Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Dodged a Bullet

Today was the day the plumbers came out to do leak detection for all the damage we incurred due to water.  I told them we suspected it was the dishwasher and all the reasons we thought that.  After they explained what they would do they got to work.  They were pressure testing the lines inside the house and from the house to the meter.  Their reading indicated a slow leak somewhere in our lines.  They would have to determine where that was by tearing into the walls etc. and then they would reroute any lines needed.  It was only on the cold side they were getting these readings.  

As they were getting all their equipment ready to go they hooked up their pressure meter again and could not detect any leak.  They tested several more times and then tested from the house to the meter.  Everything looked good as far as any potential slab leak.  They then checked the dishwasher and bingo.  So we avoided a major issue of relocating water lines to our attic.  They have seen this happen before with air in the lines.  Their work also revealed a couple other problems.  My pressure relief valve (PRV) is faulty, I am getting 90 lbs.  It starts out at 72 lbs and creeps up to 90.  Also the water cutoff line to the dishwasher isn't up to code so that will have to be replaced before the new dishwasher can be installed.  I have them scheduled to come out for that work next Monday.

Monday will also see the Restoration company the insurance is having prepare an estimate to repair/replace all the damaged flooring, walls and portions of our cabinets.  Even though insurance is picking up the tab for everything outside my deductible, it is still going to cost me some serious cash.  New Dishwasher and installation along with the plumbing I mentioned above we are going to shell out a chunk.  Plumbers are not cheap and have you seen the price of dishwashers?  

At least not having to reroute water lines eased my chest pains lol.

Colonoscopy went well.  Waiting on a lab report for one polyp.

Happy Trails

Monday, May 10, 2021

Busy Monday

The water mitigation guys finally came back to the house and removed all their fans.  It is finally quiet around here.  It was really hard to live with the noise of 18 fans and two giant dehumidifiers.  Now we await the leak detections plumbers to determine where the water came from or at least tell us it wasn't our pipes and was our dishwasher as I suspect and the water mitigation guys did too.  

We will most likely use the same company to reconstruct everything unless the insurance wants us to use someone else.  But they are also a flooring and construction company along with being in the mitigation end of it.  It's gonna be a big job and we will add a few things that need to be addressed since we have them here.

Today I had to take our SUV to the dealer for some warranty work.  Then 'K' and I went to have breakfast.  Tacos of course.  'K' likes the chiliquiles.  It was great and it put us in a great mood.  While we were out we made a quick run to Home Depot to get some more boxes to pack stuff in that will need to be moved prior to all the construction.  These are mostly things 'K' doesn't want them touching, nick nacks, collectibles and glass ware she has everywhere.  I have hinted at maybe getting rid of some of it while we have it down.  We'll see.  We also hit the car wash and the oil change place for her car.  We had a lot done there as it had been awhile.  All preventive maintenance.

So now we wait.  Once the plumbers get done, I assume we have to get a new dishwasher and we have already started shopping.  There are problems with availability due to the chinaflu and shipping issues.  It was explained this is affecting everyone.  'K' is also shopping for flooring.  UGH.  This is gonna take a while it seems.  The construction company is 3 weeks out on getting anyone scheduled.  Apparently there is a lot of water damage issues all around here due to our snow storm back in February.

Patience is the word.  

Happy Trails

Thursday, May 6, 2021

I Had No Idea

I mentioned in my last post about our flooring situation.  Evidently we have water leaking under the flooring and appears to have been doing so for a while.  That explains the uneven spots we noticed.  We ran some errands Monday and when we came home 'K' noticed a spot of water on the floor.  Nothing big, maybe a melted ice cube size.  She thought that maybe Snickers marked (he never has) or I gave him an ice cube and he didn't finish it.  She wiped up.  And then wiped it up 2 more times.  Water was seeping through the seems of the wood floor in one spot.  We got to looking closer and found we could make it squeeze through the vinyl tile planks in the kitchen.  About that time I am freaking out.  Of course I am thinking broken water line in the slab.  Then 'K' remembered she ran the dishwasher while we out.  
Called my oldest Son as he is an insurance adjuster.  He got me calmed down a bit.  Called the insurance company.  Set up for and Adjuster to contact me.  He contacted me 2 days later with more questions.  Everything is covered, whether dishwasher leaked or a line break in the slab, or from recent storms or the Snowvid in February.

I asked a lot of questions.  The answers made me feel a lot better.  The Adjuster contacted a plumbing company they use for leak detection and another for water mitigation.  The water mitigation came out that day, yesterday.  This is the result:

You can see the water on the underlay in the first photo

Kitchen-no cooking here

I had no idea they would do all this on the first visit.  They removed and hauled off ever half the flooring.  Pulled all the wood under the cabinets out so the fans could blow under.  We have 18 fans and 2 huge dehumidifiers running 24 hours for 3 days.  All the furniture is shoved to one side.  No they didn't put it back due to the fans.  And the kitchen is useless for all practical purposes.  It's loud.  We huddled down in my office and her craft room with the doors closed until bed time.  

All this and I am prepping for a colonoscopy Friday morning.  It's going to be a mess for a while, but we get all new floors and we will have some other things done while they have it messed up.  Trying to look at the positive side.  We may actually survive.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Twitter's Goofiness

I got an email a few days ago regarding my Twitter account.  I thought it might me a scam at first.  I get scam emails all the time regarding my paypal and amazon accounts.  So I went to my Twitter and sure enough I verified the email.  I was locked out of my account due t one of my tweets, which I rarely do.  They said I violated their rules of promoting suicide and self harm.  Here is a screen shot of the email I got along that includes the tweet.  

I was amazed and found it asinine to say the least.  The Tweet I commented on was regarding cindy mccain chastising the the Republicans for the audit of votes for the Nov. Presidential election in Arizona.  Now tell me, how is my comment in anyway related to suicide?  Self Harm?  Well maybe, but that is a real stretch for a facetious comment.  I appealed, it was denied so I had to delete the post to get back into my account.  I did that only because I did not remember what I had commented on.  I had to scroll through all of Bo Snerdley's tweets to find the one I thought was it.  

So thinking about this, I remember how upset all the lefties got about Pres. Trumps comment about drinking bleach to kill the corona virus.  I'm sure the censors determined I attacked one of those they agree with and common sense and free speech were ignored.  

I will have an update soon regarding our floor situation.  Ugh.

Happy Trails

Monday, May 3, 2021

Humidity and Snickers

It is very sultry today.  Full sunshine and high temps is affecting the ground where all the recent rains have hit.  I got the walk with the dog in earlier than usual trying to avoid the high humidity.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow again.  I am holding off on the weed eating.

Snickers, our dog has gotten out a couple times recently.  He has taken to digging under the fence.  We had placed landscape timbers and rocks and firewood to prevent it.  It has worked pretty well but looks crappy.  He has been very intent on the area behind us as deer hang out there and yesterday a terrapin by the fence was driving him nuts.  Now the fawns are dropping and one was up against the fence.  

WE have been searching half heartedly for a solution to his digging under the fence.  I had a fence charger that was pretty much a failure with Buster.  So that was out.  Our neighbors had a similar issue and we will use their solution.  Concrete brick stepping stones.  They are 16"x8"x2".  WE will lay them around the perimeter just under the fence mesh.  This will keep him from digging and he can't move them like he does with some of the rocks.  I will need about 160 of them and they will have to be delivered.  They were cheaper than Home Depot but they had none at the local stores and couldn't give me a delivery date.  I will wait a few days and if they don't give me a date I will go with HD, even though it will cost me about 90$ more.  I have never been a fan of Lowe's.  But I want to save a few $$.

Out to see Mom today.  Gotta go.

Happy Trails

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Oh My Head

We are finally getting some significant rain here.  They had just recently upped our water restrictions, so I'm told, to stage 2 due to the drought.  This is usually a wetter time of year with next month being the wettest month historically.  This wet weather did come with some pretty severe weather,  Twisters, 100 mph winds, hail and heavy rain.  We watched it approach from the West for a couple hours until we could tell the worst would pass to our South.  Then I was awakened by thunder at 3 AM.  It didn't last long and didn't keep me awake a significant time.  I checked on my weather app to see if anything was severe before I went back to sleep.

Today has seen several showers with the chance for more throughout the day.  We sure need it.  Glad I got the yard cut yesterday.  I didn't get to weed eat.  I will need to cut the grass again before I can weed eat it seems.  The weather will stay wet a couple days they say.  The grass will go nuts in that time.  

I was noticing some imperfections in our flooring in the main part of the house the other day.  I installed Pergo a few years back, maybe 15 years or so.  Started looking closer and some of it seems to be what I call delaminated underneath.  Sort of a bubbling of the wood.  Then I find that the joints are slightly raised in quite a few places, even becoming uneven in spots.  Only thing I can think of is that over time the shifting of the house has put stress on the joints.  I don't think there is a slab issue as I see no other tell tale signs, like cracked sheet rock.  

Not sure what we will do.  If we replace it, I am not the guy to do that this time.  The old flooring will have to be removed including some ceramic tile in the kitchen.  That is due to 'K' wanting it all to be the same type floor.  Then there would be the moving of all the furniture I can no longer do.  I have no idea if a contractor could relocate the furniture around his work or does it have to be removed completely.  Also the removal of the tile and the sanding the floor to remove the mortar etc.  It makes my head hurt thinking about it.  It doesn't bother 'K' at all.  It's not fun having a bit of an obsessive personality.  Obsessing about the painting I have been working is bad enough lol.

Happy Trails

Monday, April 26, 2021

Busy Today, Not Sure About the Rest of the Week

The day has started out looking busy.  I have already cooked breakfast and taken Snickers for his daily walk while 'K' preps for our errands.  We will head out to Costco and HEB (our grocery).  This is mostly to prepare for the Granddaughter coming Tuesday.  She will be here a couple nights as usual.  We are taking her since the people she lives with are getting their second shot of the chinaflu vaccine.  They got pretty ill last time and the one they have taken, they say the second dose is worse.  Us taking the baby is always a delight and it helps them not have to worry about her care when they are feeling bad.  

Her Dad, is also finishing up a Kickstarter Campaign for another issue of his comic book.  This is issue #5 and he has already met his goal.  There is one more issue to go.  The last 3 issues have funded very quickly as it seems to be gaining popularity.  The last two have funded entirely the first week of the month long campaign.  

I have been trimming the suckers on the oak trees the past few days.  I will probably continue in this method of just a little bit each day until they are all done.  It will take a long time to get so many done but it will save my neck from being overtaxed looking up the entire time.  It will also allow me to do a few other things during the day instead quitting for the day completely.  First on the agenda is to get the entire yard cut and weedeated (is that a word lol?).  Then some painting will be part of that.  However the weather this week may be wet.  

We returned to our home congregation yesterday.  It was good to see the brethren there.  I had trouble staying engaged with the sermon as my mind wandered quite a bit.  I have always had that trouble, I probably have some sort of attentions deficit thing.  'K' said she had the same issue.  This speaker takes some getting used to, you really have to pay attention as he gets pretty detailed.  We are taking it slow.  We most likely won't be there every time the doors are open like we did in the past but will certainly make the Sunday morning assembly.  We are hopeful and are trying to watch our attitude.

Happy Trails