Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Don't Know

It seems we have volunteered (I didn't) to do some work at the place where Son #2 lives while he is in Arizona with his new bride.  I would love to have heard the conversation that got me committed to that.  It is mostly painting two rooms he would like done before they come back.  That will be sometime the first week of October.  However, one of the rooms is wall paper.  That will require covering it with joint compound first and letting it dry.  That is something we have done in several rooms we had wallpaper in.  It turns out really well and is much easier than your standard way of getting rid of wallpaper.  I suppose this will take at least three days to accomplish.  They don't even care what color paint to use, they will leave that up to us.  SMH.

I see that as an opportunity for Son #2 and his new bride to work together on a project.  You know, the things that husbands and wives do together, bringing them closer and closer.  I tried that argument with the wife and it fell on deaf ears.  She told me if I didn't want to she would do it herself and I could stay home.  I'm tempted.  So one day soon we will need to go over and assess what needs to be done and let the wife decide on the color.  

How did I get myself into this?

I have been looking for some quick easy leather projects that I can turn out quickly and make a larger number of in a short time.  I can have them on hand in time in case Kim is still able to work at the resort come Christmas.  There are any number of various things I am considering and have three in mind at the moment, but that could change as I do more research.  I can also use them to gift friends etc. when I feel like it without too much effort and little cost.  One is a coaster for a wine glass that I think is unique, various types of key fobs and another coaster with a mirror inside.

I will post picture of those when I get a few done.

Happy Trails

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