Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Can't Get Started

I have several 'honey-do's' that I just can't seem to get enough motivation other than to think, 'oh yeah, I need to do that.'  I have a couple small rooms that I need to paint, the hallway that goes into the bathroom I recently painted (several months ago).  The washroom is another and the one I most dread.  It has the washer and dryer that will have to be moved, a pantry that is freestanding and then the water heater and some huge overhead cabinets.  That one has been on that list a looong time.  It is really in need of new paint and a good cleaning.  I also need to regrout the shower in one of the bathrooms.  It is not a little grout either.  It's pretty extensive and it's big shower.  Not to mention the garage is a huge mess and needs to be addressed but that will have to wait for cooler weather.  It is just too hot in there for anything productive.

The wife talked with Son #2 the other day.  He will be buying an engagement ring shortly.  He will be heading to the city where his young lady lives over Labor Day and the plan is that they will be officially engaged.  I assume she will say yes as she has pretty much said yes already.  This will be the formality if speaking with her Father and getting his blessing mostly.  Yes, he knows it's coming.

With the exceptionally hot weather we are currently having my yard is looking pretty poorly.  Water restrictions don't help.  We are currently limited to one day a week and only for certain hours.  Not enough time to cover everything.  So I just hit the critical spots and hope the other spots can survive until it's their turn or we get a little rain.  It is still a couple weeks until real chances of rain return. 
But it's not a sure thing here on the edge of a desert.

Kim and I are both working on learning some leather braiding techniques.  We both notice that leather braided bracelets etc. seem to be more in vogue.  So we will try our hand at that and see how it pays off.  It should work well with some of my leather work also.  Kim made contact at the resort with a wholesaler.  She is very interested in Kim's work with jewelry.  This wholesaler likes the fact that Kim's designs are very unique, one of a kind items.  She bought a good amount of items from her with the possibility of more in the future.  This could be good for the off months when she is not working at the resort.

Well, I gotta get back at the leather for now.  See what I did there?  Put off the other stuff again.

Happy Trails

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Old NFO said...

But you DO have things in the works... Just waiting on cool weather, right? :-)