Monday, August 7, 2017


The big city to the South of me has joined in the fray against all things Confederate.  There have been a few minor thing previously but this is the big one.  They have finally fallen into line with the rest of the PC crowd.  Whether they have just finally gotten the courage to act since every place else is doing something to get in the news or it's the new even more left wing mayor and city council that was just elected in May.  There was a small rally with a local blm group.  Then one of the councilmen picked up the ball and then another.  The blm rall was pretty small, less than 40.

They spout the usual claptrap and get more press than anybody else because it fits the media agenda.  
The city council has already voted to consider relocating it.  This monument is over 100 years old. 
This monument was rededicated on the 100th anniversary (I was there for that) and there were about 100 folks attending that.  

This monument has been in this park, Travis Park, named after the Alamo hero that happened to own a slave.  So I would guess the next step will be to rename the park.  It only makes sense if you use their line of thinking.  Then any reference to the slave owners and traders that fought at the Alamo etc.  It can go on and on and on.

There is a counter rally planned for August 12.  There are groups from all over Texas planning to attend.  I know there will be more than the blm turnout.  I'm on the fence about attending.  I don't really believe that rallies and such have much effect in the minds of those on the wrong side of history and that control the government.  They will do what they want regardless of how many or times protestors show up.  This in the city that plans to fight our governor about their Sanctuary city designation.

We are as divided in Texas as the rest of the nation.  The big cities, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and Libtardville is blue, very blue. the rest of the State is red.

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Old NFO said...

Sigh, those folks need to go BACK where they came from. We 'like' our lifestyle, not their PC one...