Monday, August 15, 2022

My Garden and Something for you to Read

We woke up to the end of a rain shower surprisingly.  It delayed my walk with the pups about an hour.  I checked the gauge when I got back, only 0.20.  The results sure looked like more than that.  But we did a get another 0.50 a day or two earlier.  Not near what we need but it sure helps and I am thankful.  

The garden is crazy.  All I have are tomato plants now.  They are not producing a lot but I get one or two every day or so.  That's great.  The plants themselves are doing much too well.  There is so much foliage there isn't enough sunlight getting in and then there is the heat, so production suffers.  Most everyone I know has already pulled theirs out.  I will let mine go into Fall and I'll hope to harvest more then.  I will probably have to prune a bunch.  This is how they look now:

That's a little over 7' at the tallest.  

On to something else.  This should give you something to think about.  I think the writer hits it out of the park.  Please take a little time to read this article in the American Spectator by Melissa McCarthy.

Happy Trails

Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Wild Life

Actually just wildlife.  We have an abundance of wildlife in our neighborhood.  There are Whitetail Deer, Gray Fox, Raccoons, Ringtail Cats, Possums, Coyotes and numerous birds including birds of prey, Great Owls, various hawks.  These are the ones that I have actually seen.  Others here have taken and posted photos of Bobcats, Mountain Lions and porcupines.  Sorry no Chupacabras yet.  Oh and at least one wild Turkey many years ago in my back yard, beautiful.  

We live next to the Camp Bullis military facility.  It is huge and has many acres of undeveloped land that harbor a lot of this wildlife.  I am not sure how they get through that fence though.  

Deer are the most dense.  We could do without a few hundred and you most likely wouldn't see much of a difference.  As beautiful and fun to watch as they are they do present their own problems.  They will eat everything you have growing.  If you want a lush yard with lots of shrubs and flowers it will be a battle.  The deer will win.  Even the deer proof stuff gets eaten during years like this.  Then you feel sorry for them so you feed them 'deer' corn.  FYI, deer corn is just corn.  It's not formulated especially for deer.  They love it, yes.  But it is basically just candy to them.  It attracts them and you get to see them and feel good about helping the deer when they are hungry because, 'well gee, they were here first'.  Well guess what, you aren't helping them at all.  They get no nutritional value from corn.  You also make them less fearful of humans.  This is dangerous for the deer.  You'll have to think bout that, I won't spell that out for you here.  They also leave us a lot of presents in the yard.  You can't walk around out there watthour stepping in it if you're not careful.  With the yard as dead as it is now, it really shows up.  Taller grass at least hides it.  Luckily there is no smell most of the time.  Sometimes it's not so great.

This morning I found this little one, just born last night or this morning.  Can barely walk yet.  Don't ask how I know.

We have also had some issues with hawks in the trees in our yard.  They perch there and wait.  The feathers of their victims are there for us to see.  There were at least 3 running together when I saw them first.  Probably an adult and two young ones.  One was huge.  So we have to go outside with the dogs so they don't become a quick easy meal every time they want out.  I have no doubt that the big hawk could carry off Abby at 12 lbs.  Maybe not but I'm not ready to live with the idea she got eaten by anything.

Abby trying to boss me around:

Abby not happy I am trying to ignore her

Then there is the family of foxes I have seen the last month.  They have been seen playing in the front yard.  They are probably the ones marking the top rail of the fence with their scat.  Probably at taunt to the dogs barking at them.

Sorry no hawk photos they are too keen of eyesight for me to get close enough.

This is getting long so I will stop today.

Happy Trails

Monday, August 8, 2022

Lot of Things Running Through My Noggin

We have been cleaning house all morning.  We had been slacking lately and there were dog fur balls every where.  We could have made another dog.  Still have some to do but lunch slowed everything down.  Not sure what the rest of the day will hold for us.

As for the dogs, they have gotten to the point they really like each other and will play quite a bit.  Abby holds her own for the most part but is smaller, not as fast nor strong enough to hold off Snickers.  She will finally get enough and hide out if not jump in our laps.  She is feeling confident enough with us she tries to boss my around lol.  We took her to the groomer last week.  It wasn't near as expensive as I thought it might be for such a little furball.  So we will try to make it a regular thing.  They remove a lot of the undercoat on her (she is a double coated dog) and that helps keep the shedding down.  

My mother will have an arteriogram tomorrow.  She has been having some weird things happen with her hands and finger.  They turn blue.  The doctor is concerned but no real diagnosis yet.  He did mention one thing that was concerning.  Mom didn't hear him and we are glad for that.  We don't want her to have any additional concerns until there is something to be concerned about.  Her anxiety might really increase with that info.  We will just wait for the results.

I am very confused by this fight inflation bill the dems are pushing through.  (I'm not really)  How does spending more money you don't have fight inflation?  All they say is, it will but can't explain it.  There is a lot of pork in there too, a huge portion of it going to green energy.  If green energy is so great, why can't it support itself?  I have no issue having it supplement our energy grid but if you have to fund it to keep it going and especially at the expense of the rest of the 'reliable' grid it's just insanity.  Obviously legislators have their hand in someone's pocket.  Yes, I'm looking at you Manchin.  But he's not the only one, there are a lot of local and state legislators that do it too.  Yes, this is a very simple view of it.  I am aware it gets much more complicated but only in a bad way.  You and I are paying the price.  

'K' is telling me she thinks we need a generator.  I don't know if she has thought it out at all or any details.  We discussed it a while back.  I have never used a generator or ever really been around them other than seeing a few construction guys using them to power saws etc.  I've learned a little about the conventional generator versus an invertor generator.  But still am pretty ignorant about them.  I do have some friends that have gotten either a whole house generator or have a potable one that can be used to power most thing in their house.  Thanks to some of y'all I know about the dual or tri fuel ones that are available.  Ugh.  I keep putting it off.  I may regret this.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Blood Work Results

Finally got blood work results from my recent doc visits.  First off, no detectable cancer.  Always glad to hear that.  This makes the eight year since finding my cancer.  The Urologist says 2 more years of monitoring.  That will be great, one less doctor appointment.  He also moved me out to one a year instead of every 6 months for checks.  I am certainly blessed.  

As for the regular doctor visit.  My diabetes blood work wasn't near as good as I wanted it.  The last 6 months I have struggled with blood sugar numbers.  It's been worse since COVID.  From way too low to way to high.  For those that know what A1C is, my latest was 6.4.  The doctor was very happy with that.  Me, not so much.  I was 5.9 last time.  That's a significant change.  The doc doesn't like it below 6.0.  To much risk of low blood sugar which can be fatal.  I watch it pretty close and can detect the signs and make adjustments.  My preference is to be below 6.0 due to my diabetic neuropathy.  It keeps it at bay.  With the bouts I have had with it, I would rather take a low blood sugar risk than live with neuropathy 24/7.  The lower my A1C is the less I feel it.  But I have to keep it there for a period of time to notice any effects lessening.

K and I are headed out for drive, despite gas prices.  No idea where to, just get in and go and see where we wind up.  It won't be long, maybe a couple hours.  We just need to get out.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

USPS Inattention or Incompetence

Rant Warning

About a month ago I had an issue with USPS.  I did not receive a package.  This one contained my diabetes meds, very expensive.  I sent them an email since they never answer the phone, notifying them that the package was either misdelivered or stolen.  I also notified the pharmacy.  Canned message from USPS stated someone would contact me in 1-2 days.  Four days later and still nothing.  I send another message and same response.  That very same day the neighbor across the street brings my package.  Four days later?  Did he have it the entire time or did USPS find it and redeliver and get it wrong again?  I advised the pharmacy.  They wanted me to check with USPS.  LOL.  A month later I get a email from USPS wanting me to file a claim.  Then I get an email wanting to fill out a survey on the resolution of my missing package.  It centered mostly on how they responded.  Of course I ripped them.  Oh, I did not file a claim since I got my meds.

The very next day I get the neighbor nextdoor's to me mail.  The next day, same thing, all of it.  It's not unusual to get his mail on occasion.  In fact it happens a lot.  So they got another nasty email calling them out.  I did receive an apology the next day.  

I don't like calling out working folks trying to do a job, we all make mistakes.  But this had gone on to the point I wasn't as patient and kind anymore.  Yes, I got an excuse about staffing shortages etc.  But that isn't what caused this.  It was just inattention or something worse.  I know they have the mail all sorted and in a line ready to go and don't really look at the mail they put in the box, I've seen it.  They certainly don't verify the mailing label to what's on the mailbox, I've seen that too.  It slows them down.  They are always in a hurry out here.  I follow the Nextdoor app and it is full of threads about bad mail delivery and stolen packages.  It's pretty common out here it seems.  At least I got my meds thanks to the neighbor even though it was four days late.

Happy trails

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Doctors etc.

Went for my annual physical (or wellness as they say now) today.  Went pretty fast for a physical.  He was late coming in so he was in a hurry to catch up.  I was the first appt. and he showed up 27 minutes later.  SMH.  Not much in the way of a physical.  Mainly grilled me about my diabetes control.  Then sent me off for lab work.  I would rather they do the lab work prior so we can talk about it at the physical.  They used to, not sure why the change.  Maybe it's a medicare thing.

'K' is over staying with my Mom tonight.  Mom just loves it so much when she does.  She will take her to Costco to get new hearing aids that we have been trying to get her to do for a couple years.  I need to do the same.  My old ones are worn out and aren't doing the job anymore.  I checked with them about the new models that they usually get around September.  They have no idea when they might be in.  They say that one day they just show up.  So I will probably go ahead and just get them anyway.  I know it's frustrating for 'K' but it is for me too.  You tend to get a little isolated by not being able to hear everything.  So you get left out of some conversations.  While 'K' is there she will be making me an appointment.

I will also have a follow up with the Urologist to check my numbers for any return of my prostate cancer.  I don't foresee any issues.  Seven and a half years since it was removed.  They tell me the longer you go without a return the more likely it is it won't return.  I believe at 10 years they will cut me loose and I can eliminate one of the many doctor visits I have.  Yes, prostate cancer can come back even if you have no prostate.  It will grow in the area where the prostate was if not in the bones.

Not a lot else is going on and I don't see anything changing in the near future.  We did reserve rooms for the Bluegrass Heritage Festival in Farmers Branch in October.  Unless gas gets too outrageous will go again.  No Ricky Skaggs this year it seems but they have Rhonda Vincent coming.  My favorite Del McCoury will be there again.  This is a really good show and it's done right.  Looking forward to it.

Still hotter than ever here.

Happy Trails

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Heat and Breakfast Tacos

The teenager stay was pretty OK, not much conversation but she didn't seem too disgusted by my antics.  So I guess that's a success.  Today the other Granddaughter, the 3.5 year old comes to stay through Sunday as her parents have a show at a convention.  

'K' is having another bout with her diverticulitis but it doesn't really slow her down this time.  We thought at first she had food poisoning.  It was just different than previous times.  Having fever made her think otherwise.  She is getting some antibiotics to get that fixed up.  It's just that they mess up other things that need other meds.  What a mess.

I had 'breakfast tacos' yesterday.  They weren't all that unique to me, just an every day thing here.  What were they thinking when they wrote that speech and how did she not realize how stupid it sounded.  I guess when you are surrounded by stupid it permeates everything.  Yet the press is letting it quietly die.  Now if Trump or Elon said that...If you've been up with the news you know what I'm talking about.

The weather here is the really only news anyone cares about.  It just keeps getting hotter and in the next couple days more of that African dust will hit us.  I was reading a prediction for weather in July for the Central Texas.  It will continue the hot trend and continue to increase in temps.  They even had a specific day and place for one area just north of Waco, it would be 116 degrees on July 28.  Not a typo.  The record in Central Texas is 114.  I still haven't heard anyone venture to give a reason for this long stretch of record heat.  We had 105 yesterday, then a few clouds moved in and it went down to 103.  Ugh.  Only good thing is, NO yard work when it's this hot.  But my yard is looks bad.  It would look worse if I was passed out in it from heat stroke.

Happy Trails