Friday, July 28, 2017


Been a pretty busy day today.  Went and got my truck inspected and the oil changed then headed back into town to try and get that piece of glass I needed to replace the one I broke with the lawnmower. Yes, they had it ready to go and I got it installed and we are good to go.  Then I finished up the last wallet of three I have been working on.  A full day and it is just early afternoon.  

I woke up around 5 AM this morning and I had various aches and pains.  Not all that unusual except there was a new sharp pain in my hip joint.  I could hardly walk but made it to the Motrin and downed several of those.  I managed to get back to sleep after a bit and slept much later than normal. I guess I was making up for a fitful night of not sleeping well.  No idea what brought this new ache on, but I did without my usual exercise this morning just to give a little rest.  Maybe it is a touch of sciatica based on what I think I know.  

Tonight we head over to some friends house to say goodbye to a family that is relocating to another city.  Looking forward to the gathering but not the reason.  I can't talk much about what this family has been through and we shared their troubles and helped where we could.  This is a new a much more prosperous venture for them and I am optimistic.  The oldest son has just graduated high school and will be joining the Army shortly.  He could do worse by a long shot.  I think it gives him opportunities he wouldn't have had otherwise.  I hope I can keep my composure tonight.

Happy Trails

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Old NFO said...

Yep, getting old is NOT for sissies... Good luck with the gathering, and remember, they are only leaving for a better opportunity, not because they want to leave...