Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trying to Stay Busy

I have been trying to get a few small leather projects completed for Kim to have for her big Labor Day weekend push.  I try not to over do it to keep from having my neck regress from the progress the Chiropractor has made.  It also helps to keep me out of trouble with Kim.  She has been really hitting it hard.  Not only does she have the convention this month to provide crafts for, a previous BIG customer has contacted her again about providing gifts for about 30 of her clients wives at another convention by the end of this month.  She has to also provide ideas for her to choose from in a specific price range.  She is feeling the pressure.  

I don't know what to make of Trump seemingly taking a softer stance on immigration.  IMO his hard stance is what got him the nomination.  Not just on immigration, but his tough talk and telling folks where to get off in no uncertain terms.  Somehow something seems to have moderated his stance.  I think this will hurt him with his base.  Pandering to the Hispanics is my guess.  Maybe he won't hurt himself, to some of his base, he can do no wrong.  Not sure it will be enough to lose him the election.  He is one of the most polarizing candidates we have ever had in my lifetime, except maybe for hildabeast.  They both make me shake my head in astonishment.  But I get it, everyone is sick of insiders.

So Friday we get to see what the doctor thinks with the results of my new X-Rays, what progress he has made.  Until last Monday night I was feeling pretty good.  Then I seemed to have a major set back.  I hurt worse than I have since it started up over a month ago.  The doc is hoping it was just a one time thing and by the time I show up Friday I will be even better.  I hope so, I am not that optimistic anymore after 11 treatments.  Either way, Friday is most likely my last visit.  I'll just make do.  I can't keep this up, gets to expensive.

Much yard work is needed with all the rain we have had.  Grass cutting and getting the garden in shape for fall etc..  So I am headed to the gas station to get fuel for the mower and try to knock that out today.  Thursday I hope to get the garden squared away.

My E-reader is acting up.  I got one of the first Nook Colors when they first came out.  Not sure how long ago that was.  The battery is going toes up it appears.  There is no easy way to replace it, so it becomes a door stop.  I have been researching the Kindles and it appears, for the price, the Kindle Fire is hard to beat.  Then I have a friend who has offered me their Nook Color since they went to the Kindle.  She had issues with the Nook and never really used it.  I think I will take her up on that offer since I have so many books already on it.  I more than likely will have to go to the Kindle eventually.  Barnes and Noble really messed up with the Nook.  It could have been a big deal for them.

Happy Trails

Monday, August 29, 2016

Back At It

Trying to get back into some leather work the last couple days.  Nothing to tedious, just easing myself into it.  I don't want to mess up any progress the doctor has made on my neck and back.  I am sleeping much better and no drugs have been used to get me there.  This week is 9-12 treatments at the chiropractor and then we reevaluate.  Yes, I think he has helped.  Am I fixed?  No, not really sure he will fix everything and we won't have enough time to fix it due to him leaving the insurance network.  He wants me to continue anyway, but that ain't happening. 

I will try to have a couple new things for the wife to take with her for her last big push for the summer.  
A couple IPhone 6 & 6S cases-rubberized with leather insert.

Labor Day usually is pretty good to her with the last of the summer vacationers getting in one last fun time at the resort before school and work get going full bore. After that, her business really bottoms out.  She won't work at all during September other than a convention she has already contracted for.  She is very worried about that, more so this time than before since she no longer plies her trade at the other resort.   We have seen a significant change in the last week, business has dropped to virtually nil, so much so they gave her the option of taking Thursday off.  She availed herself of that since Monday had been so bad.  Too far to travel to make less then 25$ and spend four hours plus travel.  But it's been a pretty good summer for her after all, even without the other resort.

We attended the 80th birthday party of a lady I love dearly.  Was able to catch up with folks I hadn't seen in 30 years.  Geez, they got old.  These are folks that are younger than me!  What happened to them all?  Yes, I know, but seeing how some have aged was shocking to say the least.  It did me good, I don't feel so old now LOL.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You Don't Know Everything

Tuesday we attended a funeral of a Brother in Christ, friend and compatriot in a heritage organization I belong to.  I have known him for 20 years.  We had not seen each other for few years and when news of his passing came it was a bit of a surprise. 

It seems no matter how long you know someone, when you attend their funeral you learns some things you never knew.  It usually puts a smile on my face in that sad time.  It also shows that we can't know everything about someone that you don't live with every day.  Not sure where I am going with this, my thoughts are running rampant at the moment from seeing old friends I hadn't seen in an even longer time and meeting a couple new friends and of course thoughts about the departed and his wonderful sweet wife.  She is most likely the sweetest lady I have ever had the pleasure to know.  Too bad for us we didn't know more about him before he was gone.  That seems to be a consistent theme at funerals, at least for me.

The old friends were also members of the heritage organization and were trying to encourage me to return to our monthly meetings.  While having been extremely active at one time, there were things that were going on that just turned me off and my whole attitude changed.  Others lack of motivation and infighting took their toll on my desire to give what I had.  I have to think about coming back.  My whole attitude will need an adjustment.  I don't change easy.

Happy Trails

Monday, August 22, 2016


It seems the 'when it rains...' scenario is playing out pretty well with us this last week.  Not only with more rain than we need but with doctors.  Every other day is a visit to the chiropractor.  Today he finally gave me some exercises for my lower back.  We are at 7 visits, so I asked what can I expect since he goes off my insurance network in September.  This concerned him as he says he had planned on 12 treatments and then reevaluate.  This is much longer than his original statement of 6-9 treatments.  I don't think he is trying to screw me around, I think he has just failed to tell me his updated plan as he treats me.  He is probably not getting the results he expected as soon as he had hoped. (I am paying the price for letting this go to long) Typical doctor that gets to busy to remember every detail with every patient.  He has until the end of August and then I have no choice but to move on. 

We also had to take Buster in to the vet Monday.  He developed an ear infection that was driving him insane.  The poor guy walked around with his head tilted to on side he was so miserable.  The vet was full up when we called.  But they would try to squeeze him in some where during the day or the next day and it was full too.  This would mean a possible over night stay.  Not good for his separation issues.  The have a two hour lunch break, it appears they looked at him then and called for me to pick him up after 2 PM.  The meds for his ear were more than the entire visit/exam/treatment.  The cost is nearly the same for a regular doctor.  These meds must be administered 2 times a day for 21 days.  Sheesh.  Evidently the very moist air from all the rain had helped with growth of this infection.  

I may have to get a job to help pay for all this.  Nah, that's just crazy talk.

I am real curious how obama's trip to Louisiana goes.  What a jerk.

Happy Trails

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Even Wetter

On top of all the rain we had earlier last week, Saturday night we got 5 more inches.  So far we have gotten 11.4 inches in a week.  We expect more Sunday night into Monday.  It's all good, there don't seem to be any issues with the usual idiots that try to cross some flooded roadway.  If there are I guess I missed them.  I hope they are learning to not take that chance.  

Even though we have had a lot of rain, it ain't like what is going on in Louisiana.  Those folks are hard pressed to say the least.  My heart goes out to them.  I thought I would post some cartoons about rain, but it just doesn't seem right with the suffering they are enduring.

Happy Trails.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Not Sure I Understand

Oh wait, yes I do.

So the media bias becomes more and more apparent.  One such case is the incident with the Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte.  He and several other American swimmers were hijacked at gun point in Brazil.  For some reason a Brazilian judge didn't believe their story.  ( I guess he thinks it makes his crime ridden country ever worse?)  I won't go into that here, there is enough info out there if you want to look it up.  The (anti)American media has jumped on this story with both feet.  It seems they don't want to miss a chance to bash/jump on the (ugly) Americans that are the Olympic team we sent down there.  No thought that there are 2 sides to every story, and innocent until proven guilty is still a thing.  Let's just hammer away at every perceived flaw in the story that the Brazilians claim there is.  Isn't it strange they saw no flaw before the Brazilian judge pointed out his views?

Whether their story is true or not, isn't my point.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, or is somewhere in between.  It just seems they are portraying this in a way to make the Americans look suspect or untruthful and they tried to escape before the Brazilians could get their righteous hands on them. 

I ask you this, did any of this type coverage occur with hildabeast's email/server scandal?  Did they cast doubt on her veracity at any time during that coverage like they have with the swimmers?  Of course not.  We all KNOW just how horrible our young people that represent us at the games are, and how pristine the reputation of the clinton family is.  Why would any one think any different?

I am not trying to defend any actions by our athletes that may be wrong or unlawful.  But I would like to see the same zealous coverage of the left side of the aisle in at least an equal measure. Especially with something that is more serious than whether swimmer got mugged or not?  But we know that ain't ever going to happen.  

Ask yourself this question:  What do the swimmers have to gain by claiming they got mugged when it didn't happen?  I can't fathom a guess.  Why is this such a big deal to the press as opposed to our national security?  Yeah, I do know why on this last one.

Happy Trails

Friday, August 19, 2016


Actually it's more than wet if that's possible.  Everything is soggy from the rains we have been having since the 14th.  Everyday there has been some rain, from almost nothing to over 2 inches.  Since it started we have had 6 inches at my house.  Others nearby have had much more and some less.  The showers we have been getting are almost tropical in intensity.  It is a welcome relief as we had just entered the hottest part of the summer here.  The temps have fallen quite a bit never getting above 76* one of those days others in the low to mid 80's.  I can live with that and the rain came at a very opportune time for my garden and all the other flora and fauna in the area.  I read one forecast that says we should have cooler than normal temps into September.  Sounds good to me.

That is how it seems to go in this part of our state.  From one extreme to the other with the weather in a moments notice.  Over the last 9-10 years or so rainfall has been almost non existent in August.  In my memory, I seem to remember the closeness of Fall bringing showers/storms in August into September.  My memory may be faulty, but I hope it returns to that pattern for a few years at least.  

I have been pretty inactive since I started treatments with the chiropractor (he doesn't want me doing anything yet) and the rain just adds to that.  Thursday morning it hadn't rained over night so I took that opening to get out and cut the back yard.  I had let it get longer, it helps resist the heat and use less water.  With all the rain we are having it won't take much sun for it to really grow fast.  We haven't seen the sun one time since it started raining.  The grass was already so thick it left windrows of piled grass after I cut it.  Waiting another week, we would likely have lost Buster out there when we let him out.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Short Today

I am a day behind on this post by one day.  Saturday I was feeling really good with the back.  Sunday was a different story altogether.  It actually got worse.  Monday was another visit to the chiropractor.  He said he expected the weekend to be worse.  By next weekend I should be doing much better after a MWF treatment schedule.  Then we will evaluate where we are again to see how much if any further treatment is necessary.  I felt better after the treatment Monday almost immediately.  No exercise or leather work at least until the coming weekend.  He doesn't even want me to jump up and down for an Olympic wins lol.  I'm prepared for whatever he wants.

The knife I had made for my leather work is here.  I can't wait to use this thing.  I will hold off on any serious cutting until I am done with the chiropractor..

Take a look at this beauty.  Carbon steel and ebony wood handle.

It is sharp enough to shave with. 

If you are in need of a great hand made knife of any sort, Stuart Davenport Knives on Facebook is who did this one.

Today we head into town to visit my folks, and maybe my brother and his wife if we can get them to go also.  We might take the time to go through those old photos they had me go through and put names on faces and maybe dates.  There are so many I doubt we would get through though.  I hope we don't keep putting that off until it's no longer possible.  They will all be in my possession one day.  It would be a shame to not know the stories.  But maybe I am the only one that really cares, or so it seems.

Happy Trails

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chiropractor Update

The Chiropractor had some information regarding my back that was surprising to say the least.  The X-rays showed my lower back (L1) vertebrae had either been broken or I was born with it being completely out of line.  I could see it myself on the X-ray.  He said that if he hadn't seen me walking when he looked at them for evaluation, he would have determined that the patient wasn't able to walk.  This type misalignment is caused by trauma or it was there from birth.  Everyone that has had a trauma event could pin point exactly when it happened due to the pain.  Also If I had had X-rays before, this would have shown up if it was there.  No real memory of a trauma event that I would consider painful enough for a broken back.  But I did get X-rays as a young teen due to a back issue I had never had before.  They evidently didn't see this IF it was there.

I had been hauling watermelon with my grandfather all one summer.  Just before summer football practice in August my back acted up to the point it was extremely painful to even walk.  I had experienced a blow the back at football practice a couple years earlier that gave me sharp sudden pain in that area.  But it subsided within a day. So I have no real idea if trauma occurred or it has been there from birth.  Maybe those doctors missed it completely back then.

He says he can fix my neck.  It should take 6-9 visits.  Yes, that's outside the 5 limit I placed on him.  But since I have already experienced some relief, I will continue.  That is encouraging.    I have spurs everywhere.  One is about to grow closed fusing the vertebrae in my neck.  He can help it, for a while, when it closes, it is fused.  The lower back thing, he says he can't fix it.  It's been that way for a really long time.  But he is attempting to help it some.  I believe he has a little.  Moving that vertebrae that far will be a challenge. 

So this may become an off and on thing with the chiropractor.  An attempt to stave off the inevitable for a few years.  Ah well, it could be worse.  I am determined to not let this slow me down anymore than I have, that's pretty slow already.

Happy Trails

Friday, August 12, 2016

Oh What a Night

Oh What a Night, late September back in '63....Yes, last night was pretty good.  I had bought tickets to a concert downtown.  We didn't ever really celebrate our wedding anniversary in a big way for our 40th last year for various reasons.  So this was a 'make-up' for that.  We don't normally do this, one reason is the pricing is just not something we like to spend money on.  Well, I don't, the wife would go to everything she could.  So I splurged a bit.  We took in a performance by Frankie Valli.  More on that in a bit.

Also, downtown this time of year, it's much much hotter than where we are just 25 miles away.  It was still 93* at 11 PM when we left.  WE hadn't gotten to far out of downtown and the temps dropped 5 degrees immediately.  It is also pretty difficult to get around down there.  The rumor is that the streets in San Antonio were laid out be a drunk riding his burro in a blinding sand storm at night.  At least that's the legend.  It certainly isn't laid out to get around in today's world and there is little to no mass transit.  The only available being the city bus service that doesn't serve our area.  Those buses draws some undesirables I wouldn't expose my wife to anyway, especially downtown.

Back to the concert.  Most every knows who Frankie Valli is so I won't go into his history.  I had never seen him before last night, but have listened to his music since the early 60's.  You can still hear his music on any 'oldies' radio.  He has the most recognizable voice in music IMO.  We were wondering just how old he was.  He is now 81.  Doesn't look it at all.  And that voice, he still has it.  never missed a note and didn't fake anything.  Just incredible that he can still do that.  It was hard to hit those falsetto notes as a young man.  By the third song all my reservations about going to this, were gone.  I was pretty happy that I went, instead of letting the wife go with someone else.  My youngest son really wanted to go.  

See what I mean, just an incredible performance by a consummate professional.

The theater this was in is my favorite, as it is with most in this area.  I have nothing to compare it to, but for me it is pretty cool to say the least.  Quite decorative and has been around way before my time and still looks much the same.  It survived a period of it being converted to a movie house until someone got the brilliant idea to return it to an performing arts theater.  

A panoramic shot just before the show started.  Doesn't really do it justice.

I'm still humming all those Frankie Valli songs.  Yes, I have to hum, I can't hit those notes anymore.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


The chiropractor visit was pleasant actually.  He didn't do any adjustments yet.  Since I am using my health insurance there is an order of progression on how things must proceed.  The first visit is just a consultation.  The treatment doesn't begin until the next visit along with x-rays.  He seemed to be very thorough.  What you would expect from a Doctor at the least.  Well my experience prior to this was not at all similar and very lacking comparatively.  So I have a more optimistic outlook for the results.  I know he has his hands full with my neck issues.  Hopefully he can correct some of my problems if not all.  I don't expect miracles.  The next visit is Wednesday afternoon.  He warned me that I will be pretty sore afterward.  I will hit the motrin.  

The wife and I have a special 'date' for Wednesday evening.  I bought tickets to a concert by Franky Valli.  She is a big fan.  I just hope I can sit in those seats somewhat comfortably after my treatment and the soreness isn't too bad.  This is a delayed wedding anniversary gift to ourselves.  

The custom round knife I was having made has been completed.  I won't get it until Sunday.  I saw photos of it on the book of faces.  It looks like it needed my hands on it.  When the chiropractor found out I do some leather work, he frowned.  He knew it would be an aggravation to my neck.  The wife is already preparing for me to not be able to work on leather ever again.  I told her that won't happen.  I will just have to pace myself much slower.  I can't see ever giving it up completely, at least not in the near future.  I have to make that new knife pay for itself.  She is just looking out for me.  She remembers how bad it got previously.  I couldn't even shave my face without major trouble or button a shirt.  I ain't that bad yet.  Have you ever tried to shave with your non dominant hand?  It ain't easy.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I Gotta Do Somthing

I have been struggling with neck issues for the last 10 years or so.  It's an off and on thing.  It's tolerable most of the time and Motrin takes enough of the edge off to sleep well enough to get me by.  The last couple nights, not so much.  I try to limit my intake of the pain relievers and last night I went without since things had been feeling a bit better.  BIG mistake.  I woke up much too early due to the muscles thinking they needed to let me know they are still there.  Along with some other lower back issues I have had recently, I decided I would go against my general approach to chiropractors.  They have NEVER worked for me, at all, except for that new fangled Arrositi therapy.  But that isn't what is going on here.  Consequently I have stuck it out as far as any issues I have had and avoided going to one again.  The last one was a charlatan to say the least.

The wife has been to the one I am going to before on the recommendation of some friends.  She was really messed up with her neck.  So much so you could see her head was offset to one side.  He fixed her up in about 4 trips.  While my issue is in my neck also, I think he may treat me somewhat different, if he can.  The last guy I went to for my neck wouldn't touch it.  I think he was afraid to.  Spurs and compressed discs probably made to much of a liability for him.  So instead of telling me that he couldn't help my neck he would do everything else he could do, but nothing for the neck.  He just wanted my $$.  Maybe afraid to admit failure.  He also couldn't 'pop' my back.  He says he did, but I know when it has popped or not.  I will give this other guy a try, and if it ain't better in 5 visits I am done.  You gotta be careful, they want you to come in once a week anyway.  They say it will help with your overall wellness etc.  Maybe, I am skeptical to say the least, and I don't have that kinda cash.  I want it fixed and move on.  So 10:30 Am Tuesday is the appointment.

I was eventually diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my neck by a neurologist.  I guess just too many hours leaning over a drafting table holding up my huge melon.  Another reason to be worried about what they might do to my neck with any manipulation.  Pinched nerves there lead to too many other issues.  I have heard the horror stories of a neck adjustment resulting in paralysis.

So this will curtail the leather projects I had on my list for the wife.  It seems that sets off my issues with my neck faster than most anything else.  It's similar to working over that drafting table I guess.  Not fun when that is your passion and you aren't able.  It will be hard not to keep from sneaking in a little project since it sits there on my work bench calling my name over and over.

I got a new compressor for my airbrush too.  So that also wants me to try it out.  Here it is next to the old one.  Look at the regulator just above the red ring, you can see where it broke off.  Compare that to the one on the left.  The new one is the next step up from the old one.  It was the exact some price, since it had free shipping and the other didn't, so why not?

I don't want this to sound like I am in some sort of disabling pain and am a whiny woos.  It's not as bad as it may sound.  I have put up with this for 10 years and when I am not in bed it's not much trouble at all.  But it has finally gotten to the point that I am putting my trust in a science that hasn't worked for me.  I am documenting this for my poor memory.

Happy Trails

Monday, August 8, 2016

What the...

Have you ever found something of yours broken, and you have no idea how or when it happened?  With my leather hobby, part of the process is dying or staining the leather to the desired color.  Most of the time this is done by hand with various types applicators and can be a big mess dependent on what you are trying to achieve.  This method can also lead to inconsistent results.  I had seen some results that others had on their leather work that I really liked.  The colors faded or graduated.  It can be a striking effect.  With a little research, I discovered these folks would use an airbrush to achieve this effect.  An airbrush and compressor kit was soon obtained as a Christmas gift, thanks to my oldest son.  What a difference that has made in the consistency of my leather colors and also being able to make that 'fade' effect.  Almost everything gets the 'fade.'

The latest leather projects were going to be stained using the airbrush method with a bit of fade thrown in.  As I began at the work bench setting up the airbrush (and spilling stain), the compressor shut off shortly after turning it on.  It does that, but this seemed shorter than usual.   As I tested the spray pattern, nothing came out.  Then just a small amount.  OK, the airbrush didn't get cleaned properly.  Took care of that and, still nothing.  Checking the compressor revealed that part of the regulator and broken off.  As I inspected further, the broken piece was internal.  It appears it may have been cracked at one point and the huge spring inside eventually made it give way.  It's all I can think of that may be what happened.  It had been quite a while, maybe a couple months or more, since I last used it.  I don't see any indication where it was damaged by an outside force.  All I can do is shake my head and say 'what the..'

So I resorted to hand application.  Not at all what I intended for this holster. 

The heat makes the stain I had to use dry faster than I wanted it to.  So it gave it a mottled effect on the skull that I thought was appropriate but messed up the webbing IMO.  Also the back side is not as even as I would prefer but it goes with the pattern OK.

A new compressor was ordered that same day.  Not what I wanted to spend money on at this point.  This last month has been an expensive month.  The timing isn't right, but I need this to meet my expectations.  At least that is what I am telling the wife.

Happy Trails.

Friday, August 5, 2016


While we were out running errands earlier this week the grocer had some tomato plants ready to go.  I picked up four to try and get a few before the first frost sets in.  With the heat and dry conditions we are experiencing, I will have to pay closer attention to them, so they don't die on me, than I did my mature plants.  They are already in the ground and fertilized.  Now if I can keep these tender plants from burning up we should have a crop of tomatoes by late fall.  They won't be near as productive but it's better than store bought for sure.

I still need to find some onion plants but I won't plant those until mid October.  No frost issues with those and they will be ready to go by late May or early June.

I do need to do some prep work on the garden.  The Bermuda grass has taken over one end of it.  I tried for a while to keep it out, but it is very hard to get the root out when you pull it.  Consequently it comes back, and soon.  The heat beat me into submission and kept me from continuing the grass pulling.  So I will get the weed eater out and cut it down to the ground and then cover it with the black plastic.  That does a real good job of killing it off.  It will come back since it is in the middle of the back yard, I can't kill the grass up to the edges of the garden plat.  It would look really bad.  It's the lazy mans way of dealing with weeds/grass.  I admit it.

I have been working on some leather from those kits we got the other day.  One holster is finished.  It's a minimalist style.  Not bulky at all and fits a large semi-auto.  I really like this style.  I may need to make one for my 1911.  I didn't tool any designs on this one.  Just a plain holster, nothing fancy.  I love to tool on leather, but this may sell a bit faster.  Won't have to worry about whether the design is appealing to anyone other than me.

 Same holster, one is taken with a flash

The other one will have some tooling on it.  It is a pattern I picked up from a class I took.  The guy that taught the class said this design is his biggest seller and gets requests for it all the time.  This is pre-stain an pre-assembly.

I have a brisket in the freezer that needs to be cooked/BBQ'ed.  I gave the wife some options on what to do with it.  I was about to give details of this but deleted it.  It sounded like I was bragging.  While being Texan, bragging can come naturally, there are things I try to stay quiet about and not blow my own horn.  You will just have to wonder.

Happy Trails.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Tuesday was a busy day for such a sedentary old man.  The wife had mentioned she had been getting a few requests for leather holsters for semi-autos.  She has a couple for revolvers I had made.  Since she is selling them retail they are made generically by barrel length alone.  Since I don't have any idea what type holster would be needed for a specific gun in this situation, I can't form them to fit, unless it's gun I already have, which is unlikely.  So I just make a 'generic' holster that will fit most any with the appropriate barrel length.  She has also been selling a certain type leather cuff rather quickly.  So a trip to the leather store was added to the errand list.  We bought a bit more than we have in the last few visits. We stocked up on several kits of various items.  I have been resorting to kits lately as I am out of suitable leather and it's not a good time for a large leather purchase with things moving so slow these days.  Kits are quicker to make but are more costly so it cuts the profit but I also spend less time.  While we are talking leather, my custom head/round knife should be complete in a few days.  I am excited about that.  

After we finished at the leather supply store we headed over to Costco for our monthly stock up and to the grocers.  I have been having a few minor issues with the hearing aids I got from Costco so I went by to see what they could do.  I have been experiencing some feed back in the right one when I listen to any type music, mostly on high notes even with the TV.  The other was experiencing some power issues.  It would just cut off and then on from time to time.  I expected to have to leave them and pick them up another day.   They were able to fix them within 10 minutes.  They have always been really helpful and none of it costs me a dime.  They have a full 2 year warranty.  If you are considering hearing aids, I highly recommend Costco.  If you aren't a member, the membership would be worth your while just for the hearing aids.  These are about 1/3 the price of any of the hearing aid stores and are just as technologically advanced.  

By the time we got home we had spent a ton of cash and my butt was dragging.  I am just not as up to speed with my stamina since my surgery, even a year and a half after.  Yeah, I know a lot of that is from sitting around most of the day and I have become adept at making new excuses.  But when cooler weather gets here............

Happy Trails

Monday, August 1, 2016

Are You Ready?

I have thought a long time about posting this.  In fact these thoughts are in my mind much of the time these days and have been for years but to a lesser degree.  However, I try to keep from telling 'things' mostly for privacy and there are some things that others have no need to know about.  I surely don't want to draw attention to myself from unwanted sources, individuals or a specific 'organization.'

I keep reading more and more about how concerned others are in regard to what is happening in our country.  Not only that, but in my limited contact with others it seems the conversations tend to go the same way.  Folks are scared of what they think is inevitable due to the direction our country, and the world for that matter, is heading.  They have no positive outlook at all, despite the imposter in the WH telling us things aren't as bad as everyone says they are.  Just the fact the he felt it necessary to address that should give concern.

From financial collapse, the Russians (tongue in cheek), wack jobs doing something even more crazy than already has happened, muslim treachery, electrical grid failure for whatever reason, to out right rebellion, that is what I hear/read.  No one has hope for their future.  These things come up in everyday conversation.  It's sobering to say the least.

Folks are starting to take measures to be ready for some or all of the above.  Folks that would never have thought about doing so before.  You can see results just by the runs we have had on ammunition and its lack of availability at times not to mention firearms.  Storing food, learning new skills of food preservation, food growing, medicinal foods etc.  the list just goes on and on.  There are plenty of websites that are dedicated to this sort of thing.

There are and have been TV shows dedicated to 'prepping.'  I never watched any, so can't really comment on what good they actually were if at all.  I have known a few, but they have done this for years and years.  It seemed to be part of their 'make-up,' I pretty much ignored it and them.  I never thought beyond that, other than to think, 'it takes all kinds.'  I surely didn't think bad of them and wished I had some of the impetus to get me going in that regard to a lesser degree.

We never really considered it a necessity to think that way ever, until 8 years ago.  Actually I take that back, it started even a bit earlier, during what we saw happening with the populace in NO during and after Katrina.  That was an eye opener me.  We certainly weren't prepared to defend ourselves properly if something like that happened here. 

Being this late in life it was a daunting task to think we were so far behind being prepared for some sort of disaster/event.  Not to mention the financial outlay necessary to get somewhat up to speed.  Then as things progress you learn more and more just how much you don't know about being self sufficient.  Physical and medical limitations also play a part in your confidence in being able to survive a major event.  We certainly have our limitations, I worry about my parents situation also. 

There are only so many things a person can control, and the sooner he realizes that the better it is for his state of mind.  Don't worry about those things you can't control, but stay vigilant, most of all keep your mind sharp and avoid the stress worry brings.  Stay locked and loaded.  

Most of all, Pray.