Monday, April 30, 2018

Yard Work

I am going to attempt to enter the jungle of my yard and get it cut to a manageable length.  I finally feel well enough to at least use the lawn tractor.  The weed eater may have to wait another week.  I will wear one of those doctor type masks to keep from breathing in the tons of dust and pollen that are lurking in the stalks.  I can get choked up pretty fast still.  

WE have a friend that is in the hospital and is in very serious condition.  At this exact time last year he had the same issues and we almost lost him.  Somehow he has gotten septic and his kidneys shut down and they have to put him on dialysis.  Only problem with that is his blood pressure is so low they can't.  With all the poison in his blood he has pretty much been unconscious around the clock.  They were finally able to stabilize the BP and get him on those machines.  He has improved somewhat but is still out.  We have been trying to support his wife as she has been pretty distraught and is thinking the worst.  Not much we can do but other than be there and she can talk when she wants to unload. You can see the change in her when she is able to unburden.  So don't ever think your presence is not helpful when you have a friend in need.  Just being there does more than you may ever know.  Believe me, from one who has a lot of experience with this.  Sometimes we make excuses to avoid this things because they can be heart wrenching or hard on us.  We don't always know what to say.  But remember, you don't do this for you.  You don't have to say anything, just be there.  They will know and be uplifted by that.  You will feel better in the long run.

Happy Trails.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Falling Behind

I continue to get better from the Epizooti that has taken up residence inside me.  The main issue right now is the coughing has increased as my body tries to expel this plague.  I think I will wait at least another day before I try to tackle the badly need yard work in the jungle of my yard.  The dust/pollen will play havoc with me at this point.

I still am itching to try out the new smoker/grill yet I need to make a trip to pick up the appropriate beef parts to try out.  Sheesh I am just falling behinder everyday.  The house is a wreck and just filthy as we haven't been up to being able to keep up with things for the last few weeks.  Amazing how fast things can get away from you.  I feel a bit overwhelmed with so much on my plate.  It may not sound like much here but I don't list everything.  That's my story anyway.

We took my little fur buddy Buster, to the groomer today.  We have been trying to get him for his summer cut and he just flat out stunk.  He rarely gets stinky but this time, whew.  He got into something sour smelling and we can't figure out what it is.  Neither of us was well enough to give him a much needed bath.  If he was an outside dog, no problem.  But he is right with us ALL the time.  He is more like a piece of velcro stuck to my leg as I wander around the house.  

A photo of Buster from earlier days.

Todays results

We were going to try a new groomer much closer to us but they wouldn't take a dog over ten years old if they hadn't seen him before.  They have only been there a few months so they probably haven't seen ANY dogs over ten years old.  They say the liability is too much.  He is going fourteen.  I guess there is a lot of stress on them and the older they are the harder it is on them.  I know he was pretty nervous when we dropped him off.  His back legs were trembling.  Things like this never upset him before.  Now that he is older we try to be more mindful of the things that cause issues for him.  Who knows, maybe the groomer is something we will do without if he is that nervous.  But once I got him home an on familiar territory he immediately started licking himself.  I flip him over to check him out and he got clipped, in the worst place.  Not bleeding anymore but he is very raw.  He had very long hair and I know it is hard to see those 'parts' on a male dog but geez.  I applied some Neosporin and it seems to be relieved of pain, not licking anymore.   I am not as happy as when we picked him up.  We have our own clippers but they just don't get the job done like we need it to be done.  His aging is really starting to show in his physical abilities.  

Happy Trails

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Caravan

That caravan of immigrants that has been winding its way through Mexico from Central America to the US border has arrived.  Well at least part of them have.  One bus load has arrived in Tijuana, Mexico on the Southern border of Commiefornia of all places. There are four more busloads about 450 miles South still heading that way.  The caravan has reduced from 1500 seeking asylum to 600.  They say that the reduction of numbers was caused by Trump's 'tweets' about refusing them entrance.  Really? Tweets do that?  Well good on him then, he is more powerful than most realize.  Maybe we could supplement our border guards with some electronic signs that show Trump's tweets to those that might be thinking about crossing.  Might be cheaper than a wall.  Just think Jumbotrons all along the border spaced as needed.  *sarcasm voice*

The news has been almost non existent about this caravan for the last few weeks.  Not sure why the lefties have stopped covering it, maybe it was those bad ole tweets that scared them off.  I am guessing a new wave of stories will hit the wires about the dire straits of these folks.  Some may be true but others you will probably find Soros behind or the Governor of Commiefornia.  This could get interesting.

I am doing a ton better.  Almost two full days of those meds from the doc and I fell almost normal.  But I am not pushing it.  I don't want any sort of relapse.  Next week I have a scope procedure.  yeah, that one.  I want that over with ASAP.  A relapse would probably postpone that.  No, just no.  

So the yard is looking like we have abandoned the house and will look even worse by the time I feel well enough to get after it.  I left my garden alone almost too long.  Managed to get some water on it before it was too late but I could tell the plants were stressed.  I do have some small green tomatoes making appearances.  I'll be glad to stop buying those tasteless market tomatoes.  Blech.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Well, thankfully I was wrong about the Doc not being able to help me.  He told me that he knew I must be really sick because I never come see him when I am sick, which is true.  I don't usually stay sick long enough to get in to see him anyway.  He gave me a few meds, antibiotic and steroids and a shot in the butt.  I felt so much better by last evening when I had been crashing.  This morning is even better.  I still have several days of meds to complete so I won't do anything to aggravate whatever this is, like doing badly needed yard work and breathing in the tons of pollen and dust.  The wife even offered to cut the grass if I showed her how to work the mower.  That has never happened, not even once.  That is how bad the yard needs attention and she has never been a nag about how it looks and leaves me alone to do my own thing.  She is such a blessing to me.

I am itching to get the new smoker/pit fired up with brisket on the grill.  I am anxious to repay some kindnesses shown to us from our recent surgeries that were done for us.  They are way overdue.  But I want to test if first and I will BBQ one and have the kids over first.  Yes, this will include the Daughter-in-law that is broken, she doesn't like beef.  I may cook her a chicken.  I got some heat resistant insulation for around the lid that seemed to allow too much smoke out during the seasoning of the pit.  I also got a cover for it.  Just need to make a run to the store and get the beef and more charcoal.  Yes, I use some commercial charcoal along with my oak wood.  I get a more consistent fire that way.  The heat is easier to control also.  I also bought some of the rub from Cooper's BBQ in Llano we ate at a few weeks ago.  Not sure at all about this rub, it is very different but I like their BBQ so I will try this out also.  It is saltier than any I have ever eaten and has more black pepper in it and what I think is garlic powder.  No 'reddish' color that I am used to using.  We will see.

Happy Trails

Monday, April 23, 2018


I am still so stinking sick.  Today makes a full week.  I never stay sick this long.  I have a doctor appointment at 10 AM.  I was surprised that I could get in that early.  I think I got what K had a couple weeks ago and lasted her almost 3 weeks.  Now she seems to be having a relapse.  I think we are re-infecting each other.  Neither of us have felt well enough to disinfect the surfaces in the house so it is highly likely she is getting another dose of what she had.  So today, if I can must some strength I will try to wipe down surfaces, and must remember the remotes and keyboards, change out toothbrushes.  I am already tired just thinking of it.  I don't think there is much the doc can do for me.  K's was a viral infection and treating symptoms was all they did.  But maybe they can stop if from turning into something worse.  I will update if I find out anything from the doc.

My friends Dad that got attacked by killer bees finally seems to be improving.  He had over 300 stings.  Then got flesh eating bacteria infection in the arm they had the IV in.  Surgery had to be performed to save his arm/life.  Quite a bit of tissue had to be removed and will require many skin grafts.  He has really been through a rough patch these last 2 weeks.

Friday, April 20, 2018


Thursday was the official kick off for Fiesta in San Antonio.  It seems to keep growing as to how long it is.  I think they have added at least two days in my lifetime.  I guess a full week drunk wasn't enough.  It runs for eleven days.  This huge party draws a lot of folks.  If you like huge crowds, don't mind having beer spilled on you and waiting in very lengthy lines for the porta potty and then wading through pools of you know what due to the drunks not being able to wait, this is for you.  

Parades, celebrations of various sorts (most not even related to the reason for Fiesta) concerts, carnival and parades.  The parades are big time parades.  There is the river parade, the Rey Feo (ugly king) parade, the big Battle of Flowers Parade and the huge Fiesta Flambeau night parade (it draws over 4 hundred thousand from what I understand).  I believe it as I marched in it once in the vanguard as a Confederate Infantry soldier.  Glad I did it but I wouldn't want to ever do that again.  They require everyone to wear some sort of lights for the night parade.  We just stuck ours in our haversacks.  We weren't about to add lights to our uniforms.  We got away with it.

These parades used to be a mostly free event and you could just show up and watch with your lawn chairs.  Not any more.  Every inch of the several mile parade route is covered with bleachers and chairs that you must buy a ticket for to view the parade.  They realized they could soak the public even more.

River Parade

Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade.

This is the really big blow out for San Antonio.  There is something to do for just about anyone.  Even neighborhoods have their own events and parades.  One of the main things is fiesta medal collection.  Almost every event has it's own medal.  Even businesses have their fiesta medal.  At about 10$ a pop.  You can see some folks spend a lot of money on the things as they wear them all over themselves.

So why the big party?  Well first, San Antonio doesn't need much of a reason to stage some sort of party.  But this started out as a memorial to the heroes of the Alamo and the victory at San Jacinto over the Mexican Army.  There are a couple of events that still actually do this, mostly it is the older crowd and they are members of the Sons or Daughters of the Republic of Texas.  But most don't even know what fiesta is about other than party everyday.  Me. I don't go, ever.  I did a few times until I as about 19-20 and the one time marching in the parade.  But I avoid downtown like the plague anyway.  I have never liked big crowds and this is as big as it gets here.  I believe it is bigger crowdwise than Mardi Gras, if not, it's very close.

Happy Trails

Thursday, April 19, 2018

And Again

I am down sick with another infection in my head and throat.  This makes at least the 5th one since September and 3 since my surgery.  I have never been sick this many times in one year much less few months.  I rarely have more than one illness a year.  This is on top of me trying to stay away from sick people and doing even more washing of hands and using hand sanitizer.  I carry sanitizer in my pocket when we go out and use it regularly.  I haven't even been around my Grandkids to get any bugs from like kids are so prone to carry.  I feel like crap and I don't want to do anything.

A friend of mine's father lives and works on his own ranch just outside Uvalde.  About 2 weeks ago he was attacked by what I assume were killer bees while working in some brush.  He managed to call his son and his son contacted the EMS and directed them to where he was over the phone.  They saved his life, but they still had to airlift him to a hospital in San Antonio.  They kept him in an induced coma for a couple days until the poison was gone.  Now he is battling for his life with an infection in his arm caused by the IV while in the hospital.  He is supposed to have surgery today to remove the infection to save his arm and possibly his life.  Your prayers are requested.

I am sorry to hear about the passing of Barbara Bush.  I always admired her candor.  President HW Bush has been in ill health for some time also.  I worry about his reaction to this.  I saw how the passing of my Grandmother affected my Grandfather.  We lost him one month later.

All I can muster feeling this bad.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Got It Wrong

I found out Tax Day is actually today.  That is because we got in contact with our tax man, finally.  He has already filed an extension for us.  The even better news is we will get a refund for the first time in years.  No idea how much, but it really doesn't matter as we don't have to give more $$ to the gubmint.  WOOOOHOOO!  So I was unnecessarily stressed, but I let my tax guy know he was driving me crazy.  He laughed and told me to go watch TV.  Good thing he is a good friend.  

So the new BBQ smoker/pit is together and currently has a fire in it to season it.  It appears that all the cheaper models now are made in freaking china.  Even one called an Oklahoma Joe.  What?  Unfortunately I didn't check the label for where it was made before I got it.  I try not to buy things from there but it is almost impossible.  Getting the pit in the wife's car and out and up on the patio wore my butt out.  I am not up to strength from my long layoff from surgery and general laziness.  Plus I was very tentative with lifting etc., so that made me do things a bit difficult.  Lots of sliding and rolling things instead of just picking them up and moving them.  I actually had to get K to help me out or I just could not have done it.  200 lbs dead weight is much heavier than I remember.  But I see brisket on the table soon.  

You can see my old worn out one in the back ground and I scavenged my old temp gauge and put it in the extra hole the new one has.  

I was texting with Son #2 and showed him a photo of the completed pit.  He reminded me his new bride does not like beef.  I have only known one other person with that same issue, but she doesn't like anything.  So he asked about pork ribs since she eats pork of all things.  I told him this is Texas and we eat beef.  She needs to get with the program.  Then he proceeds to tell me she is 'broken.'  She doesn't like Queso either.  Just broken.  No beef! No Queso!  In Texas?!?!?  She must be a closet Yankee and didn't tell us.  I told him there may be hope, as his Mom didn't like eating Mexican food when were dating.  But she was young and impressionable and I got her away from eating a Pancho's all you can eat to some real San Antonio TexMex.   I fixed her.  So I hold out hope for this abomination in my family.  But she is much older than K was when I fixed her, so she may be set in her ways and really, just broken.

Happy Trails

Monday, April 16, 2018

Tax Day

This snuck up on us.  We haven't been in contact with our tax man since we dropped it off like we were last year.  We had to file an extension and evidently do this year too.  We went in on the final day last year and signed a few documents and sent a guesstimate check in to the infernal revenue.  However, last year we knew this would happen.  This year, I just forgot about it.  So we are currently trying to contact him and see if we need to get in ASAP.  So my anxiety level is a bit higher than usual.  Next year, I think I will do our taxes since K will have very little business to deal with.  That is the only reason we use a tax man anyway.  Business tax issues are something I am totally ignorant of and I don't want to know.  But as I sit here and think about the quicken file we supply him, maybe after next year.

We had a bunch of errands we need to do today.  We will continue on with those and keep trying to contact our tax guy.  A visit to the pet store is in order for more food for Buster and see what they charge to get him groomed.  A visit to the bank to make a critical deposit and then to the grocer with a very long list.  

I also finally decided to bite the bullet and replace my smoker/grill. I have and want another offset smoker.  I have done a lot of shopping and reading reviews over the last couple months.  Unless I want to spent anywhere from 500+ to over a 1000$ dollars will I get a quality smoker.  And I ain't spending that, believe me.  The cheaper ones are just that, cheaply made.  They have various issues from paint peeling (which I don't really care about) to not sealing tight enough to poor temperature control.  The last two, are due to thin sheet metal and poor fit.  The thicker the steel the better it holds heat which is very important for the briskets I cook and the length if time it takes.  K told me, 'just remember how old you are, you don't need one to last 30 years like the last one did.'  Yes, I am very well aware of that, thank you very much sweetheart, but when you read about a pit warping after the first use, you know it is not the one you want.  I am just hoping my guess turns out right.  So we will head to wally world, since it is the only place that carries the one I decided on, and try to wrangle it into my truck and get it to it's new home.  Unless of course the tax man calls us.  SMH.

Happy Tax Day, NOT.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Just chronicling for my poor memory.

My truck, a 2004 Ford Ranger has been riding a bit rough lately.  I don't put many miles on it and the tires have a lot of tread.  I put them on 6 years ago.  I have a warranty with the company I bought them from for free balancing and rotating so off I went to get that done.  During their inspection they tell me I have dry rot and should replace them all.  (With all we have on our plates with continuing to pay the bills that come in from our surgeries, this just wasn't going to happen.)  There may be some dry rot, but I couldn't tell.  So I had them just do what I wanted done in the first place.  They found an issue with one tire that needed to be replaced.  I had put some sealer in it when it sprung a slow leak.  They couldn't fix the leak issue and would replace the tire under warranty.  Only issue was that Michelin no longer makes that tire in my size.  Only way to keep all Michelins on the truck was to buy 4 new ones.  So now I have a BF Goodrich.  I avoided the cost of 4 new tires. 

It may be time to consider replacing the truck.  So I put the wife on notice that we might start thinking about that next year when we both start our Social Security.  That may let us make payments on a new one.  I'm torn as this one probably has a lot of miles left on it at 120,000 but with that many miles it will surely start needing new things here and there.  I also get nervous driving something with that many miles over longer distances.  It's just me and a thing I have about trusting a vehicle.  Instead of a new truck, we will look at Carmax and see what they can do.  My Son has had very good luck with them.  I would like a full size truck this time.  Have had two consecutive Rangers.  They served their purpose.  But my dreams are to pull a camper and for us to travel a bit and full size is where we need to be.  Just dreaming you could say.

Bills are still coming in from K's surgery in early December.  I should get one more from my surgeon but he hasn't even billed the insurance yet.  They usually have around 90 days to file insurance or they can be denied.  Not sure that ever really happens though.  The hospital finally billed K's stay to the tune of 171+k.  So we should be getting a bill shortly from them for our part.  It won't be near as much as I expected thankfully.  

As part of K's follow up she is seeing a GI as I mentioned in a previous post.  He had her get an MRI yesterday.  I surely wasn't expecting it to cost us as much as it did.  Insurance took care of most, but 20% was a bigger chunk that I expected.  I had one several years ago and it only cost me 100$ for my share.  Not this time.  Many times more than that.  And we still have to have her get scoped by the GI.  But that should be the end of her insurance issues, of course unless they find something.  But we don't anticipate anything.  They were pretty thorough in her surgery checking her out.

We are so blessed, we are doing well and we eat regular lol.  We are getting older and the things that come with it are on our doorstep.  It could be so much worse.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Tuesday we finally were able to get away for a few hours and take a day trip deeper into the Texas Hill Country.  This was our annual trip to see how glorious the wild flowers are and take some photos.  Our usual route is up US 281 to just north of Johnson City over to the famous Willow City Loop.  Then we head up to Llano and back over to US 281 and home.  Despite all the predictions of a banner year for wild flowers and especially the Bluebonnet, this year was quite disappointing.  While there were flowers, they were not as abundant as in years past.  I didn't stop to take one photo as I just didn't see anything worthy of the effort.

However, we did stop in Llano as it was after lunch time and we were both very hungry.  The place we had eaten at was closed so we thought we would try Cooper's BBQ.  The line wasn't out the door as it was when we passed  it on another trip.  If you don't know Cooper's, they have a pretty big reputation.  I find those type places usually disappointing.  Yes, it is because I am a BBQ snob.  I read these 'lists' on FB that compile the best BBQ places in Texas, or the Hill Country or the best Chicken Fried Steak etc.  You have probably seen similar about other places to eat.  Well Cooper's makes almost every list I have read and there have been a bunch.  I am always looking to try out good BBQ places on day trips and having this little bit of knowledge gives me something to base my search on.  These guys did not disappoint.  The brisket is very flavorful and smoky, they also have great beans that are free and all you can eat.  This was worth the trip.  They got a 5 star Yelp review from me and I rarely give anyone a 5 star review.  So if you happen to be passing through Llano, give it a try, but be forewarned, there may be a line to get in.

Here are a couple wildflower photos of the same areas I mentioned above from previous years.

Happy Trails

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Weather Related?

The weather here, sheesh.  A cold front blew in last night, and I mean a COLD front.  The wind is kicking up to about 25 mph and the temps have fallen from the mid 80's yesterday to currently 48.  With that wind it gets uncomfortable to walk around my garden in my usual shorts.  It is downright cold.  I had started feeling some significant discomfort in my back yesterday and the wife says 'there is a cold front coming.'  That is her standby for every ailment that comes along, or so it seems.  My body never seems to correspond to the weather like she seems to think.  But I have no explanation for these new aches in new places.  I did nothing unusual to bring on these aches but at my age it could be anything.  The pain got me out of bed earlier than I wanted and the stiffness on rising was significant.  My usual stretching was torture.  Motrin became and immediate need.  

We both had plans for today.  She was supposed to go with a friend to help her at a show in Wimberly to repay a similar favor.  I was going over to the church house for a work day.  Her plans got cancelled and I was just too stove up to go to the work day.  I would have paid the price even more later.  I am not so sure she isn't right about the weather thing, this time.  

This coming week K will have an MRI her gastro doc wanted her to have.  Then a scoping in May.  He wants to see if there is or isn't something else that can be done to prevent any similar issue that required her emergency surgery in December.  This all comes on the recommendation of the surgeon who had his hands all up inside this area.  He couldn't determine what caused her gut to explode.  He thought it best to have this GI doc take a look.  Whatever it takes to keep her healthy.

My little fur buddy, Buster, is really starting to show his age.  We have taken him off his regular food, a diet type that kept his weight down.  But it appears to me he wasn't getting the proper nutrients since his fur has become very frizzy and dull.  So we are trying something else which can be a chore since he is so picky about food.  We found one right off that he likes very well.  Now to see if it helps him out and we can keep his weight down.  He definitely has weather related issues.

Keeping his weight down is critical since the heavier he gets the harder it is for him to get around and less energetic.  Although at almost 14, I'm not sure the food is everything that we need.  We had been having trouble finding this new food as the place we got it at was out for 3 weeks.  So we looked around online and found another pet place that carried it and had it in stock.  This place specializes in all natural foods etc.  After getting some info from us, they had some suggestions about things we could try.  Hemp Oil and Hemp snacks.  They gave us a couple samples of the snacks.  The jury is still out there, he is very cautious about new snacks.  I guess he thinks we are going to poison him lol.  I need to research this Hemp thing more.  It isn't cheap.  The oil is about 35$ a pop and lasts about 2 weeks.  I can't really afford to add a 70$/mo+ to our current budget.  Maybe I could keep some on hand for occasional use.  It's supposed to help with some of his issues.  One they mentioned was anxiety, I laughed and said 'Well it should, it's Hemp,' they smiled politely is all I got and explanation it didn't have 'those' things in it.  Well OK.  So I don't know if all this natural or holistic thing is a scam or the real deal.  I just want my old friend to feel better.

Happy Trails

Thursday, April 5, 2018


I have been trying to follow the news about this caravan of 1200 travelers heading to our Southern border from Mexico.  They are coming from various countries in Central America it appears.  I am certain they have been 'organized' by those that are opposed to President Trump's border wall or proposed immigration policies.  They are illegally in Mexico, and yet, what does Mexico do about it?  They hurry them along with various levels of support, just to get them out of their country.  They don't want them.  The various cities they travel through are also providing places to eat and transportation, whatever it takes to get them out of their city.  So the question becomes apparent:  Why does Mexico allow this to happen?  Why didn't they ship them back/deport them?  First off, most of Mexico is corrupt, on every level.  It is a way of life there and has been for centuries.  No one can ever really know how they justify their corruption.  They all look at it as a way of life and just go on.  Being as close to the border as we are and with the city near us still having strong ties to Mexico, you would be forgiven for thinking you lived in Mexico at times.  Does that sound racist?  I don't mean for it to be but I know I could never convince you otherwise if you believe I am.  You think differently.  But I digress.  

Now, many here are upset because the President has said that this caravan will be met at the border with the Military.  This twists the leftards to the max I am sure.  I understand that our Military has very specific laws that prevent them from various actions within the confines of the United States.  I am not versed on the 'posse comitatus' law.  But how can we allow what basically amounts to an invasion happen without meeting it with some form of force?  Now don't get me wrong, I don't espouse firing on innocent civilians coming into our country illegally.  I am not advocating the Military shoot anyone that crosses the border.  However, I would doubt these invaders would get across our porous border less easily or even be deterred by the sight of uniformed and armed military guarding our border.  Yes, it is a slippery slope, when would they be allowed to shoot?  Better minds than mine have to answer that.

On another note, the last couple days have been somewhat busy.  A dermatologist appointment to follow up on my skin cancer, I donated blood, a dental cleaning and then the regular things that have to get done.  I have been a little busier than I prefer, well, not really.  The doctor/dental stuff is always a PITB.  The dermatologist wants me in every 6 months for 2 years.  If this keeps up I will have every month covered for doctor appointments.  May already do if I add in K.  Sheesh, this getting old is not easy.  

Happy Trails

Monday, April 2, 2018

I Got Nothing

Seriously, I haven't posted anything since last Thursday and the old Brain Box is dry of new things to post.  Sorry, just not feeling it.  I have stayed away from the news sources mostly so I couldn't even give my thoughts about that if I had a mind to.  The good thing about that is less stressing over the crap that goes on with the rest of the world.  It's good for the part of my brain that gets irritated with stupidity.  I don't want to get worked up over things I can't do anything about.

This week I had hoped to head out and get some wildflower photos that this part of Texas is so well known for.  However, there are other things on the schedule that will probably deny us that pleasure.  First if a follow up visit to the dermatologist that removed my skin cancer.  Then a visit to the dental school for us both.  We have started going the this school to get regular cleanings instead of a a regular dentist.  Students that are in their 3rd year are getting experience with dentistry and it saves us a considerable amount.  I have no reservations about letting a student do this sort of work.  They have the professors right there to go over any work they perform.  The negative aspect is it takes much longer than a regular visit to a dentist and it is a long drive.  They are very thorough and the experience isn't bad.  However, we may have to reschedule due to K's persistent coughing etc.  A dental exam/cleaning would not be pleasant at all in her current state.  She is getting better but it is very slow.

Happy Trails