Friday, October 4, 2019


I have the pit going today.  Have a brisket smoking, something I haven't done in a while.  No special occasion this time.  Just me and 'K.'  I bought a much smaller one this time but spent quite a bit more per pound by buying a 'prime' brisket.  I never buy the expensive cuts of brisket.  I buy the biggest I can find so I can't afford 80-90 bucks for a piece of meat.  I think the way I cook them evens the playing field.  I get a lot of compliments every time.  Always most, always tender and plenty of smoke.  This 'prime' cut was bought on a whim.  Smaller cut but paid as much as I do for the larger cuts.  Since it will be just the wife and I enjoying it the smaller ones were only prime cuts.  So I said 'why not?'  I will cook it my usual method and see if I can see if there is any difference in the taste etc.  I know the few times I have had other types of 'prime' cuts there is a significant difference.  It is not something we do often due to the price.  We are generally happy with the lesser cuts.  I'm out, gotta check on the fire.

Happy Trails

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Old NFO said...

Sniff... I really need to do another brisket now that the weather is cooling off... sigh...