Monday, September 30, 2019


The weather is all the talk here.  We have been experiencing record heat for this time of year.  They say September will go down as one of if not the hottest on record.  August was brutal also.  All this heat comes after a very mild May, June and July.  It's as if nature is making up for being asleep.  On top of the brutal heat this September it has been very humid also.  We woke up to 88% humidity with a prediction of more record heat today with a heat index of well over 100*.  Right now, as I write this, it is raining.  Much needed but will add more humidity.  If it doesn't clear off the temps will not reach their predicted highs.  It will still be pretty uncomfortable.  And yes, I washed and cleaned up the wife's car Friday after almost a year of neglecting it.  SMH.  

We had wanted to take a road trip soon after the rough few months we have had.  In fact I was just about to mention to 'K' we need to seriously think about when and where as she finishes up physical therapy on her foot in a couple weeks.  Planning ahead would allow us to leave ASAP.  However, I had opened my trap about teaching a class at our congregation.  I have a specific class and course I prefer, middle school age and what I call, 'What Does the Bible' say.  They usually have a curriculum that everyone is to teach from for the ages appropriate.  Since I wanted to teach my own material, they had only told me, maybe in the future, when the current chosen material is finished.  They were having trouble getting enough volunteers and so I was drafted and would be allowed to teach my preferred material.  I was told what I wanted to teach was close enough to the curriculum.  This will tie me up for the next 3 months.  So I guess unless we were to squeeze a road trip between Sundays, it ain't happening.
It would be too cold to go anywhere after that, at least until April/May, depending on the destination.  I still have my eyes set on the Grand Canyon area.  It's far enough north that it could still be pretty cold.  No, we avoid trips in the summer.  The vacation crowds of turistas really turn me off.  I hate to think we have to wait until the following October.

Happy Trails


Old NFO said...

Passing on knowledge is good. And teaching what the Bible actually says is good! Short haul trips during the week are much more relaxing too! :-)

Randy said...

Old NFO-short haul trips are an option, however we were wanting something out of state for a change. I may be able to get a sub for one weekend that would allow us to hit the road.