Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Yes, I said rain, and lots of it.  It's not all that unusual for this time of year but it is a week or two early.  We woke up to our weather alarms going off and telling us about flooding.  Surprised me since I haven't been paying attention to the news and weather.  We had plans to go to my parents today.  
However the rain is staying around for a while and part of the road over there has flooded.  The flooding is on elevated ramps that are around 100 foot in the air.

Not a good picture but those upper ramps are the ones flooded.

We have gotten 2.6 inches here at the house so far this morning with more on the way.  It is much needed here on the edge of the desert so I won't complain.  We will probably wait on going to my parents house.

Happy Trails


Joseph said...

Hmmm...I knew lived in the same vicinity as I do, now confirmed! We need the rain, but not all at once....

Randy H said...

Joseph...lol not too good at opsec huh? yeah it is a pretty recognizable photo. Thanks for coming by