Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Hysterical Campaign

"to suppress the Confederate Battle Flag is actually a campaign to extinguish the South.  To get rid of people who are more traditional, conservative, and religious than it is now fashionable for Americans to be.  I believe Southerners are hated — and yes we are hated, and by people it would never occur to us to interfere with — because we are the last group of Americans who believe in freedom — who believe that not every sphere of life should be regulated by government.  The anti-flag campaign is nothing more than ethnic cleansing, which, as we know from history, often becomes oppression and then liquidation . . . .  If we are so bad, why have they never been willing to let us go?  Because they need their idea of us to keep up their self esteem in the American nightmare they have created.”

This above was written by Clyde Wilson and I got it over at this website.  There are a couple more links over there.

I have been saying this for at least 30 years.  It has just gotten more crazy these past few months.  It mostly manifests itself in my presence by those from somewhere else, making fun of the way we talk 

or say particular words, or how great it was where they came from and how we should do this or that differently, just like they did in that land they escaped from.  

It doesn't seem to bother them that they came here of their own free will and then attack us in these subtle ways.  Some laugh it off, others I have seen the derision in their eyes and heard it in their voice and manner.  I generally just laugh too, or maybe ask them why they are here if they hate it so.  They always, always answer that they had no choice.  More of that unintelligent logic.  I know they may equate it to their job moving them here and thus they had 'no choice.'  Almost every case it has been this way.  Well I call BS!  You ALWAYS have a choice, we haven't quite gotten to the point YET where we don't  have to take that job.  It's fear that keeps them from saying no.  That backbone they have that gives them the strength to bad mouth us needed to be used to say no to coming here, then we would all be happy.  But that's not true either.  Even if they weren't here, they would most likely be part of those that want us to change and be like them, regardless.

All of this to say this is Ethnic Cleansing.  They hate everything we believe in, God, Country, Freedom, Mom and apple pie.  It's no different from the other countries in the world that experienced it, but without the outright campaign to kill us, yet.  It used to be a subtle attack, not so much anymore.  

I refuse to be 'cleansed', in fact, it is making me less patient with them.  I will keep trying to be polite but I'm not going to be 'clean' enough to ever fit their mold.

No vacancy, yup.

Happy Trials

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I have to admit, my hearing ain't so good anymore.  In fact it has been bad for years.  I have a really hard time in large buildings and places with lots of other noise.  I can't hear most of what is said in  a normal conversation level in those type settings.  I also have to have the TV and radio much higher than Kim does.  

I find it frustrating enough that I scheduled a hearing test next week.  They will let you try out some new type hearing aids for 30 days, no charge.  Hopefully those things will help me out and reduce the tinnitus I suffer from also.

I have been around loud noises most of my life.  Mostly around highway construction, asphalt and concrete batch plants, trucks and machinery.  And then there were the railroads.  Not to mention that just standing around an interstate in heavy traffic is loud.  I did a lot of that in highway work.  You need to shout to be heard.  There was also the music played as loud as the radio or stereo would go in my car and the crazy loud concerts of my younger days.  Then there was all the bird hunting with all the shotguns going off.  We didn't ever think about our future hearing.  So shame on me.  Although there is a history of bad ears in my family.  A couple of my grandparents and my Dad were all really hard of hearing, not stone deaf but pretty close in certain circumstances.  I see my Dad sitting there when the family is together and he is basically isolated much of the time due to his lack of hearing.  I don't want that at all.  

Maybe they can help me out, but the costs of what I am being told by others my be prohibitive right now.  At least I will get an idea of what can be done.  

Happy trails

Monday, July 27, 2015

It is Hot, But It Could Be Worse

Not as hot as it has been.  Last year was pretty mild, this year seems to be pretty mild also compared to what it was a couple years ago when we set records for number of days in a row it reached or exceeded 100*.   So I don't want to complain to much, but hey, it seems to be what we do.  If it's hot we want it cold, if it's cold we want it hot.  We live on the edge of a desert, so we should expect it to get hot.  Usually the humidity abates some come July, but this year not so much.  It makes the warm weather much worse.  It can be worse than higher temps with the low humidity.  Although I haven't registered a 100* temp yet and I don't believe the weather geeks have either, the gauge on Kim's car is regularly well over that mark.  Reflective heat mostly. 

The heat is starting to affect my garden.  The tomatoes have noticeably slowed production.  The tomatoes that have already set, aren't getting as big either.  I have also noticed quite a bit of 'second growth'.  It looks like a tomato that has gotten too much water and split.  But that is certainly not the case.  I have done very little watering at all in order to avoid that.  So I am not sure what is causing that.  Consequently I am picking tomatoes now much sooner than I would.  Before they are really ripe.  I am doing this to try to avoid more of that split thing.  Sometimes it skins over and we are good to go.  Other times the bugs find it and it gets tossed over the fence where the deer hang out.

Happy Trails

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday....or is it?

I have been off a day or two all week.  Friday was especially bad.  I noticed that it happens when our routine is changed significantly.  Kim had a couple classes to teach that kept her out most of the day.  Just like she does on Saturday.  So I kept thinking Friday was Saturday and then would remember that it's not.  A couple other minor things added to the confusion to make me think it was Thursday.  Don't laugh, you'll get there too one day.

Happy Trails

Friday, July 24, 2015


Tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes.  We have been blessed with an over abundance.  We have given away hundreds, literally.  In fact I will be giving away 5 more bags soon.  Most of them are the small yellow pear tomatoes.  Great for snacking, just pop them in your mouth.  I only have two of those plants and they have taken over the garden, squeezing out every thing else.  I think they have slowed the growth of all the others due to their proliferation. 

We still get plenty of the larger size tomatoes, but not anywhere close in comparison to the pear tomatoes.  We haven't given away many of those at all.  Even with eating tomatoes at almost every meal and giving so many away, we still have more than we can consume before they go bad.  We haven't learned canning yet, we were waiting to determine if this gardening venture would go far enough to get us interested in canning.  We probably will can some next year and invest in the appropriate pots etc.  

"Randy, what do you do with all the other tomatoes you can't eat or give away?"  One word,  SALSA!  

In this part of Texas, salsa is one of the 4 basic food groups.  The others being beef, tacos and of course corn chips for the salsa.

I have been experimenting with the flavors.  Don't really have it perfected yet.  I don't change it much, just vary the amounts of lime/wine vinegar or leave it out completely.  

Those yellow tomatoes also make the salsa look kinda weird, but the taste is the same.  Even the red tomatoes are making an orange looking salsa since I add so many other ingredients that change the color i.e. yellow peppers and cilantro.  Now I have enough salsa stored in the freezer to last me a few days.  My salsa is also thick and a bit chunky, not that watered down fake stuff you get at some of those wannabe restaurants.

Just talking about this has gotten me the urge to go have some with chips.  

Happy Trails.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

War Birds

Spits, Mustangs, Jugs, Corsairs and more

Your welcome.

Happy Trails

Avoiding News

I have been making a concerted effort at avoiding the network news.  You might think I am just sticking my head in the sand.  You would be right in a sense.  Most of what I am avoiding is the idiotic politics and the outrageous political correctness.  It gets my blood pressure up to places it shouldn't be and I let it eat at me much to long.

Most of the politics are just sound bites anyway.  You never get the whole story either.  No real substance.  Especially with the current GOP leader.  He is fooling a lot of good people.  But it shows how shallow we have become, when just sound bites can sway your thinking. 

The following is what I see happening.  

"Conservatism has a problem.
This problem seems to be metastasizing rapidly, and we’ve seen it manifest itself at numerous points in the last few years. It always goes like this: Some person comes along and says, like, one thing conservatives agree with, and next thing you know he or she is being hailed as the right wing messiah, and all who oppose the new savior must hand over their conservative membership cards and be cast out into the desert. It doesn’t matter if this savior is dishonest, frivolous, obnoxious, fraudulent, inarticulate, embarrassing, or for that matter profoundly liberal. All they have to do is vaguely plagiarize something conservative pundits and politicians have already said a million times since Sunday, and their status as right wing folk hero will be cemented. Indeed, even the conservatives they plagiarized must now bow or be forsaken."
Read the rest here, Matt Walsh has another well thought out column.  It's worth your time.  And if you're a Trump supporter, you really need to read with an open mind.  You just might learn something about this so called conservative.  He's a sheep in wolf's clothing.  He has no principles other than money.   If you have fallen for what Trump says, you really should consider these words and do some of your own research. 

Happy Trails

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dog Days

It is that time in Texas.  The hottest time of the year.  

However, it isn't near as hot here as it has been in the past.  We have yet to hit 100*.  This is a good thing.  We also had been in a pervasive drought for 5 years or so.  With the drought came water restrictions.  Those restrictions have been lifted, although we have permanent times we are allowed to water.  This is both good and bad.  It means I will be able to keep up with watering the landscape and not let it get too dry.  With the previous restrictions we could only water one day per week.  I got in the habit of watering that day without fail due to the drought.  That becoming a routine saved our landscape.  Now, I will have to watch the landscape closer to detect heat stress/lack of water.  I will have to develop that habit.  With all the rain we have had I had gotten complacent and some parts of the yard suffered.  Now I am trying to make up for it.

I have one of these bad boys.  If you don't have a sprinkler system this is the next best thing.

One day last week I was outside adjusting the sprinklers and the water company just happened to be out reading my meter.  He actually approached me.  I thought I was busted for violating water restrictions as I had not yet checked and it wasn't 'my day'.  At it turns out my water meter was giving him the exact reading he got last month.  He verified that it wasn't working.  He explained the process of what will happen.  They will average the last 2 months that it worked and last June/July/ bill for the same period and base this latest charge on that.  I guess the fact that I have not watered at all this year until that day won't show up and my bill will be considerably higher since I had an extremely high bill last year due to the drought.  From 10-20/mo to 200, sheesh.   I will see how it turns out, if I need to protest the amount.  The meter will be replaced as soon as they can get to it. 

It may be an entire month.  In the mean time, considering I will most likely be billed more than I actually use I will be more vigilant keeping up with the landscape.

With this heat and the humidity down at the coast we won't be heading that way as we would like.  It will have to wait until Sept. or Oct.  In the mean time I will work on some more leather items I have in mind and a few coin rings and try to generate a few $$. 

Keep Cool and Happy Trails

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quietly Seething

Rant warning, I usually leave the politics etc. to other bloggers as they are so much better at expressing it than I.  But, every now and then, I just can't hold it back.  This is one of those times.  I am not sure how it will sound to you, but it is probably much different in my ears than yours.  I make no apologies for my views.  If you are offended, so be it.  While I try not to be offensive to others, I'm done with watching out for others toes.  Mine have been stepped on plenty by those that disagree with me.

Dead Marines and now a sailor.  I have been quietly observing the events in Chattanooga.  Our worthless President made his usual sympathy comments.  You can pretty much tell what he will say word for word before he even says it.  It sounds like the same thing he has said over any such tragedy with our troops, if he says anything at all.  Then rushes off to be with his hollywierd friends or play golf.  He gets more animated and seemingly passionate about some young criminal that dies 'suspiciously.'  His response to the reporter that asked a question he didn't like had more passion.  Am I the only one that sees how goofy that looks in comparison?  I doubt we will ever hear another word about this event, unless of course he wants to defend islam or the muslim that did this. 

Just think about this, in the 60's plenty of people were afraid of JFK becoming president because he was a catholic.  Now we have this muslim apologist, a way of life that is not compatible with what America was founded on.  It is unbelievable to me that this jack wagon is still in office.  Not to mention most of the idiots that have been put in power.  Just think about this for a minute.  If some of these same things  that are ongoing with our government, restricting our freedoms and attacking American values were to happen in the early days of our republic, what do you think would have happened?  Our forefathers would already be shooting.  I am convinced of this.  In many ways we have already lost our country.

I truly believe this country is being destroyed from within.  We don't have to worry about another country defeating us somehow.  We will do it for them.  We need to stand up to the reality that is staring us dead on in the eyes.  The libturds are trying everything they can to make this country something none of us will recognize.  They do not believe in freedom at all and letting me live as I choose.  I once read an article about the Russian mindset.  They cannot fathom freedom for the individual, it is the one thing they fear more than anything else.  Does that sound familiar?  I fear the future for my children and grand children.  There may not be much left if anything by that time, and the time is short.

Most of my recent conversations have been focused on these things with no prompting from me.  So I know others minds are as much troubled as I am.  It's not just my close friends either.  I read enough blogs to know I am not alone in my thinking.  The thing that strikes me most is the tone has changed significantly.  Especially since the last idiotic rulings from the supreme court.

There will come a tipping point.  What that will be, who knows. You can only push a man so far.  For some, it is sooner than others.  But everyone has that point.  I am not even sure what mine is. 

I am just in a major funk about all that has happened recently and over the past decade.  It just boggles my mind.  With every little victory against my values, the winners get even more strident than they have been.  They get more idiotic and convoluted in their thinking.  I just don't understand that mindset.  (That is a major part of this, understanding those that attack you.)  Now it's not just about getting what they want, it's about rubbing my/our faces in it.  They want to humiliate those they disagree with.

My heart weeps...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I got nuthin'

The brain just ain't workin' very well in order to come up with a post worthy of your time.  Not that I ever do anyway.  Sporadic posting in the near future.

Until then...

Happy Trails

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Not Yet

No, we haven't day-tripped down to the beach as we were considering.  Errands that had been put off have gotten in the way.  Not a big deal really, heat concerns with little to no shade at this time of year, are an issue.  There are plenty of other places we can day trip to in the area.  We do have plans to have supper with some friends, this week, that have moved back into the area recently.  They are about an hour away farther into the Hill Country than we are and that will be a great time.

One of the errands we picking up our youngest son at the airport.  He had been at the San Diego Comic Con for the last 6 days.  

It is insanely crowded

 It is mostly a business trip for him.  He was able to make some new contacts that should help with promoting his new comic company and he almost always obtains more work.  He wasn't involved with exhibiting this year has he has most every time in the past.  

Did you know a lot of these costumed characters make their living this way?

That will probably change the coming year as his new comic company launches this year.  I would have expected them to have a huge launch at the Con to introduce themselves.  Apparently it is extremely expensive to exhibit there, not to mention a cheap hotel room runs in the 400+ range.  That really adds up after several days.  Not to mention you have to hire union labor to set up your exhibit once you get to certain parameters.  That all just adds to the cost.  

He also is involved in the Alamo City Comic Con that has become hugely popular.  This September will be the third one here.  It and the comic company launch along with developing his own comic series has kept him extremely busy.  And he will stay that way at least until the local Con gets done in September.  It's almost unbelievable how many hours he puts in each day/week.  It makes me tired to hear about it lol.  Oh well how many of us can say they are living their childhood dream?


Happy Trails.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Things have been pretty much routine other than Kim working her tail off the last two weeks.  Buster has his routines too.  He is pretty much predictable and expects certain things to go certain ways.

He and I go outside first thing.  He waits semi patiently as I get ready to go out.  He patrols the yard, says hello to the neighbor dogs while I check and harvest the garden.  He never really is unaware of what I am doing.  He doesn't want to miss going inside when I do.  Then he waits near me to see if I am heading to my office/work room.  I perch myself in front of this square headed friend and he plants himself between my legs waiting for the morning ear scratch.  

It's some how very calming and pleases me almost as much as him.  I guess it both give us the attention we need.  He's my buddy.  Even when the velcro attachment is a little much, I try to be very patient.  Whoever coined the phrase 'man's best friend' was very wise.

Happy Trails.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Fireworks, thunder and the beep the smoke alarm puts off when the battery is low.  Those are the only things that have ever put fear in Buster.  Never has backed down from a stranger, in fact I have to watch out for joggers other walkers that come up on us when we are out.  Especially the sneaky ones that come up from behind without notice.  He protects me more than I want him to.  In fact, in his frustration at being held back from doing his job he has jumped up and nipped at me on occasion.  I have lost a couple T shirts to this antic.  I spoke with the vet about this behavior as I did not want something to happen when the Grandkids are around.  The vet confirmed from my description what I suspected.  It was frustration from being held back.  He has always been very gentle with the kids, and tries to keep them safe.  Part of his herding instinct.  No one will harm these kids on his watch.  He will even protect them from me when I am rough housing with them.  It's all in fun but he is there to make sure.

Last night, late, while watching the idiot box, I thought I could hear some wayward fireworks.  Not many at all, just 4-5 pops.  Just barely audible to me, had to ask the wife if that's what it was.  Buster didn't flinch.  I thought he must be getting a little less afraid of them.  An hour or so later it was time to let Buster out for his last patrol of the yard and do his business.  I have to at least go out on the patio back steps.  He thinks that I need to watch him or I might go back inside without him.  He has his quirks.  I look around and no Buster.  He is standing in the door with just his head out, watching me.  He usually tries to beat me out the door.  I can't coax him out, uh uh, ain't happening, no sir.  He heard those fireworks after all.  They weren't fooling him again like they did on the 4th.  That time everything had quieted down and out he went.  One random loud pop sent him scurrying back inside prior to business.

Both of the next mornings had no issue with him wanting outside with out me.  Silly boy.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

More Thoughts About 'MURICA!'

Our Country.  It's always much on my mind, especially the way things have been going the last 8 years or so.  I posted a link to Matt Walsh the other day and his thoughts about "Our Great Nation".  It wasn't very postive, pointing out many issues we have failed on.  But he nailed it.

"It’s never been more popular to beat up on America. Almost daily, there seem to be news stories highlighting our lack of patriotism. Last week, a Gallup Poll revealed that fewer Americans than ever are “very proud” to be American. This week, pop superstar Ariana Grande was shown in a viral video where she said, “I hate America. I hate Americans.” 

To read the rest, go here: this link

 'MURICA!  Happy Trails

Friday, July 10, 2015


Kim was relating a story to me about a friend that provides care for her Mother.  The Mother is very sweet to the doctors that treat her and everyone else, to the point she accepts everything they tell her without question, even when she should have more treatment and they tell he she is done.  This is frustrating for Kim's friend.  The Mother will argue with the daughter about things like this but accepts it from people she doesn't know. 

Kim and I started discussing this briefly.  She had seemed perplexed as to why the 'Mom' would accept anything a stranger told her, yet argue with her daughter.  Apparently it happens with other people too, not just the doctors. 

My view of it was and is that that is pretty common.  I know I have a tendency to be very patient with others doing their jobs, often at my own expense.  I look at it as if it was me doing a job, how would I want to be treated, they are just trying to do their job.  I know I often put up with more than Kim would and I think she is very patient.  Of course, unless you do something extremely dumb on the road near me. Yeah, that ticks me off pretty quick, but I'm getting better.  But that usually doesn't get related to the 'dummy.'  Kim is the one that hears my rants not the other driver, usually.  So her take would probably be different lol.

I also realize I am less patient when it comes to Kim and every day things, our regular interaction.  We both admit we are less patient with each other than we are with others/strangers.  We both realized and came to the conclusion it shouldn't be that way at all.  We know this deep inside us but never really voiced it.  Well at least not when we weren't pissed at each other lol.

It seems much easier to get upset with a loved one, and express it over certain things, than it is with others at times.  I think it is the familiarity (root word family?) that allows us to be this way.  We are much more familiar with family and thus comfortable to say what we think.

I am pretty 'old school' if you haven't realized that by now.  There is a person inside that is 'public,' the person I want the outside world to see.  It's not a lot different than the private person, but I have my guard up.  I try to be polite, courteous, and considerate.  Yet while I am not overtly friendly, if you speak I will too, and may even stand there speaking more to you than you may have expected.  I generally don't initiate a conversation with strangers, it seems to get me some strange looks at times.  Kim has no trouble with doing that regardless of any sideways looks.

Why is it that we can treat the love of our life worse at times than we would other folks?  There is no way in my mind this can be justified, but it happens, way more often than it should.  Familiarity and feeling a bit too comfortable with others is a good thing most times, but not at the expense of our loved ones.  It's something I will make a conscious effort to improve on.  But even then, that familiarity thing keeps getting in my way much to often.

Happy Trails

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Last Push

For the last 1.5 weeks Kim has been hitting it hard at the resort.  She doesn't go on Wednesday and Sunday.  But she spends at least 12 hours at two resorts on Saturday.  It has been 'so so' except for this past Saturday, and yesterday was pretty good too.  She has just 3 days left until she is back on just Saturday working both resorts.  She needs a break.

She is on constant lookout for new crafts ideas for the kids.  While that may not seem to hard, she tries to incorporate these crafts with the beads she uses for her jewelry.  She is very diligent in her searches.  Sometimes, like the latest, will require my help, using my scroll saw over and over.  It's not real detailed like some scroll work requires, but it could turn in to very many items.  Maybe I can teach her to use it LOL.

When this rush time is over, I think we will head down to the coast, Padre Island, and just sit on the beach for a couple hours.  Heat is a big concern this time of year, so we will be very mindful of that.  It's about a 3.5 - 4 hour drive.  Day trip distance.  It is a much needed break for us both.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The New Craft

That's what I am calling it right now.  I have mentioned this a couple times.  It hasn't developed enough for me to feel comfortable calling it a skill.  

Coin Rings.  I find this very fun.  Kim thinks she can sell them with her wares.  They will be pretty cheap to begin with.  They still need a little more refining.  I have been given some good feedback from others I have gifted with these.  

Every little step reveals the need for another tool.  It can be done without some of these tools, but these extra tools adds a more professional edge/look and make it much easier and with less goofs.  I have a small arbor press coming tomorrow that should really help with the finished look.  I had been using a hammer and doming block and vise to do it's job with mixed results.  A propane torch was another tool that really helped with the progression.  All in all I have probably spent around 200$ getting geared up for this.  Not very much at all.  However, making the money back will require a lot of quarters to be turned into rings.  There are some issues of sizing, which type of quarter i.e. state, date etc.  Just having enough on hand to meet a lot of expectations, and finding the right ones that are in good enough condition.  It should keep me busy.  Yes, the leather work had been put on the back burner but not abandoned.  I enjoy it to much to do that and I have plenty of time to do both.

I would like to show you photos of some of the rings I have produced.  I haven't quite figured out how to show the detail I from others that have done this work and posted the results.  I can hardly see the details with my eyes so the camera really needs to zoom in tight and still keep it focused.

Happy Trails

Monday, July 6, 2015

Our "Great Nation"

An excerpt of a great article...if your not familiar with Matt Walsh.

"Here’s the truth: I am not happy with this country, and you shouldn’t be, either. I am disappointed in it. It disgraces itself. It turns from God. It kills its young. It attacks the family. Am I supposed to pretend otherwise just for the sake of being festive? While Michelle Obama felt pride in her nation for the first time recently, I am more and more developing a deep anger at it, and I think it’s time I admit that out loud. I’m a patriot, but to borrow from Chesterton, a patriot who is uncritical of his country while it teeters on the edge of total destruction is like a son who doesn’t warn his mother that she’s about to fall off a cliff. In this case, however, we already fell off the cliff. We are shattered on the rocks below, and I’m truly not certain if we can be repaired."

Go here for the entire article.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th 10 years ago

This was our 30th Anniversary celebration in DC

We even had live music, a non PC song  :)

Happy 4th and Happy Trails

Friday, July 3, 2015

40 Big Ones

Tomorrow.  It's hard to believe it has been that long that my beautiful sweet bride said "I DO."  Yes, July 4th, 1975.  At the time it seemed like a good idea to get married on that date.  It would have been a different date, but there were several couples that we ran with that were all getting married that summer and that was the first date (weekend) that hadn't had a wedding in 2 weeks.  We surmised that we would both be off every 4th, so it was a good thing.  'Well how'd that work out for ya?'  Well it hasn't been perfect.  Almost every place we tried to go to for a nice meal was usually closed back then (not so much now).  Vacation spots are always way to crowded.  Anyone else that might want to celebrate with us, already had plans.  We usually had some sort of fireworks anyway.

Back in 2005, our 30th, we wanted to do something special.  My first idea was, since it's July 4th, why not Washington D.C.

Be sure to click on each picture for a better view.

Neither of us had been there and we knew there would be fireworks on the Mall just for us.

We celebrated with about a million of our closest friends.

So we planned a long vacation that would take in various sites along the way.

And I was politically incorrect.  I posted colors at the Texas  Monument.

And visited a friend at Arlington.

It was one of the greatest vacations/anniversaries ever.

This 40th was supposed to be another 'special' one.  We had started thinking about it two years ago.  I wanted this one to be better than the 30th.  We kicked around some ideas, the kids even thought they would go with us as we have had great vacations together in the past.  This was sounding better all the time.  The problem was deciding just where.  We all had different ideas. 

Things started going South with that idea almost immediately.  Kim had to have surgery.  I had to have surgery later.  Kim's resort issues cropped up, on and on.  You get the idea.  Consequently, this year there won't be any big deal celebration or trip.  The kids soon forgot about it and have never once mentioned it since.  And to top it all off, Kim is working both resorts the entire day.  Not even a cheap meal out it appears.  But, I will still get to see my sweetie, the Love of my Life that morning and she will be coming home to me.  I am blessed by her presence.  I won't let the bad out weigh the good.  I thank the Lord every day for the gift I have received.

Maybe next year.

Tell the one you love, now, not later.

Happy Trails

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Kim has been hitting it hard this week.  The main resort she plies her trade has asked her to come everyday for two weeks.  She won't do EVERY day, she will take off Wednesday's and Sunday of course.  It is a chance to make up a little of what she has lost by their miscommunication I went into a while back.  They are booked heavily during that time and they want to provide more entertainment to the guests.  I also believe they are throwing Kim a bone due to their foul up.  Whatever it is, it is welcome.  It won't cover the losses at the rate it is going but we are still grateful.

I also mentioned a while back I was trying to learn a new skill/craft that might enhance Kim's inventory.  It's been a disappointing struggle, until recently.  I think I am finally over the hump, still more to learn but I have to do that OJT if you will.  Experience will be the teacher for the most part.  U TOOB has been the source for the most part.  At every step, I learn it's not all that meets the eye and it is never as easy as those guys that are showing how do it.  They don't cover everything in one video either, there are quite few more steps than I thought in the first place.  I was pretty naive it appears lol.  And it is costing me more than I had thought too but it's still not to bad all in all to get geared up.  Hopefully I can get a few of the results to show here soon.

Happy Trails.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


You have probably read the book.  It's been many years ago that I did.  I didn't read it as a political thought back then as a young teen.  It was done out of reading pleasure.  Never giving one thought that it would come true in my lifetime.

I believe we are now living 1984, the book and what the political statement it made was/is.  Not only is Big Brother watching our every move, remember NSA watching Americans phones, they are attempting to control our thoughts.  I wouldn't at all be surprisde that I am on some government watch list, and you may be too since you read this.  In fact, with my 'profile' I am sure I am, see my post yesterday.

With every supreme court decision, or policy change via the executive branch or legislative, they are telling us how we are to live our lives.  It doesn't matter any more if our country was founded on the principles of individual Liberty.  You must fall in line and follow along with the the dictates of Big Brother, regardless if it violates your conscience, religious beliefs and principles.  You must acquiesce or suffer the consequences.  They will take your livelihood and your freedom.  Next will be your family and your life.  The first two have already happened and are happening, the last two, do you doubt they are that far off?

This quote from that book is certainly true whether you agree or disagree with me.  "Who controls the past, controls the present.  Who controls the present controls the future."  They want to rewrite history and thus our present and our future.  This is a battle for the control of minds.

Will we allow our future to be controlled?  It's not looking good at this point.

On another note, yesterday was the 9th anniversary of me walking away from a job I liked.  Political intrusion changed the way we did business many years prior and I finally gave up.  Haven't regretted that a single moment.  You can't even recognize the place anymore. 

Happy Trails