Monday, March 20, 2017


Today is my youngest Son's birthday.  It brings to an end and overabundance of birthdays we observe in our family.  Most are in February.  There are 6 in February and 3 in March.  One of the ones in March we no longer observe since that one has passed.  With birthday meals and a few gifts it gets a little burdensome at times.  We will meet Son #2 for an early lunch today.  He picked a place he loves to go but I am not too thrilled about.  Mongolian food.  It's really not bad if you get the right combination of sauces, but it is one of those 'all you can eat' places.  I usually avoid those no matter the type food.  Since it is a bit of a novelty they charge way more than I want to pay.  I also tend to overeat at the all you can eat places.  I don't think overeating will be a problem here.

I have been noticing lately the numbers of folks I know that are having some very trying times. 
Whether it is health, money, relationships, there just seems to be a lot of pain lately.  It seems to run in cycles.  Health matters are always an issue with folks I know.  Lately relationships have been in the forefront.  It seems good people can go crazy too.  I hate what it is doing to their loved ones.

I was trying to encourage a younger man that was feeling low.  Without specifics he said he had a really bad week.  Not that that is shocking, it's the person that said it that surprised me.  So my wisdom consisted of a few words, trying to put things into another perspective for him.  A lot of people are hurting right now, that we both know.  But no matter how bad we think things are for us, they can always be worse.  I was not trying to downplay whatever it was that was bothering him.  I just know that when I think things are bad for me, I try to remember how bad it is for others I know. 
It helps me realize how little my problems are.  Simple maybe, but it works for me.

Happy Trails

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Old NFO said...

Well, 'consistency' obviously ran in your family for certain 'events'... LOL
Re the troubles, I hear you. It's never easy and sometimes the best thing one can do is listen and offer a kind word.