Monday, January 22, 2018


Today, Monday, I have a few errands to take care of in town.  Foremost on the list is to get an explanation of some billing I have received from the facility where my surgery was performed.  When I checked in the day of the surgery I was told what my share was and I paid it right then.  I now have received a bill from them that is a surprise.  I assume they are probably correct, that my insurance didn't pay as much as they had determined.  However, they knew what the charge was before they started and what percentage I had to pay of that.  So this bill comes as a bit of a surprise, but not totally.  I am not protesting the bill, I just need a full explanation, and see if someone may have messed up.  With all the bills that are still out, and we are expecting some very significant bills, I want to be sure I don't pay for someone's mistake.

While in town we have to make a stop at Verizon.  For some reason the wife's phone won't make or receive calls.  I have tried any number of fixes that I found on the interwebs, but none have worked.  Hopefully they can fix it, we certainly can't afford a new phone at this point.  I suspect that is what they will try to get us to do, buy a new phone.  Otherwise we will have to head to the Apple Store and see if they have a fix.  I hear nightmares about the Apple store and people waiting over 2 hours to get service.  I'm pretty patient, but not that patient.

We will then head to Home Depot, need some new bulbs for my fluorescent lights in the garage, and maybe to the grocer while we are in town.  I say in town, but it seems that the town has grown out to us.  We aren't so rural anymore, in fact not at all.  We are considering going over to the next town to do all our grocery shopping and errands. It's a little farther and doesn't have some things but if I can avoid that mess to our South I think it would be worth it.

My Uncle dropped off a Doe he shot for me.  We got that to the processor yesterday.  Trying a new place a little closer to home.  3-4 weeks processing time.  Considerably longer than the other place, they aren't as big an operation.  

Still need to finish up those holsters I have been working on.  It's just a matter of putting the final coat of finish on and then assembling.  We just got to busy for me to get it done over the weekend like I had planned.  Pics tomorrow, maybe.

Happy Trails

Friday, January 19, 2018

Still Slacking

I know, I've been slacking regarding posts here.  But when I don't really have anything to say it's probably best to keep my mouth shut.  Oh, I could comment plenty on our congresscritters and what they are up to.  But it would serve no purpose other than to get me riled up and I try to avoid getting that way these days.  It's better for my blood pressure.  While I am mentioning health, I was recently told I am still cancer free.  It's been 3 years since my prostate cancer surgery.  They say the longer you go your chances of it not returning are better.  Well duh.  It seems to have become something I pay little attention to these days and I get to where I don't even think about the possibility it may return.  But for my mind, that is a good thing.  It could drive someone crazy to worry about something like that, it would be use to get worked up over it and wreck your health with the stress that would be self induced.  Yes, I am more than thankful for this news and I don't take it lightly when I sit and think about it, but that is rare.  I give my thanks and move on.  Oh and if you have any questions about what to expect with prostate cancer surgery, I will be glad to share my experience with you.  Just let me know and we can email each other and keep it private.

The weather has put a damper on most any activity, which is pretty typical for me when it is cold.  However I did start work on a couple leather holsters for semi-auto pistols.  They are pretty generic and are not molded as I would if they were a custom order.  I'll post pics when they are finished which should be this weekend.  The wife has a show with a the local rodeo folks that will kick off the rodeo that starts here early next month.  They specifically asked her to bring some leather along with her jewelry.  So these holsters will go to bulk up her stock and hopefully she will sell a few items.  She has worked for this bunch before and it has been good, we are hoping it will be good again but you never know.  

Her 'work' at the resort is evidently over.  We never heard back from them and they did not contact her at all around Christmas as they usually did.  We knew it would probably be that way, but with her recent surgery blow out she would not have been able to anyway.  So we are trying to determine what next steps we will proceed with to get a little income flowing.  Doing weekend shows are very hard and also cost more than we want to outlay.  Plus it usually takes more than just one or two folks to man a booth an entire weekend and we can't afford to pay anyone for that help.  

We have options but we are trying to wait on that for another year and just get through this one with as little pain as possible.  It could be worse.

Happy Trails

Monday, January 15, 2018


The weather here is about to turn nasty.  Having more than one of these events per year is pretty rare here.  They are predicting freezing rain and ice over the next couple days.  That is a paralyzing situation to us in this part of the state.  We just don't get enough of that type weather to learn how to drive on it.  So the 'authorities' over react and close roadways, they don't want to be responsible for some jack wagon that won't stay home hurting himself or someone else when he loses control of his vehicle.  It is a catch 22 for those 'authorities.'  On one had if they don't do everything they can to keep people safe and someone gets hurt, they get raked over the coals.  It the weather doesn't get as bad as expected, the get raked over the coals for being overly cautious etc.  I know, I used to work there.  There is no way they can do everything right in these situations.  I am the guy that thinks everyone is responsible for themselves and someone else shouldn't have to worry about your safety.  But that's just me.  SMH.

I guess we are going to head over the my parents today.  After many requests by my mother, and us having to decline just as many times.  Hopefully all will go well and be pleasant.  I will be on my best behavior.  We will include a couple short errands also.  Not sure we will make a trip to the grocer to stock up for little things for the cold snap.  They get pretty crazy with other doing exactly that.  They tend to act like the world is coming to an end and it is very annoying to deal with their inconsiderate lack of patience.

I got my firearm shipped.  Not sure when I will hear back from them.  Just checked the tracking number and it hasn't left town yet.  I dropped it off Thursday morning.  Supposed to be 2 day shipping.  I don't know.

Happy Trails

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Starting to feel human again.  The sinus issues are finally abating and I can now breathe.  Hopefully my being able to concentrate long enough to read has returned and I can get back to the books I have waiting.  The list of books I have waiting for me grew even longer over the holidays.  I had made very little to no progress the past month with the surgeries and sickness.  However, a lot of things have been waiting for my attention in that time frame and reading may have to take a back seat as I try to catch up with various chores.

We also haven't seen my parents since the day of my surgery.  Once we got to where we could go, they got sick.  We didn't want to expose ourselves to whatever they had so soon after surgery.  Then I got sick.  They have been after us to come for several weeks now.  Maybe Friday, or Saturday.

The one immediate chore I need to get done ASAP is ship a firearm back to the manufacturer.  It has a recall on it.  I had been aware of this recall for some time but just put it off.  It is a Taurus handgun that I had mixed emotions about.  I really like the fit in my hand and it's compact design.  However, I could hardly hit paper with it.  It didn't really seem to matter at what distance I could never get it center.  At 3 yards it would hit the outer ring, about 6 inches low holding on center everytime.  No, there are no adjustable sights.  I think the design of the pistol was part of the problem.  It has a 3 inch barrel that is not fixed in place.  It sort of floats and is fixed when the slide is forward only.  When I say it floats, it moves quite a bit when the slide is back.  I am no expert but this doesn't seem like a good thing to me.  A barrel that wiggles that much surely can't be accurate.  I have no issues with any other handgun I have, so I am blaming the design.  I mainly just used this one as an emergency back up and never carried it as I had intended.  It was just too inaccurate to stake my safety on when in need.  So this recall will refund a portion of the purchase price.  I may get something else, I may not since I already have a very reliable one I am comfortable with.  We will see.  Now I have to get some packing materials to send it back.  Taurus in all their wisdom did not sell this one in the hard plastic case like most do.  So I have to come up with extra packing materials and evidently don't have on hand.  It's not just throwing it in a box and shipping it off like other items.  This is very specific and requires more effort than I have at the moment.  It will get done, the deadline is a motivator.

Happy Trails

Monday, January 8, 2018


Been a little sick this weekend, again.  This is the third time in as many months with some sort of sinus issue.  Fortunately it doesn't last long, unfortunately I don't feel much like doing anything.  I can't even concentrate enough to do any reading.  Today doesn't seem as bad as previous days so I hope it is about over.  That would correspond with the previous time frames.  I am beginning to wonder if it is some sort of allergy.  We have Mountain Cedar here by the truck loads.  The numbers were very high this morning, 31,000 ppm.  I have never had an issue with cedar before.  But with those type numbers my sinuses might be just a bit overwhelmed.  K has suffered horribly for years with cedar fever with little to no relief.  She seems to have it under control better the last couple years.  This year she has no ill effects.  We finally got her to an allergist a couple years ago and confirmed that she was allergic to cedar.  After years of prescription meds that were no use, he recommended an over the counter med from Costco that has worked wonders.  It is Costco's brand of Zyrtec, Aller Tech.  She has to take it every day beginning before the season starts until it is over, whether she is experiencing effects or not.  It works well for her which has been a major relief for her.

We may try to head into town today for a few errands regardless how I feel.  Need to go to the bank, to Fedex for some shipping materials and maybe the grocers.  It all depends on how I feel as how long a trip this is.

K's recovery is still slow, but she went out a couple times by herself this weekend.  That is a big step.  She still gets very tired and sleeps a lot.  I haven't tried to push her to do more, but that may change this week.  I may try to get her up and be more active and actually try some minor exercise and see how that goes.  She says she doesn't have much pain except along the scar.  She says it's the nerves that were cut screaming at her as they try to heal.  Thanks to all that have wished her and I well over this last month.  We are thankful for your thoughts and prayers.  It helps knowing you care.

Happy Trails

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Nothing Much

Still not a lot going on here.  K is still pretty weak and tires easily so we don't do much and when we do it is very short in duration.  I will most likely try to take down some of the Christmas decorations today.  I already went and had some blood drawn for my upcoming Urologist visit to see if my cancer has returned.  I don't anticipate bad news, but it seems with cancer you never know.  I don't dwell on it, my mind is in the right place. 

My parents have been wanting us to come by.  They had been sick over the last week or so and we would not take the chance of exposing K to anything like that even though Mom said she didn't think they were contagious.  I think we will wait a few more days before we head over there.  It would still be a very tiring trip for K, I want to give her more time to gain some strength since those trips are longer than any she has experienced so far.

The cold snap here is finally easing some.  It was supposed to be pretty cold again this morning but it was about 10* higher than their forecast.  I'm fine with that.  We have sunshine and we might get up to 70*.  If not today they say we will tomorrow.  That will make it easier to get the lights I put up outside for Christmas down.  

See, I told you there was nothing much going on.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I'm Freezing

OK, just remember that this is Texas and cold is relative.  For this part of Texas we don't get a lot of really cold weather.  Yet here we are over 48 hours into a cold snap that has not been above freezing the entire time.  There is about another 24-36 hours of below freezing temps in the forecast.  While it does happen here on occasion we are talking years between these long cold spells.  I am even cold in the house and I rarely ever venture outside except to let my dog out for a very few minutes.  I don't really mind a little cold once in a while, but I hate this.  And it hasn't even gotten as cold as they predicted.  I'm OK with that.  In fact, it is about 10 degrees warmer than their predictions.  There has been so much cloud cover it has kept it from getting that cold, thankfully.  YEah, no sun since Sunday makes everything so dreary.

We have to take precautions here since we aren't really built for these extended periods of below freezing.  Pipes in outside walls will and do freeze.  It has happened to us a few times, but nothing burst.  We leave doors to rooms that normally are closed, i.e. wash room, open to keep some warmer air in there to keep the pipes protected.  Also some cabinet doors under sinks are left open.  We also insulate the outside faucets/hose bibs and let them drip to keep water moving.  That has failed on some occasions when it gets in the very low teens for long periods.  WE will have lost numerous plants that we have in pots and even some flower beds, and that with having them covered and some lights under there for heat.  It has been cold for too long for them to survive.  That means more yard work next Spring that I normally wouldn't have to do.

90 miles south of me a friend has icicles coming off his roof.  That is unheard of in the South Texas Brush country.  I am about done with this winter stuff.  I am not so sure winter is done with me.  Yes, I know complaining about the weather is not productive, but it is what we do here in this part of Texas.  If we aren't complaining about the cold weather we are complaining about the hot weather.  When in reality we don't really have it so bad either way.  It ain't Minnesota cold here ever, and it ain't Arizona hot here for as long as they have it.  But it does get hotter than a lot of places along with oppressive humidity coming in off the coast.  In the long run, I think the weather here is pretty good.  So what am I complaining about?  Well, it's Texas, it's what we do apparently.

Happy Trails