Monday, July 31, 2017

First of the Month

Lots of errands to run today.  Credit Union, Costco, grocery, leather store.  Nothing really fun for sure.  Spending money and time is about all it adds up to.

The garden is having some problems.  The heat, as I mentioned before has reduced production considerably.  Bugs are taking their toll on the remainder and now some sort of white substance has started appearing on a couple of the plants.  I will jerk out the plants that have the white stuff.  They were pretty much done anyway.  And speaking of heat, yesterday was the hottest day we have had so far.  I don't know the temperature officially, but my reading was 5* higher than any other I have had this Summer.  I had 101 when it is usually 95-96 on my patio.  I could feel it was hotter than we have had also.  We just limit any outdoor activity during those times.

Happy Trails

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Old NFO said...

Don't blame you. The hottest we've had was 107, unofficially on my patio. It's 'odd' when high 80s feel 'comfortable'... sigh