Wednesday, September 28, 2016


We finally got our big project delivered today.  They seemed extremely happy.  We went and celebrated at a nice steak house for lunch.

Twenty five of these

This makes up for having a slow month.

We also stopped at the Home Depot and picked up paint samples.  The color has been chosen and paint will be picked up tomorrow and the project started.  Hoping for a quick job and painless finish.

I even stopped and picked up a fishing license.  Been a few years since I bought one.  The price surprised me.  I have had the urge several times to do a little fishing over the past few years and always put it off for one reason or another, the usual one being not having a fishing license.  Now I have to get my money's worth.  Soon.  Real soon.  Time to get the fly rod and spinning reel out and dusted off.  I don't even care if I catch anything.

The last night of a Gospel Meeting at our congregation Wednesday night.  A good friend of mine is preaching.  Looking forward to that.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Why did I just waste 2 hours last night watching the train wreck of a debate.  I knew better.  What a joke this thing was.  Hildabeast was just what you would expect, a professional politician.  Trump was a disappointment.  He let her slide in so many areas.  Just like Romney let obama slide on Bengahzi, Trump did the same.  What gives?  There were so many openings for him to hammer her on this and other scandals.  He failed to follow up on his comment about her 33,000 deleted emails.  Why?  Trump sounded pretty goofy at times too, no idea what his 10 year old son with computer skills was supposed to mean.  His jumping around with his answers and not finishing up a thought was sad.

No, it won't affect my vote.  A debate never has and never will.  They are just window dressing.  What does concern me are those voters that wait to see how the debate goes to decide who they will vote for.  Really?  Is that the limit of their grey matter?  The evidence of performance is already there.  Are they so gullible that they can be swayed by sound bites and not actions?  I know the answer.

I weep for my country.

Monday, September 26, 2016

And It Rained.....

And it's still raining.  We woke up to 5.5 inches in the rain gauge this morning.  That is on top of 1.1 inch Saturday evening and another 2.3 Sunday.  We had been in serious need of rain for a while.  With the late heat we have been having things had gotten pretty crispy for this time of year.  But we have gotten more than we need in such a short span.  We are, at least, supposed to see some cooler weather this week finally. 

At this moment there are several high water rescues that are ongoing.  One of my friends works on the local swift water rescue teams for the local fire department.  I am sure he is busier than he wants to be.  This happens every time there is a large amount of rain.  It is nothing new and you would think after all these years of the same thing happening over and over we would have less as people would learn a few things about high water.  But, no, that never happens it seems.  There are just as many now and maybe more as when I was a kid more years ago than I care to think about.  Even with all the measures taken to prevent this from occurring, from active to passive, nothing seems to be effective, enough to reduce the loss of life.  My friend tells me that even when nothing gets in the news about high water rescues and it seems all are safe for once, that is not the case.  They are still out rescuing someone that has done something stupid or made a really bad choice.  Most of the victims they rescue are homeless and usually have an altered state of mind.   If I was the cold hearted type I would say let Darwinism do it's work.  I just can't do that.  Along with all this danger it also puts the rescuers in immediate danger and they will risk their lives to save people that have made a really stupid choice.  It also affects the families of the rescuers with worry and stress about their loved one.  I don't think there is an answer for this sort of thing unfortunately.  

I have a painting project lined up.  One of the bathrooms and an adjoining hallway.  The rain is causing me to delay that for a bit until it is less humid.  It is just to hard for it to dry properly, especially on doors.  They tend to be a little sticky afterwards.  I need to get this done pretty quick as we have a bunch of folks coming over for BBQ the Friday after next.  This and Kim's project that is due on Thursday will be keeping us busier than I want to be.  

Happy Trails

Friday, September 23, 2016

Good News

The doctor visit was surprisingly good.  My numbers were better than they have been in years.  Not sure why that is as I haven't been very diligent about exercise etc.  Actually have been a big potato the last year and a half.  The doc was really encouraged.  However, my good cholesterol was lower than it should be and of course the remedy is exercise.  It seems that is the remedy for everything.  I pretty much hate exercise.  

A friend of mine asked me to go to Victoria, Texas with him yesterday.  I said yes before I knew any details.  A nephew of his was speaking at a wild game dinner.  He had told me a little of his story before so I thought I would go, mostly to eat different things and also because he asked me to go.  It was much longer than I anticipated as it turned out to be a fund raiser for a local charity.  It ran longer than planned and by that time my back was screaming for relief.  I didn't get home 'til almost midnight.  I had to hit the Motrin in order to sleep at all.  Oh, the food was pretty good.  I now love Boudin.  Always wanted to try it and it's as good as I had hoped.  No idea what it was made from, that may be a good thing.  I didn't get to try any of the gator they had, it hadn't finished cooking by the time I finished eating.  The wild hog meat they had was some of the best I ever tasted.

It appears the weather here may be turning a little cooler this next week.  I sure hope so and we certainly can use some more rain, my yard is suffering as I have cut back watering due to 'predicted' rain.  If it doesn't come it really hurts as we are on permanent water restrictions which allows me to water once a week.

I an loving this new 4k TV.  I have spent several hours watching Utube videos that have 4k content.  They are all scenery type videos and I find myself lost in them.  One of the good things is, when it says it's a 'smart TV' evidently makes things easier to use.  even if your are technically challenged I would say you could work one of these with little trouble.

Y'all have a great weekend......Happy Trails

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Off to see the doctor for my bi-annual diabetic check up.  Not expecting good news.  It is what it is.

I keep hearing results of all these polls regarding who is leading who in the presidential race.  Different results from everyone and they seem to swing wildly.  Have you ever been polled?  I know I haven't and I don't know anyone who has been recently or ever for that matter.  I think it is the media again manipulating the news to get the results they want.  I won't pay any attention to those polls for what I want to think.  They won't and never have had any influence in my thinking.  I can't say I have the same faith in the rest of the nation.  There are just too many low info voters to believe the polls won't influence them to some degree.  It's sad to say the least.

I have been invited to a wild game dinner this evening in a town about 2 hours away.  I would like to go but I woke up with the back more messed up than it has been in a few weeks.  Not sure I can withstand that much sitting at one time.  I will wait and see how it is doing after the doctor visit and decide then.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Leather and Weather

We are trying to get Kim's 'project' due on the 28th finished up.  We had a few hiccups with the leather.  Not real sure what happened, but when I add color and finish, the finish changed the color to a much lighter shade of what we wanted.  Plus the finish didn't have the 'sheen' it should have, even after multiple applications.  I think most of the issue related to a cheap piece of leather.  It didn't get tanned in a consistent manner, thus allowing some areas of the piece to be inferior to other areas.  Have had some similar issues before and worked through it without a problem  This time was more hair pulling due to the deadline and not being able to get a good piece of leather shipped to us in time.  I finally got it worked out to a satisfactory state.  Learned a lesson also about using cheap leather and keeping a reserve on hand.

We have also been trying to get Buster healed up.  He got an ear infection a few weeks ago and it has been really resistant to the meds.  Then it spread to his other ear.  The vet extended his treatment on the original ear 2 more weeks (5 total) and added the other ear it's own 3 week treatment.  The new ear appears to be responding already.  The poor guy hates to see me coming at him with the bottle of meds by this point.  Evidently getting rid of a yeast infection in the ear is a hard matter to begin with and the weather isn't helping since it has been very humid.  Makes it hard to dry out like it needs too.  I think Buster has been to the vet 4 times this year when he usually only goes once.  It hasn't been cheap either.  A refill on his meds for his ear was 54$ and that didn't include an office visit and all that entails.  We rarely get out of the vets office for less than 200$ every time we go.  I expect there will be more vet visits as he ages.  He is 12 now and starting to show his age. 

Speaking of humid weather.  It is not only humid here, it has been hitting record highs of 96-97*.  Tomorrow is the first day of fall and we are still having crazy hot weather.  I don't look forward to cold weather but some nice, dry cooler weather would be a great thing right now.  It appears the higher temps will be at least through this weekend.  It's great for my tomato plants and has helped them get some early fruit.  The way things have been going with this crazy weather I expect we will get an early freeze and kill off my tomatoes before I even harvest lol.  Crazier things have happened.  

Once we deliver Kim's project, I think we may just take a day trip down to the beach again.  That is if the weather cooperates and is a bit cooler.

Happy Trails

Thursday, September 15, 2016


I have been pretty busy the last few days, so much so that I haven't had much time to even think about posting here.  The leather needed for Kim's jewelry has been keeping me occupied for much of the time.  I am about to finish up the cutting, tooling and forming.  All that will be left is adding color and finish.  Then my part is done and Kim will have to put it all together and be ready to deliver by the 28th.  She needs to pick up more parts to get it finished.  25 pieces total, she doesn't have that much on hand.  Hopes to pick the rest up Friday.

We made our monthly trip to Costco this week along with the grocers.  I was looking at the new TV's while I was there.  My big TV has bitten the dust.  Kim came by where I was and told me which one she liked.  It was the same one I was looking at.  She said to go ahead and get it.  I just couldn't pull the trigger on that big a purchase.  We went home and talked about it some.  I went back the next day and got it.  It's BIG.  It is also pretty amazing how much these things have advanced.  Now I can actually see the players on the football field.  Doing my part to feed the economy.

Some friends of Kim's came over Friday morning to make jewelry.  So I am hiding out in my man cave along with Buster and working on finishing up the leather project.   But I need to sneak out and get some lunch without much notice.  Ninja mode will be in operation.

Tomorrow is another trip into town.  My doctor is requiring another blood test before he refills any meds.  That will be an early trip since I have to be fasting for that.  I think I will take Kim with me and stop off for some breakfast tacos afterwards.  It's a nice little reward even with having to deal with the city traffic.

Sorry for such a random meandering of thoughts.  Just to busy at the moment.

Happy Trails.....and thanks for coming by.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Yes, I am

Deplorable.  Only because hildabeast says I fit the profile.  According to her I fit at least two of these 
“racists… xenophobic… Islamophobic… homophobic… a basketful of deplorables.”  I think I will wear that as a badge of honor.  Thinking of getting a T shirt made that says 'I'm Deplorable' and they will be red in color of course to match my conservative views.

I cannot understand the mind of those that would even consider this woman/thing as a viable candidate for ANY office in this land, much less POTUS.  There has to be a disconnect in their neurons somewhere.  No, this latest is nothing compared to her previous actions in making me think this way.  But, she no longer hides her disdain for those that don't support her or have views that are opposed to or different than hers.  Oh, yes, she still lies every time she opens her mouth.  She is so intent on being POTUS it makes no difference that her health may not even be good enough to allow her to do her job.  Even if it was for one day.  She is that driven to obtain this goal at the expense of the country.  I can't even imagine how bad it could get if that joker she has a running mate was forced into office.  OK, I'm done now, or I could be at this all night.

Happy Trails

Friday, September 9, 2016

Been Distracted

Not a lot going on here.  The wife had her convention event Wednesday and it went well.  Now she is off for the rest of the month.  There is one more convention we are supplying with gifts for their clients.  It is a piece of jewelry that has features of my leather work also.  I'll post a pic once we have delivered at the end of the month.  It's 25 pieces and it is keeping me busy these last few days hence the lack of posts.  I am the kind that when I have a thing that needs to be done, even with a far off deadline, I try to get it done well ahead of time.  That leaves me with spare time for any changes or additions.  The wife doesn't work that way at all.  But we manage to get it done anyway.

Since the wife is pretty much off right now, we are trying to catch up on things around the house that get neglected i.e. cleaning, more yard work, etc.  I also need to get the guns out and give them a going over.  I really fall behind on that.  

Since we had a little free time we went for a nice lunch over in Gruene, Texas.  This is a great little spot in New Braunfels.  It gets a lot of tourists visiting.  Since school is back in we expected it to be less busy.  While it was less busy than the height of the tourist season, there were many more folks there than I expected.  We enjoyed a nice lunch overlooking the river.  We both had chicken fried steak.  I don't usually get that when we go out, the wife's is much better than any I have had in a restaurant so why bother.  But I had read this place was ranked number one in the State of Texas for CFS (chicken fried steak).  Best in Texas?  Then that means in the world.  I had to see what the writer was so impressed by.  Meh, it was good, but certainly not the best I ever had in a restaurant.  I already knew it wouldn't be better than Kim's.  I think he was overcome by the ambience which this place has in spades.  It would be easy to do, especially if you had some adult beverages to muddy your thoughts.  We had fun anyway.

Much of my free time has been reading a new novel.  You can get details over here.  It's the fourth in a series.  I hope it's not the last, it really engages me, and would like to see it continue ad infinatum.  But know better.  I have been following Old NFO's blog for several years and enjoy it very much also.  Even though we have never met, I consider him a friend, as I do anyone that comes by here and comments.
Happy Trails

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Great Weekend

The Labor Day weekend turned out pretty good even though the wife had to work most of it.  She made a little money and I got to watch some great college football.  There were some great games on tap for the official opening weekend.  My team even scored a huge upset.  While most of the money was against my team I had heard at least two national commentators say my team would score an upset.  Well, they did in grand fashion.  They led most of the game and even came from behind at one point eventually won in the second overtime.  What a fun game for a fan to watch.

The weather here has been really humid with a few sprinkles here and there helping to keep the humidity high.  No yard work for me this weekend but I put some chicken quarters on the grill for the wife and I to enjoy on Labor Day.  We also went over to a new taco place near us to see what they had to offer for breakfast.  Not bad at all.

I am finished at the Chiropractor.  He has done as much as he can at this point.  He was surprised he had made as much progress as he did.  The vertebrae that is out of alignment and has been for a looong time moved back into line some.  Not near enough but much more than he expected.  While I am not 'fixed' I do feel better and am more mobile and flexible than in years.  I just need to keep up with the exercises he gave me.  That is the biggest challenge for me, being consistent with exercise.  It's just stretching long dormant muscles more than exercising.  I have to not be a slacker on this.  Two of my neck vertebrae have spurs that are almost fused.  Keeping up with the stretching and range of motion moves will help put the inevitable off a while.  Actually they are so close they may already have started fusing.

Feeling better and trying to keep a positive outlook helps my disposition immensely. 

Happy Trails

Saturday, September 3, 2016

College Football

Yes, finally, this much awaited season is finally here.  My team should be much better than last year.  Still young and a new offense, but my optimism isn't going away.  First game out of the box is a huge game.  May make or break the coaching staff as they seem to be on the hot seat this year.  I really like the head coach and he is finally getting 'his' players on the team and they seem to be buying in to his philosophy.  I hope all goes well for him, deserves it IMO.

So I will be planted in front of my giant 26 inch TV watching some football this weekend.  My big screen HD TV has bitten the dust.  I haven't replaced it yet for various reasons and it may be a while.  

Unfortunately, my team won't play until Sunday evening.  I hate that TV has taken over college football to the point they now have to play games on Sunday.  It is only happening since the NFL won't play until after Labor Day.  So they have that open slot and it is a game that has national significance in the college football world.  I wouldn't give you 2 nickles for the NFL.  Used to be huge fan, but the way they have gone has caused me to turn away in disgust.

\m/ Happy Trails \m/