Friday, April 21, 2017

Fiesta San Antonio

Thursday was the start of Fiesta in San Antonio.  That's about 10-11 days of non stop partying and parades.  Most all of it happens downtown.  I never go anymore.  Just way too many people with most of them having consumed many adult beverages.  Whether you partake or not, you will get home smelling of beer.  With that many people and that much to drink there is the waste issue also.  I have heard stories, I would have to throw away my boots if that happened.

This it the biggest event in San Antonio.  Even bigger than the Stock Show and Rodeo.  There are at least 4 major parades.  These are not small parades.  They are all several hours long.  The Fiesta Flambeau is a night parade and it closes out Fiesta on the last day, a Saturday night.  I believe it is billed as the biggest night parade in the world.  It is a little over 3 miles long and has hundreds of entries.  I marched in it once.  Glad I did but never again.  There are anywhere from 300K to 500K that go downtown to watch that one.  It's mostly the younger crowd that goes down there with all their family.  If you have ever been to downtown San Antonio, you know parking is a problem even without a parade that closes access to streets and has that many folks crowded into it.  You used to be able to go down and and squeeze in to a place on the sidewalk and watch for free.  Not anymore.  Everyone cashes in on selling tickets to get access to seats along the route.  If you love parades, that one and the one on Friday at noon, the Battle of Flowers parade, are the ones you should catch.  they are pretty spectacular.  

The Flambeau in front of the Alamo

Yeah we compete with New Orleans for costumes

another of the night parade

One of the street parties

The River Parade

If you come, don't call me, you will have to go by yourself.

Happy Trails

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Harry Flashman said...

Looks impressive, but like you I think I'll pass. I'm long past the stage where I mix with crowds, no matter how jovial or well intentioned they may be.