Spring, maybe March or April.  I only made that one as a trial run.  If it turned out OK I would try and make a few more for Kim to sell at her event at the resort.  Kim decided she wanted this one for herself.  I guess it wasn't to bad.  Haven't made any others.  Need to order more leather if I was to make any more of those.

Since it was a first time, it was much more difficult than I anticipated.  I wanted the edges to look more finished, so I turned the gusset to the interior.  This would require stitching to be done from the inside.  Much more difficult than I had anticipated.  My hands aren't that nimble any more and the work space was very restricted for these meat hooks I have for hands.  So this would probably be a 'No Go' on future projects unless there was a special order, just not profitable enough for so much work.  Well, except for a very special Granddaughter. 
She is six, I didn't think they needed or even cared about purses at that age.  But she thinks she does, so I will start work on that today.  Hey, I had boys so I didn't know and am still learning the little girl thing, OK?  But since little girls are female they will most likely remain a mystery to me. 

This purse will be done a bit different.  I will use lace and a whip stitch to attach the gusset.  I'm thinking it should look pretty nice with the right lace.  Pics when I'm done. 

Happy Trails.