Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You Don't Know Everything

Tuesday we attended a funeral of a Brother in Christ, friend and compatriot in a heritage organization I belong to.  I have known him for 20 years.  We had not seen each other for few years and when news of his passing came it was a bit of a surprise. 

It seems no matter how long you know someone, when you attend their funeral you learns some things you never knew.  It usually puts a smile on my face in that sad time.  It also shows that we can't know everything about someone that you don't live with every day.  Not sure where I am going with this, my thoughts are running rampant at the moment from seeing old friends I hadn't seen in an even longer time and meeting a couple new friends and of course thoughts about the departed and his wonderful sweet wife.  She is most likely the sweetest lady I have ever had the pleasure to know.  Too bad for us we didn't know more about him before he was gone.  That seems to be a consistent theme at funerals, at least for me.

The old friends were also members of the heritage organization and were trying to encourage me to return to our monthly meetings.  While having been extremely active at one time, there were things that were going on that just turned me off and my whole attitude changed.  Others lack of motivation and infighting took their toll on my desire to give what I had.  I have to think about coming back.  My whole attitude will need an adjustment.  I don't change easy.

Happy Trails

Monday, August 22, 2016


It seems the 'when it rains...' scenario is playing out pretty well with us this last week.  Not only with more rain than we need but with doctors.  Every other day is a visit to the chiropractor.  Today he finally gave me some exercises for my lower back.  We are at 7 visits, so I asked what can I expect since he goes off my insurance network in September.  This concerned him as he says he had planned on 12 treatments and then reevaluate.  This is much longer than his original statement of 6-9 treatments.  I don't think he is trying to screw me around, I think he has just failed to tell me his updated plan as he treats me.  He is probably not getting the results he expected as soon as he had hoped. (I am paying the price for letting this go to long) Typical doctor that gets to busy to remember every detail with every patient.  He has until the end of August and then I have no choice but to move on. 

We also had to take Buster in to the vet Monday.  He developed an ear infection that was driving him insane.  The poor guy walked around with his head tilted to on side he was so miserable.  The vet was full up when we called.  But they would try to squeeze him in some where during the day or the next day and it was full too.  This would mean a possible over night stay.  Not good for his separation issues.  The have a two hour lunch break, it appears they looked at him then and called for me to pick him up after 2 PM.  The meds for his ear were more than the entire visit/exam/treatment.  The cost is nearly the same for a regular doctor.  These meds must be administered 2 times a day for 21 days.  Sheesh.  Evidently the very moist air from all the rain had helped with growth of this infection.  

I may have to get a job to help pay for all this.  Nah, that's just crazy talk.

I am real curious how obama's trip to Louisiana goes.  What a jerk.

Happy Trails

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Even Wetter

On top of all the rain we had earlier last week, Saturday night we got 5 more inches.  So far we have gotten 11.4 inches in a week.  We expect more Sunday night into Monday.  It's all good, there don't seem to be any issues with the usual idiots that try to cross some flooded roadway.  If there are I guess I missed them.  I hope they are learning to not take that chance.  

Even though we have had a lot of rain, it ain't like what is going on in Louisiana.  Those folks are hard pressed to say the least.  My heart goes out to them.  I thought I would post some cartoons about rain, but it just doesn't seem right with the suffering they are enduring.

Happy Trails.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Not Sure I Understand

Oh wait, yes I do.

So the media bias becomes more and more apparent.  One such case is the incident with the Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte.  He and several other American swimmers were hijacked at gun point in Brazil.  For some reason a Brazilian judge didn't believe their story.  ( I guess he thinks it makes his crime ridden country ever worse?)  I won't go into that here, there is enough info out there if you want to look it up.  The (anti)American media has jumped on this story with both feet.  It seems they don't want to miss a chance to bash/jump on the (ugly) Americans that are the Olympic team we sent down there.  No thought that there are 2 sides to every story, and innocent until proven guilty is still a thing.  Let's just hammer away at every perceived flaw in the story that the Brazilians claim there is.  Isn't it strange they saw no flaw before the Brazilian judge pointed out his views?

Whether their story is true or not, isn't my point.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, or is somewhere in between.  It just seems they are portraying this in a way to make the Americans look suspect or untruthful and they tried to escape before the Brazilians could get their righteous hands on them. 

I ask you this, did any of this type coverage occur with hildabeast's email/server scandal?  Did they cast doubt on her veracity at any time during that coverage like they have with the swimmers?  Of course not.  We all KNOW just how horrible our young people that represent us at the games are, and how pristine the reputation of the clinton family is.  Why would any one think any different?

I am not trying to defend any actions by our athletes that may be wrong or unlawful.  But I would like to see the same zealous coverage of the left side of the aisle in at least an equal measure. Especially with something that is more serious than whether swimmer got mugged or not?  But we know that ain't ever going to happen.  

Ask yourself this question:  What do the swimmers have to gain by claiming they got mugged when it didn't happen?  I can't fathom a guess.  Why is this such a big deal to the press as opposed to our national security?  Yeah, I do know why on this last one.

Happy Trails

Friday, August 19, 2016


Actually it's more than wet if that's possible.  Everything is soggy from the rains we have been having since the 14th.  Everyday there has been some rain, from almost nothing to over 2 inches.  Since it started we have had 6 inches at my house.  Others nearby have had much more and some less.  The showers we have been getting are almost tropical in intensity.  It is a welcome relief as we had just entered the hottest part of the summer here.  The temps have fallen quite a bit never getting above 76* one of those days others in the low to mid 80's.  I can live with that and the rain came at a very opportune time for my garden and all the other flora and fauna in the area.  I read one forecast that says we should have cooler than normal temps into September.  Sounds good to me.

That is how it seems to go in this part of our state.  From one extreme to the other with the weather in a moments notice.  Over the last 9-10 years or so rainfall has been almost non existent in August.  In my memory, I seem to remember the closeness of Fall bringing showers/storms in August into September.  My memory may be faulty, but I hope it returns to that pattern for a few years at least.  

I have been pretty inactive since I started treatments with the chiropractor (he doesn't want me doing anything yet) and the rain just adds to that.  Thursday morning it hadn't rained over night so I took that opening to get out and cut the back yard.  I had let it get longer, it helps resist the heat and use less water.  With all the rain we are having it won't take much sun for it to really grow fast.  We haven't seen the sun one time since it started raining.  The grass was already so thick it left windrows of piled grass after I cut it.  Waiting another week, we would likely have lost Buster out there when we let him out.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Short Today

I am a day behind on this post by one day.  Saturday I was feeling really good with the back.  Sunday was a different story altogether.  It actually got worse.  Monday was another visit to the chiropractor.  He said he expected the weekend to be worse.  By next weekend I should be doing much better after a MWF treatment schedule.  Then we will evaluate where we are again to see how much if any further treatment is necessary.  I felt better after the treatment Monday almost immediately.  No exercise or leather work at least until the coming weekend.  He doesn't even want me to jump up and down for an Olympic wins lol.  I'm prepared for whatever he wants.

The knife I had made for my leather work is here.  I can't wait to use this thing.  I will hold off on any serious cutting until I am done with the chiropractor..

Take a look at this beauty.  Carbon steel and ebony wood handle.

It is sharp enough to shave with. 

If you are in need of a great hand made knife of any sort, Stuart Davenport Knives on Facebook is who did this one.

Today we head into town to visit my folks, and maybe my brother and his wife if we can get them to go also.  We might take the time to go through those old photos they had me go through and put names on faces and maybe dates.  There are so many I doubt we would get through though.  I hope we don't keep putting that off until it's no longer possible.  They will all be in my possession one day.  It would be a shame to not know the stories.  But maybe I am the only one that really cares, or so it seems.

Happy Trails

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chiropractor Update

The Chiropractor had some information regarding my back that was surprising to say the least.  The X-rays showed my lower back (L1) vertebrae had either been broken or I was born with it being completely out of line.  I could see it myself on the X-ray.  He said that if he hadn't seen me walking when he looked at them for evaluation, he would have determined that the patient wasn't able to walk.  This type misalignment is caused by trauma or it was there from birth.  Everyone that has had a trauma event could pin point exactly when it happened due to the pain.  Also If I had had X-rays before, this would have shown up if it was there.  No real memory of a trauma event that I would consider painful enough for a broken back.  But I did get X-rays as a young teen due to a back issue I had never had before.  They evidently didn't see this IF it was there.

I had been hauling watermelon with my grandfather all one summer.  Just before summer football practice in August my back acted up to the point it was extremely painful to even walk.  I had experienced a blow the back at football practice a couple years earlier that gave me sharp sudden pain in that area.  But it subsided within a day. So I have no real idea if trauma occurred or it has been there from birth.  Maybe those doctors missed it completely back then.

He says he can fix my neck.  It should take 6-9 visits.  Yes, that's outside the 5 limit I placed on him.  But since I have already experienced some relief, I will continue.  That is encouraging.    I have spurs everywhere.  One is about to grow closed fusing the vertebrae in my neck.  He can help it, for a while, when it closes, it is fused.  The lower back thing, he says he can't fix it.  It's been that way for a really long time.  But he is attempting to help it some.  I believe he has a little.  Moving that vertebrae that far will be a challenge. 

So this may become an off and on thing with the chiropractor.  An attempt to stave off the inevitable for a few years.  Ah well, it could be worse.  I am determined to not let this slow me down anymore than I have, that's pretty slow already.

Happy Trails