Monday, May 29, 2017

The Garden

The tomato plants are lush and full with many green tomatoes all over them.  Have picked  3-4 and they are as good as expected.  Thunderstorms are predicted today with more rain throughout the week.  Since there were about a half dozen tomatoes on the verge of becoming ripe I decided to pick them early to avoid the too much water issue and them splitting with all the rain coming.  What a disaster.  Every one of them were rotten on the bottom while looking fantastic on the top.  The accursed Tomato Blossom Rot.  I have had this issue in the past and thought I had it defeated.  Epsom Salts.  I put about a 1/4 cup on the base of each plant and water it in.  That works like a charm to prevent that from happening.  Yes, I did it this year, just like years past.  The only thing I think may have happened is it was too early.  Maybe it needs to be closer in timing to when the tomatoes start to form.  I don't know for sure, but it has happened only once before with me putting epsom salts down and it happening at some point.  Placing more seemed to solve it.  I have put more out in the hopes of saving the many tomatoes that have already set.  Yes, I am frustrated I didn't follow up with more salts a few weeks ago.  I wish I had taken pictures so you could see what I am talking about but I chucked them over the fence in frustration as soon as I saw them.  I need to do some research to find out more about this, see if there is something else that can be done to prevent this or how it actually comes about.  It's not the soil I haul in.  I have had this happen a lot previously in the soil I already have.  It's what caused me to give up growing them in the first place.

Remember the Fallen

Friday, May 26, 2017

Catching Up

The wife and I went out to eat the other night at an Italian restaurant we like.  There was this young family sitting near us when we sat down.  They had a little girl less than 2 years old, I don't know, I'm not good at judging those ages.  They had gotten her a bowl of spaghetti.  She was really enjoying that spaghetti, it must have been one of her favorite things to eat.  The parents weren't really paying attention to her and she was just going at it and making all kinds of fun noises.  We couldn't help but laugh and smile at her antics.  however I felt a bit sorry for the restaurant staff once they decided to leave.

When they finally decided to leave, quite a bit more spaghetti fell out of her lap.  I doubt she got as much in her than she did everywhere else.

My Mom has been doing very well since her surgery.  She is making up for lost time with her chattiness.  I have no idea how her jaws and throat aren't sore enough to keep her from talking as much as she is.  We just plan to sit and listen if we see her, can't get a word in at all unless you interrupt her or she asks you a question, and then she will interrupt your answer lol.  Glad and thankful she is doing so well.  This will help her social life that she was to embarrassed by her condition to partake in.

I will try to catch up on some much needed yard work this Saturday.  I have been neglecting much to long.  Of course it is supposed to be about 96* with high humidity.  Kim will be at the resort and she is hoping to be inside due to the heat.  

Hope your weekend is great and don't forget what the holiday is truly about, it's not BarBQ.

Happy Trails

Thursday, May 25, 2017

She Did Well

Mom's surgery went very well.  Shorter than we were told.  She was extremely emotional after like I have never seen.  It confirmed what I felt I knew, she didn't' think she would survive the surgery.  
Kim stayed the night with her and I just got the cal they are releasing her.  I got to go..

Happy Trails

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


My Mom's surgery it today.  We will be taking them to the hospital so they don't have to worry about that.  Dad would have to drive back by himself, not good.  Kim plans to stay the night with her after the surgery.  She looks after my Mom as if she is her own Mother.  I have a keeper, but i have known that since the day I decided to make her my wife.

Hopefully and prayerfully all will go well for her.  She has suffered with this condition far too long.

Happy Trails

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Hits Keep Coming

A close friend's Grandson nearly drowned this past Friday.  Another friend's father passed away from Prostate Cancer.  This Wednesday, my Mother will undergo a serious surgery on her throat.  Not really in the mood to keep up with the blog at the moment.  I will try to be back as soon as I feel up to it.  Maybe after Mom's 'successful' surgery.

Happy Trails

Friday, May 19, 2017


Yes, I know I have been missing in action around here lately.  There has just been nothing worthy to write/talk about.  The country is even more nuts and the snowflakes are out in force.  I hate seeing all the monuments and statues under attack.  They have momentum and now the courts that had given protection previously have now gone against.  They are taking advantage of the momentum in spades.
this is just the beginning.  

I haven't finished with the power washing.  Not even close.  I only worked on it about an hour this week.  Not only am I not motivated, a very young fawn has taken up residence in our flower bed against the house.  It is where I hook up the hose to the power washer.  It is there almost all day.  I hesitate to be out there and keep the Mom/doe away from her feedings.  At least that's what I tell myself to avoid the tedium of the power washing.  I am only about a 1/4 finished.  Now that the heat and humidity have returned, it may take me even longer than I had hoped.  It is also making my outdoor exercise tougher.  It makes my legs feel like they have lead in them.

The AC service guy came out Thursday for a performance check.  It is part of a 'warranty' I purchased when we got the AC.  It is costly, but we have had them out several times with issues and it has paid for itself.  It is the only warranty that I have ever come out ahead on.

Saturday we are having a "going away" party for the young boy, His Mom and Sister I have made the multitool scabbard for.  I had hoped to take him to lunch before this.  But he has been sick almost all week and is still not quite over it.  

Kim has been going over to Mom's and trying to help her get things sorted out prior to her surgery.
Mom feels a need to get various things done much like I did before my surgery.  She has even tagged certain items she wants to give to certain family members, just in case.  I have never seen her so stressed about surgery before.  This doctor impressed upon her just how serious it is.  I pray for her constantly.

Happy Trails

Monday, May 15, 2017


The last couple days of the week I started power washing the porch, sidewalk, front of the house and driveway.  The driveway is the biggest time consumer.  It's about 100' long and 12' wide, all concrete.
For some reason, these surfaces get not only dirty, but have a lot of what I suspect is some sort of mildew and what looks like algae.  This is in a very dry environment.  Every couple years it gets to the point it is pretty dark (the concrete).  So I break out the power washer hoping it will start.  No problems with starting yet even after sitting for years.  Wish my weedeater was like that.  This will take me several more days to complete since I don't spend the whole day working on it.

I spend a few hours each time trying to get most of that gunk off and back to a cleaner looking state. 
It is mind numbing and tedious.  My back eventually gets to the point of stiffness I stop.  I am taking a break over the weekend since the Grandkids will be here and it's Mother's Day.  Yes, there is plenty of time before the kids get here but that's my excuse anyway.

You can see how bad it was before and a little of the after here.

Here is a close up of the 'algae' or whatever it is, that stuff really takes a lot to get it to come up and then it leaves a light green stain.

We will be heading over to #1 Son's for lunch Sunday and to drop off the Grandkids.  Hope all Y'all have a great Mother's Day-especially you Mothers.

Happy Trails

Friday, May 12, 2017

Emotional Week

It's been a really crazy week for us.  I can't really go into details since it involves others.  But just know that it has taken up more of my mental abilities than I can really spare lol.  It was topped off Thursday evening by a quick trip to my parents house.  My Dad was sick with some sort of stomach bug and hadn't eaten or drank anything all day.  Being diabetic there is a real concern with getting too low of blood sugar and dehydration.  The stress of it all puts him in a mood that stresses my Mom.  
Since #2 Son lives much closer we called him to get some Gatorade over to him ASAP.  We were on our way to help out anyway we could and give calming comfort to my Mom.  He hadn't been checking his blood sugar like he should and had forgotten how to do it and my Mom never knew how.  All of this made my Dad snap at my Mom.  It wasn't much fun to hear the stress in Mom's voice as I am trying to tell her how to check his blood.  I had explained it to Dad and he seemed to get it, but he didn't do it.  I don't know.  I think by that point Mom could hear the frustration in my voice which wasn't good for her.  So we got over there in record time during late rush hour.  On the way I worked on my frame of mind to be cheerful and non judgemental and be there to just help.  I wouldn't lecture and let Kim do her thing at explaining to Dad the things he should be doing.  He takes it from her better than me.  It went pretty well and things seemed to be back on an even keel so we headed home.  

I then spent the better part of an hour talking with a friend that needed my advice.  That was very emotional too to hear all he has been dealing with.  But that's what you do for friends and I would die for this one.  It was hard to get to sleep last night after all the excitement.

Sorry for the downer post but I put this here mostly for my own failing memory.  So on to brighter things.  The garden seems to be doing great.  There will way more tomatoes than we had last year and we had a lot.  We really need to get motivated on canning instead of just giving most away.  But I do enjoy giving to others.  I think there is a happy median in there somewhere.  We just have to find it.

I went and bought a couple pairs of shoes.  Not a big deal but I haven't bought shoes, other than a pair of boots (western) I wear when we go out and a couple pairs of sandals in almost 15 years.  One pair is for when I do my walking exercise and the other is for just around the house and yard work, my sandals have just fallen apart.  I don't wear any shoes most of the time when I am inside opting to go barefoot.  I had been experiencing some foot pain due to all the exercise and realized my sandals were just worn out.  So far these have been some really great and comfortable shoes and not too expensive.  If you are in need of this type shoe I would suggest you check out Skechers.  They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn right out of the box.  No, I am not getting paid by Skechers I just like to pass along things I find out that I think are outstanding to others so they can benefit.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


On the way home Sunday morning and this bad boy pulled out in front of us.  Click on it for a bigger better shot.

I am no expert but I believe that is a WW 2 era T34-85 Soviet tank.  What is that doing here in Texas?!?!?  Wish I could have spent some time getting better pics with it on the ground.

Happy Trails

Friday, May 5, 2017


For most of the past 2 weeks I have been pretty much housebound.  Not leaving other than to go to the church house last Sunday and a much needed trip to Costco and the grocer.  The Man flu will do that to you.  Not much has been going on other than the usual mundane life.  I finished the leather scabbard I was making for that multitool I plan to gift to my little buddy.

While going through my leather tools etc. I found to phone pouch kits I bought a while back that I forgot I had.  I will most likely start on those shortly.  I had been keeping them on hand in case someone asked me to make one for them.  It has been several months so it is time to add them to Kim's inventory.  She will be heading to the resort on Mother's Day weekend so it may be good to have one or to ready to go.  It appears she will get to work more this summer than she has been over the last few months.  That's a good thing, we sure could use the extra she brings in.  
The weather here has been pretty spectacular.  Cool and dry but it does have a few breezes that are stronger then I would like.  Trying to enjoy that as much as I can.  It will end in a couple weeks when the high heat and humidity hits this part of Texas. We get just enough rain to keep things green so far.  A couple loud and bright storms but very little rain compared to what they sounded like at night.

I have been following the progress of the CSS H.L. Hunley since they found it off Charleston Harbor years ago. If you aren't familiar with the first successful submarine attack you can learn more by going here:  Friends of the Hunley.  You can learn quite a bit there.  They now have several 'scenario's' that they have been working on as to what actually happened to the Hunley and the crew after their successful mission.  They have been working on what may have sunk the Hunley for several years now and these scenarios were just released.  I watched the raising when that was accomplished via video.  I had a friend that actually took a boat out to the location and watched the entire process.  The remains of those that were on the ill fated mission that took their lives were found entombed inside.  There was a huge memorial funeral that was conducted as they were laid to rest.  I considered going to that and even marching as part of the color/honor guard.  I had friends that went to that and marched.  I have visiting it on my bucket list.  I find the story of Lt. Dixon (the vessel's commander) very interesting and moving.  When he left to go off to war he was given a gold coin by his fiance.  The 'legend' was that he was shot at the battle of Pittsburg Landing (Shiloh for you yankees) and the gold coin was hit and saved his life.  When they discovered his remains, the legend became fact.  They found the gold coin.  It was bent from taking a ball dead center.  It was also inscribed with proof.  I find this whole story fascinating and moving.  I will be ordering a replica coin they have for sale one of these days.

I really need a day trip before I go nuts.

Happy Trails

Monday, May 1, 2017

That Time of Year

Was headed out to church Sunday morning and I spot a little head and ears.  I just couldn't resist getting this.

Now yard work will need to be done with a little more care.  They can be right under your feet and still not move.  I love looking and watching these little guys.  All legs and ears.

Happy Trails