Thursday, February 16, 2017


We will be working on getting our tax information together today and for the next few days.  Most of it will for the wife to get her final things done for her 'business.'  That takes the most time.  She suggested that maybe we could do our own taxes this year using the forms from previous years as a guide.  She is thinking of saving the fee we pay to our tax man by doing it ourselves.  I am not to fond of that idea at all.  I did our taxes every year until after the first try with her business as part of the equation.  I even used that Turbotax and still wasn't confident in the results.  I am pretty sure we paid more than we would have had we used our current tax preparer.  She thinks it might be easier since she didn't make near as much as she has in the past.  After going through all the stress of trying to do taxes for a self employed business once, that broke me of trying that again.  Plus, with every year there are enough changes to mess things up enough that we wouldn't be able to use previous returns as a guide, at least I don't feel confident enough.  Until she gets out of being self employed, we will use a 'tax man' to get these things taken care of.

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Harry Flashman said...

I'm a retired accountant and I use a tax accountant. It's the best money you ever spent for a lot of reasons. Not least that if you get audited they get to go and you don't have to.