Thursday, February 28, 2019


The weather has certainly put a damper on things I planned to get done this week.  I did manage to get the jungle in back cut but the weeds will have to wait.  It is cold, windy and damp.  I don't like being out in that at all unless necessary.  I see nothing necessary this time.  Our weather here has been somewhat unusual for this part of Texas.  At least it seems that way to me.  While we have had very little freezing or frosty weather, it has remained colder than usual, (30's-40's) more often than I have a recollection of, along with considerable wetness.  It has made me a hermit for the most part.  While we have had several days over the last couple weeks where we have reached 80* temps, we haven't had the normal warming I remember.  However, there are Spring flowers blooming already.  We saw our first Bluebonnets this past Sunday and quite a few Mountain Laurels and Redbuds are in full bloom.  This seems extremely early.  Since we will have possible freezing temps the end of this week, they may become early casualties.  That will certainly delay the Spring wildflower season if they all get frozen.  

I will head out the the grocers today while K goes to spend time with our Daughter-in-law and the new Grandbaby.  They have shopping on the schedule so I passed on that.  Not much else happening around here, just two old boring folks trying to muddle through.


Monday, February 25, 2019

New Week

At least that is how I am approaching it (this week).  I finally almost feel normal.  I know I said I was over my epizooti last week but I didn't realize how much it drained me.  I got tired very easily.  I attribute a lot of that to being so very immobile most of the time and it was catching up with me.  So I decided this week I will make a concerted effort to get moving and try to regain some of my energy.  Well, at least that is the plan.

February is a big month for my family and I.  There are numerous birthdays that we celebrate.  Mine, K's, Son#1, Granddaughters 1&2 and Grandson, there are a couple others we don't really celebrate.  Mine and K's are within a week of each other.  We usually don't make a big deal out of our birthdays, other than going out to eat, we rarely even get gifts for each other.  This year, I got her a small surprise gift and today I am sending her to a hairdresser to get her hair cut and styled and whatever else she wants.  She hasn't had that done in well over 2 years, usually just cutting it herself.  She hates spending the money on it.  I felt like she deserved to be a bit pampered and I recently noticed her hair is much longer than she has worn it in years.  It is as long as it was when we were dating.  Mid back long.  Later this evening I will take her out to a nice steak house and show her and her new haircut off.  That will be our combined birthday celebration.  Sunday we had Sons #1 & 2 with all the Grandkids over for cake and ice cream, it was mainly for the oldest Granddaughter's birthday (it's the same day as K's) but we turned it into a general celebration for all of us.

While she is out getting her locks beautified I will try to get the jungle in the back yard cut before the next round of rains come.  It looks terrible and I won't even try to use the weed eater this time, I need to get it started again and that is always a chore in itself the first time of the season.  It quit on me last fall and I wasn't able to use it the last couple times of grass cutting, so that part of the yard is even worse.  The weeds have taken over this year.  Well that ultra green winter grass.  I have always had a little, but this year it covers nearly the entire yard.  Not sure why this is happening.  It grows extremely fast and gets out of control long before I am ready to cut it.  Once the heat arrives it finally subsides.  That will be at least another month and a half.  Our flower beds and my garden also have a lot of that winter grass in it.  I am not even ready for gardening yet.  But planting tomatoes is just 2-3 weeks away.  I feel I am falling behind.

OK, I gotta get busy.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Probably Going to Make It

After a traumatic near fatal cold, or whatever it was, I believe I will survive.  I can't understand the total lack of sympathy from my bride.  She just rolls her eyes at me when I say it was worse than childbirth.

I still have some residual effects that causes the use of many tissues.  I don't sound so great either with all the snorting and coughing, but I don't 'think' I'm contagious any longer if I ever was.  However, I am refraining from going anywhere, especially to see my friend having heart surgery today.  He doesn't need me to get him or his family infected or even worried I might give them something.  So I sit here in front of this PC or in front of the idiot box.

Speaking of idiot box.  I don't exactly remember how long it has been since we 'cut the cable' but I haven't missed it like I thought I would.  We subscribed to Amazon Prime and are impressed by what is available.  IMO more than Netflix and better.  I am currently rewatching Band of Brothers for the unpteenth time.  It never gets old.  It is my favorite of all the WW2 movies and even other era's.

I am wanting to see the new Granddaughter too but I am keeping my distance from her and the other Grands.  I don't want to infect any of them even if there is the slightest of chances.  

The new washer is doing a great job.  It is way fancier than anything we have had and also can wash much larger loads, at least doubled our capacity if not more.  That means less loads.  It just takes the drier much longer to dry that amount.  So we don't fill it to capacity everytime.  Moderation.

I don't really have anything going on since I have been out of action.  I have made no plans, lists of things to do or had honey-dos placed in my lap.  I have been a true couch potato and will be that way for a day or two more.  Just wanted to stop in and say to my friends...

Happy Trails

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Under the Weather

I have been fighting either a really bad cold or some sort of sinus issue the last couple days.  I didn't move much at all yesterday and just sat and watched the idiot box.  K got the washroom painted without any help from me.  I didn't even supervise I felt so bad.  Finally was able to sleep some last night and and felt well enough to go get that replacement washing machine and get it installed.  Just that little bit and I am exhausted.  I am thankful for the help I got to haul that thing here.  I couldn't have done it otherwise.

So I am just resting up and grilling some wings for lunch.  My brain is mush so I can't get much together to talk about right now.  Maybe in another day or two

Happy Trails

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Repairs and Tired of Winter

This week started with a few things that I need to fix.  The light fixture in the kitchen went out last night.  I am guessing the ballast needs to be replaced.  It is very dark in there and has little to no natural lighting.  Can't put that off, it makes it hard to make coffee when you can't see what you are doing.  I also have a ballast in the garage that I will replace at the same time.  So a quick trip to Home Depot is on the schedule.

We have been putting up with a leaky washing machine for several months.  Last night the electronics cratered also.  We have been trying to find a good used one at a low cost.  I see them all the time for sale very cheap when people move.  They try to get rid of things like that instead of moving it.  Hadn't been successful, but the wife talked to one of my cousins and she has one that is nearly brand new she had in a rental property not being used at all.  So I am trying to set up help and coordinate getting it picked up in town, way on the other side.  Since we will have to move the current washer & dryer to get the new washer in, we may paint the wash room while we have the room to do so.  So I am going to be busy the next few days.  I am sure I will need to schedule a trip to see the new Granddaughter too sometime this week.

Finally got my 'letter' from SSI telling me the actual amount I will receive.  It's about what I expected.  It won't get here until late March, smh.  Glad it's coming finally, we have bills coming due sooner than it will get here unfortunately.  I wish their website had been more clear about the time frame.  Not anything I can do about it.

It's been wet, soggy and cold here the last week +.  It was really becoming a drag.  Today dawned bright and clear but windy and cold.  We haven't had much severely cold weather this year, only having a couple freezes, but the temps seem to be very low more than usual.  Needless to say I am done with winter.  I have a ton of things waiting for warmer weather possibly painting the outside of the entire house.  If we do that I have some siding I need to get replaced first.  The siding that needs to be replaced is around a window that is pretty much useless so we are considering removing the window with the painting.  Not to mention the huge amount of yard work I need to do every Spring.  This year there will be even more.  I am already tired, but it's off to Home Depot as soon as K gets herself ready.

Happy Trails

Saturday, February 9, 2019

And Here She Is

Born February 5, weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. 22" long.  Strawberry Blonde.  Kaylee.  She was not quite as big as we thought but still almost 8 lbs is big, and very long, by three inches over my sons and other grands.  It was a long 2 day ordeal of labor, before finally a c section.

This first photo was how we learned we would be blessed with another Grandchild.  We had no idea and this came as a text message:  'Say hello to your Grandchild'

Needless to say we are all very happy and blessed.  Oh, you can bet there  are a lot more pictures than this.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

State of the Union

The talking heads on cbs say that 60% of Americans don't want a wall  I have one question for them:
Where does that supposed 60% live?  Not in a border state for sure. except maybe cali.  I only heard part of the President's speech while heading to see the new Grandchild, again.  What I heard was fantastic, I really liked the USA chant.

Update: We have a new grandchild.  All are well.  More when I have a little time and have sorted pics.

Happy Trails

Monday, February 4, 2019

No Progress

No baby yet.  The kids went to the hospital yesterday evening, however they checked Mom out and she has made zero progress from Thursday's doctor appointment.  This morning there was till no progress other then contractions that had been going on sone yesterday.  No dilation at all.  They were to start the meds to get the labor going more (inducing).  It will most likely be a long day.  
K wants to go now, even though Son#2 said he would text when things started moving.  So we will be heading down there in a little while.  I will need to wear my back brace as it is giving me issues yesterday and today.  Pounding the ibuprofen around the clock hasn't helped a lot.  I will probably running back a forth in order to care for Buster and let him out ever so often.  

Yeah, long day ahead.  

Friday, February 1, 2019

Finally Did It

After putting up with the arrogance and continued huge price hikes, we cut the cable TV cord.  I thought Time Warner, they were bought out by Spectrum, was terrible.  But at least you could get them to come up with a promotion to apply to your bill to get it lower for a year.  Spectrum just tells you, too bad.  Even threatening to cut them had no effect like it did with TW.  Over the past 2 years our bill has increased by $50+.  Yet there was no increase in services or added channels.  Not sure I would want any added channels since there are so many we never watch anyway.  Our channel line up lists over a 1000.  We can only access about a hundred after they removed some we had prior to the buyout.  They supply us with our internet still, but by cutting TV we will save 100$/mo.  We have a digital antenna and pick up about 30 stations along with Netflix.  We may add HULU or YouTube TV and we will still be spending considerably less than before.  There were a lot of folks leaving equipment with them when I went to return ours.  I hope they were cutting the cord too.  They weren't even interested in hearing why I was cutting them off.  Had they asked, they were have gotten an earful.  The thing I will miss the most is the DVR.  I record a lot of the shows I like to watch at a more convenient time.  

Son#2 and his wife sent us a photo with a sonogram photo of the new baby's face.  I can tell she is well fed with those cheeks.  She measured 8lbs. 11 oz at that point.  She is due today, but it doesn't appear she is ready yet.  So they did a few things to try and start the ball rolling to see if she will come on her own.  They are concerned due to her size as she will just get bigger every day until she gets here.  If she does not come on her own by Saturday evening they will go to the hospital to be induced Monday.  So we should have a new Grandbaby sometime late Monday at the latest.

On top of this the Car Dealer called and needs me to bring the Explorer in Friday evening to finish up the seat cover replacement early Saturday.  I said OK, forgetting the pending baby and also a funeral I can't miss on Saturday.  There are other things related to the funeral that will make that a huge part of the day timewise.  That and juggling the car and a possible baby is making K a little tense lol.

It's possible I may not get on here for a few days.  But I will post news of the baby as soon as I can.

Happy Trails