Tuesday, October 31, 2017


The weather has turned a little.  It is cloudy, cool and breezy.  We may have some thundershowers today.  By the weekend, we should have even much cooler weather.  I think it will be time to make some Caldo de Res (Beef Soup-Mexican style).  So at some point we will head into town to load up with groceries and a trip to Costco.  I will try very hard to resist impulse buying at Costco.  

We had thought about inviting Son #2 and his new bride to have soup with us.  AS it turns out, she was making soup when I contacted him.  She also is not a fan of eating beef.  WHAT?!?!  This is Texas, we eat beef.  No, she is not a vegan or anything like that, just doesn't prefer eating beef.  Too bad, now she probably won't enjoy my world famous BBQ or chili.  SMH.  

I finished up the small leather project the wife wanted.  I will start on a couple Kindle Fire covers. 
No, I have no one that has ordered them, but I really like how the wife's turned out.  So I want to make a couple more and try some new things on them.  I will just have them on hand and to give me things to work on and keep my hand and eye in practice.  I don't think I can even get on finished before the show for her to have, but I will try.  I have to limit myself to short bursts due to the issues with my neck  She has been madly making jewelry in order to have a large selection for this show she will be at on Nov. 11.  Unfortunately, there are several other shows that have more potential for success that same weekend that she will have to pass on since she committed to this one first.  

I have been watching the World Series.  I wouldn't have, if there had not been a Texas team involved.  I have to say, this has been a great series so far and the game Sunday was one of the best I have ever watched.  So I will most likely be in front of the tube again tonite and cheer on the Astros.  I am not as emotionally involved with this team as I don't know ANY of the players or coaches.  I just have lost interest in a lot of sports I used to enjoy.  There are many reasons for that but I'll skip over that and spare you.

Nothing else is going on.  We will just stay in and work on things for the show and go from there.

Happy Trails

Monday, October 30, 2017


I have heard from both the Sons lately, which is rather rare.  First was the news about #1's dogs and then #2 is having some major issues with his new bride's car.  I asked the wife why I only hear from them when they only seem to have bad news.  She says it is because they still want my support or whatever you want to call it, even after all these many years.  I guess I'm not as irrelevant as I thought.  Yes, irrelevant.  It seems that is pretty much what parents become once your progeny get to a point that there lives become so busy that we really do become irrelevant.  It's sad, but true.  I know that I am guilty of that now with my own parents.  It didn't happen that way for my parents until we became Grandparents.  Then our lives centered more on the Grandkids than much of anything else.  So my parents were not in the picture for us as much.  But the wife and I have gotten to that point quicker than our parents did.  I think a lot of that is due to the way society has developed over the last 20 years or so.  There is so much out there competing for our attention that families suffer.  Technology, internet, instant gratification are all things we never really had to deal with in our younger days.  There is just too much going on for things to ever be like they were for families.  I mean that generally.

Saturday we were invited up to a friends place on Lake LBJ.  Nothing to do but sit around and visit and eat and watch football.  They wanted me to go fishing but I hadn't renewed my license yet.  Beside it was to freaking cold and windy.  I did NOT want to go out on a boat in weather like that.  It was a beautiful day as you can see below but it doesn't tell you how windy it was.\

Be sure and click on it since it's a panoramic.

Yes, it's a little too crowded with lake houses and you have to be very well off to afford anything there.  There isn't even public access in this area at all.  But we enjoyed it for the few hours we were there.

Happy Trails

Friday, October 27, 2017

Nothing to Worry About

My trip to the doctor about my eye turned out to not be serious thankfully.  There is a stye under my eyelid and it is causing some problems.  One of which is pink eye or conjunctivitis due to all the bacteria.  Warm compresses and some antibiotic eye drops should get me back to somewhat normal.  Just have to deal with the sticky eyelid and not seeing real well until it clears up.  Nothing to worry about, unless it doesn't go away.  Then the opthamologist gets involved.  I have an appointment with him next month anyway.

Son #1 called me yesterday which is a bit unusual.  He wanted to share with me that they were going to have their two mini dachshunds put down.  Their health had deteriorated considerably over the last week and they believed it was the right time.  Paralysis in one and several issues in the other.  They are taking it harder than they expected it to be, I know the feeling.  But they have been part of them for 12 years.  Not all that old for these type dogs but they have had a few health issues for several years now.  Then there are the Grandkids having to deal with death.

It also brought more into focus the things my Buster is dealing with more and more.  I know his time is coming soon also, it may be months, it may be a couple years.  He struggles to get up, and getting outside, up and down steps is much harder.  Sometimes he tries to get up and just quits.  We have started giving him pain meds and it seems to help a little.  We will go this route for a while.  The vet suggested laser light treatments on his back.  He claims it works very well and is somewhat affordable.  We may try this a few times if he doesn't do well with the pain meds  This winter will probably be very hard on him, they have been hard before, and now, I expect it to be worse.  When somewhat cooler weather comes on he used to get real spunky and run around feeling his oats.  Not this year.  I dread the future.

As much as we have enjoyed having a dog or two again after many years of being petless, Buster may be our last sadly.  In his better days.

Happy Trails

Thursday, October 26, 2017

More On The Alamo

Another article in regard to happenings at the Alamo:

The Removal of Texas History

Heading to the Doctor today to see about my eye.  The eyelid is swollen now and the side of y head hurts.  Not bad, just know there is something going on and I want to get it seen about since I value my eyes.  Appointment time 5:45 PM, had no idea they would be there  that late.  Will actually see the PA since it is the earliest I can get in. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Yes I know I have been a slacker where posts here are concerned.  But I got nothin' and rather than bore you with drivel I have refrained from trying to put something up.

The wife was wanting to go out for a drive today but I ain't really feelin' it.  I have an eye that is bothering me.  It hurts and it itches and the lower lid twitches ever so often.  Have had this happen before but not usually this long.  

So until I get something worthy (worthier) to post.....

Happy Trails

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Soap Box

Things are quiet here for the most part.  We have been limiting any thing we are or may be doing that can cost us $$'s.  What with doctor visits a trip to Arizona for a wedding and then a reception for Son #2 and his new bride we are tapped out.  Unfortunately it's still a long way to payday.  Oh, we are alright, just trying to be more frugal since the wife is not visiting the resort with her wares these days.  We still haven't heard from them about the 'contract' they will require her to sign.  It will determine if she continues her work there or it ceases completely.  Since the busy season is only a month away we need to get this figured out sooner than later.  A phone call follow up shall be made shortly, but they have been pretty slow in responding before.  We shall see.

Since we are staying at the house more, I have been hitting the leather work a bit.  K gave me a list of items she wants me to make for her inventory.  Nothing real big or detailed.  She sells deer antler tips on a leather thong (necklace) and has me make a tooled leather fastener that holds the antler tip.  It has been a good seller in the past.  Also there are hair barrettes that I tool and those sell pretty well also.  They are not hard to make but are time consuming.  I also don't work on them more than a few minutes at a time in order to spare my neck.  She will be going to a show at a home on Nov. 4 and will have a chance to sell there.  It's not usually a big money maker but anything is better than nothing and I need to pay for that side of leather I bought.

Saturday is another big game for my Longhorns.  Okie lite is coming to town.  They have a very good team.  They have won four or five of the last home (in Austin) games against my Longhorns.  I hope these young fellas can step up and stop that streak for a change.  So I will be planted in front of the TV for several hours.

Now for my Soap Box

The controversy around the "Reimagining of the Alamo" continues.  IMO the hiring of some outsiders that have no earthly idea what it is to be Texan and what the Alamo means to them is the root of the problem.  (For those that weren't born here, you can't possibly understand what it is to be a Texan/Texian.  I could try to explain it and you may think you understand since you may have lived here, but you would never really 'know.'  As we say here, anyone can become an American, but you have to be born a Texan)  It(the controversy) is also fed by the left wing mayor and city council that has their own PC agenda.  The idea that the Alamo must be all inclusive of it's entire history as a major part of what the new Alamo will be is insane.  Yes, I do believe that some of the prior history should be part of the interpretation.  However, to have it on an equal footing with the sacrifice made in March 1836 is moronic at best.  The Alamo would not even exist as it is today had that battle not taken place there.  Those ladies that saved the Alamo, Clara Driscoll and Adina De Zavala didn't do it because of anything other than the sacrifices made there, not due to some unknown native Americans that were there at one time.  However, the atmosphere of today, with destruction of monuments, renaming of schools etc. the Alamo is also under attack.  This really pisses me off more than any other issue.  I live and breathe all things Texas, and to think that MY ALAMO can be reduced to something less than what it is gets my neck hairs up.  There is much misinformation being spread by those that want to make these changes trying to cover their tracks since the backlash has been so harsh.  The Land Commissioner, George P. Bush, (yes, those Bushes) is in charge of this mess.  It has been found out he was 'selling' influential positions to those interested in being on the board that would help determine these Alamo changes.  As much as 250K for these positions.  They are said to be donations to his reelection fund, but we all know what it really is.  This stink may defeat his reelection bid.  I know he won't have my vote, the scalawag.  He poses himself as the veterans friend yet he plans to remove the Alamo Cenotaph that memorializes those Texian Soldiers that sold their life at the Alamo.

You can find online petitions to sign that oppose these issues if you have a mind to.  Petition
I thank you for your consideration of this petition.

Happy Trails

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nails It

I've said much of this before, but I don't say it nearly as good or clear as he does.  This is worth a read. 

United States of America No Longer Exists

I weep for my country.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


My Longhorns lost to the Land thieves from north of the Red River.  Some say it was a worthy effort, better than expected.  However, it is still a loss, no such thing as a 'moral victory' when you play those yahoos.  They played much harder this time than previous times, which does give hope for the future.  But it was the freaking okies man.  It is even worse when I have to deal with looking at other Texans that were wanting the land thieves to win and their gloating.  They don't have the right to wear the name Texan in my book.  Subhuman mouth breathers.

The wife has been down with some sort of epizootie all last week and finally is starting to be close to human again.  So that killed any of the fun day trips I had hoped to take.  We were also low on groceries and scraped around to fix things that were palatable to her in her condition.  So Monday I headed into town to the local grocer.  Since I was by myself the trip was much shorter and cheaper.  I stick to a list, if it ain't on the list it doesn't get bought, usually.  That does mean we might do without something if it got forgotten to be added to the list.  But it gets me in and out and less wandering around looking for things.  The list is usually put together in order of the way we travel in the store.  I finally got the wife to see my logic in this method.  Why travel all the way across the store to go back and get something you just remembered or just placed randomly on the list.  It makes no sense to me, especially with the size of the stores we go to.  The one we go to most often had been the second largest in the State at one time.  It's TEXAS size big.  Even when it's crowded there is still a lot of room.

No plans for this week, waiting to see how the woman feels before we commit to anything.  Even missed a funeral for a dear friend on Monday.  Hopefully we will get up and out sometime this week.  As for where we might head, no idea at this point.  I was thinking maybe a trip down to the Fannin Battlefield State Park since I have never been.  But it is at least a 2 hour trip maybe more.  Not sure that will be an acceptable time frame.  

My little fur buddy, Buster, has really been struggling of late.  Sunday he fell/stumbled more than usual.  At one point he fell coming up the steps in back and just laid there on them for a bit and then struggled to get up.  We gave him a pain reliever but he never really perked up.  Today he is moving  a little better and seems happy.  I can't help thinking about what may be in our future and it makes me sad.  He has been much more clingy, to me, of late also.  Not a bad thing at all but I hate seeing him struggle to get up just to follow me into another room for just a few minutes and then repeat when I return to the other room.  It just kills me to see that, but he never whines or winces, just carries on.  Very stoic.  He has turned out to be a really good dog.

Happy Trails

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Red River Rivalry

Today is the day every Texas Longhorn Football fan waits for all year.  So I will be perched in front of the tube hoping the underdog will prevail. 

Hook 'em

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kicking Back

The big party, reception, shower, pachanga for Son #2 and his new wife has come and gone.  I was pretty much worthless all day Sunday.  And today (Tuesday) I am not doing much either.  We had another clogged line Monday that I had to work on and put tools away after.  May do a little reading and work on a small leather key fob for a friend as a gift.   Other than that, nada.  

We wanted to do something fun this week since we have been so occupied with quite a few things the last couple weeks.  However that may not work out after all.  Things tend to crop up that will take priority.  The new Daughter has asked the wife to come over and help with a few things.  I would rather she go and build a strong relationship with her than take time for something else.  Since we haven't really spent much time with her and get to know her, to me that is an ideal time to do just that.  I will leave them to it and get my chances at other times.  It is very important to me that they have a strong bond.  I would love to see it grow to what the bond is between my Mom and my wife.  There is non of the mother-in-law rivalry there and has never been that way.  For that I am most thankful.  My wife deserves the same in return.

I am currently reading a book that was first published in 1936 and I think it is the 1949 version.  It is about Charles Goodnight.  A legendary figure in establishing and taming the early Texas frontier.  If you are familiar with the mini series Lonesome Dove, it is based loosely on the friendship of Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving.  Goodnight would have been Captain Woodrow Call.  The significant scene of Gus getting hit by an Indian arrow and losing his leg actually happened to Oliver Loving.  So far it is pretty good.  It will take me awhile to get through it.  I don't sit down and read as often as I would like and I read extremely slow.  This is a thick book with small print.  It may be months lol.  And if Old NFO ever gets his next Gray Man book out that will delay me even longer.  

Happy Trails

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Didn't Waste Time

I got that skin cancer removed bright and early Thursday morning.  They didn't waste any time getting me in and out.  Less than 20 minutes.  On the way back home I got the wife and I some breakfast tacos since it was still early.  I was home before 8 AM.  The doctor wanted me to come back in two weeks to remove the stitches.  I said I would do it myself and he was good with that.  They have enough of my money as it is, I didn't want to go back for another very short visit and have to pay for something I know I can do myself.  

I'm not going to comment about the latest shooting in Vegas, but it seems we have already forgotten about the 'evil christians' that were shot up in a church by an immigrant.  It doesn't fit the left wing scenario apparently.  No calls for gun control when that happened, at least none that I heard.  

I watched the Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam recently.  It was way too long.  It brought back a lot of memories.  I was just a young boy and a teen during most of that.  In 1971, when I graduated from high school I was headed down the see the Marine recruiter.  A buddy that had gotten in trouble with the law had joined up and convinced me to go in on the 'buddy' system they had at that time.  The recruiter had promised my buddy he would make his law trouble disappear if he joined up, so he did.  He lied.  The recruiter was upset with me for not signing right away, since I wanted to tell my folks before I did.  But I went home with the papers and told them what I was about to do.  It was the only time I heard my Dad have a real concern for me.  He never ever gave any advice or fatherly guidance other than to yell when he was pissed off at me, which was pretty often.  So his demeanor caught my attention more than usual.  In short he convinced me not to join.  He did not want me going to Vietnam.  I had told him the recruiter had told us they no longer sent new recruits to Vietnam.  He had always been in favor of me joining the military since that was what he did at about my age.  So his negative reaction to my plans had a big impact on me.  I went with what my Dad's wishes were and declined to return my papers.  That is my only real regret in life, not serving my country.  I always knew I would when I was younger.  However, had I joined, I would never have met my wife, the love of my life.  So things worked out for the best anyway.

As for the documentary, it was pretty one sided toward the left viewpoint, which is pretty typical of a Ken Burns film.  While I learned a few things and remembered several I had forgotten, I was disappointed in how much time he spent airing the viewpoint of deserters and those that fled to Canada and their opinion on the war.  There was also quite a bit of time spent with the communists that fought against us.  As you can imagine there was not an equal amount of time given to those that served honorably.  There were some things I will have to look into they claim Nixon did while running for election as President the first time.  If what they say is true.....but it is the left making those claims. 

Son #2  and his new bride will arrive in town sometime today.  They had stayed over in LAs Cruces New Mexico last night.  I assume they will be here late today.  So we are continuing preparations for the reception here.  There is still much to do.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The dermatologist appointment is now history.  Not near as bad as I let myself believe.  The wife was even texting me evil messages of what will happen with the exam while I was in the waiting room.  telling me things like 'bend over and spread em.'  Not at all like her but she has her moments.  She had much too much fun at my expense.  She was somewhat surprised the exam wasn't as extensive has hers had been evidently.  I didn't even have to take off my pants...so take that sweetheart.

There was only one other spot the doctor was concerned about that may have been precancerous, and he froze that.  The only hitch in the appointment was that the referring doctor failed to send the pathology report.  That inhibited any further treatment of the known cancer.  Once they get the pathology they will know better how to proceed with treatment.  I will be heading back for that in a week or two.  However, due to my complexion (Irish) and this current cancer I will be making regular visits, every 6 months.  Yippee.  More freaking doctors.  That will make 8 visits to 4 different doctors every year.  The price I am paying for the ignorance of my youth.  Yeah, I know, it could be worse.  

We also made our monthly trip to Costco to stock up and spent more money than I had planned.  They always have something new or something not on my list that I just really think I have to have.  They get me almost every time.  I'm weak and ashamed.  

The preparations to have the entire family (around 25 folks) to our house this next Saturday, have started getting serious.  I have a bit of yard work to take care of, we want it presentable and since it will be outside it demands a little more attention.  Also the inside will get and has been getting spruced up.  We don't want them to see how we really live LOL.  I hate visitors you have to clean up for, but here we are.  We brought it on ourselves.  We felt like Son #2 and his new bride deserved at least a small party/reception since they have missed out on all the showers etc. they would have normally received with an extended engagement.  Plus it is a good chance to spend time with the relatives closest to us we don't see very often.  I may even try to behave.

Happy Trails

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Revolution Begins

On this day in 1835, fighting broke out at Gonzales between Mexican soldiers and Texas militiamen. When Domingo de Ugartechea, military commander in Texas, received word that the American colonists of Gonzales refused to surrender a small cannon that had been given that settlement in 1831 as a defense against the Indians, he dispatched Francisco de Castañeda and 100 dragoons to retrieve it on September 27. Though Castañeda attempted to avoid conflict, on the morning of October 2 his force clashed with local Texan militia led by John Henry Moore in the first battle of the Texas Revolution. The struggle for the "Come and Take It" cannon was only a brief skirmish that ended with the retreat of Castañeda and his force, but it also marked a clear break between the American colonists and the Mexican government.

Happy Trails