Sunday, September 15, 2019

Great News and Other Things

SS called me a couple days ago.  They had an appointment ready for my Mother and I to speak to them.  Only problem was, it was right then.  We were told they would call to set up a phone interview.  That would allow me to field the call on my phone and I would be at my Mother's house and help her with things she didn't understand or could not hear.  When I explained that to them, they said they had no other appointments available.  This one came open due to a cancellation.  If they could not speak with my Mother at that moment I would have to go through another 1 hour wait phone call to reschedule to get on their schedule.  Sheesh.  We found out there is a satellite office just a few blocks from her home so I made an appointment for next week for us to go in person.  Hopefully the wait won't be too long since my Mother has some issues that make long waits very trying and uncomfortable.  

I have gotten three bids/estimates for the tree work we need to have done.  I actually hired one of them.  They will get started in late October, around Halloween.  It's a really big job.  We have around 35 oak trees that I have done all the work previously.  It has gotten away from me and I can't keep up with it any more, other than just minor touch ups.  It is costing me a boatload.  The other bad thing is, it doesn't last.  I will get a ton of firewood out this and a roof that is clear of limbs.  That has caused serious issues in the past.  Along with general clean up.

We got 'K's' car back yesterday.  All is well and was not charged a single dime.  The mechanic spent a lot of time searching for the reason the check engine light keeps coming on and off.  Never found anything he could pin point.  So we will drive it as it is (no light at the moment).  He said it may come on intermittently and if it stays on for an extended period or has performance issues that I should call him.  He didn't try to sell me parts for him to hit and miss on.  I really like this guy.

Oh, the great news we got this week that I can't believe I almost forgot, we got a clean pathology report for 'K.'  No breast cancer.  Much relief and I just had to hug on her doctor when she told us.  

We have celebrated that good news a couple times this week.  Right after the news I took her to eat at her favorite Mexican place so she could have puffy tacos.  There were a few tears shed in a tender moment we had then during a prayer.  Friday the 13th of all days, was the day we met oh so long ago.  When we met it was a Friday 13th also and I tease her that it was a very unlucky day for me and that bad luck thing is is obviously true.  It was a great meal at a great BBQ joint in a neighboring town and we had a great time and came home and fell asleep in front of the TV.  We are so lame.

Happy Trails

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Old NFO said...

That's great news on all fronts! :-)