Sunday, December 10, 2017


I wanted to post these the other day when I talked about the snow in Texas.  So here is what it looked like the morning after on the edge of the Hill Country.  The first 2 are panoramas.  click to enlarge

Good news on the wife's condition, still in hospital. will update that soon.

Happy Trails

Friday, December 8, 2017

Good News Finally

NO CANCER CELLS found!  She continues to improve.  I have come down with some sort of sinus issue so I haven't been down to see her since Tuesday.  Can't risk her catching something else from me.  No, I am not sure what it is, an infection of allergy.  I don't have any real known allergies.

All of South Texas is going nuts from the snow.  We haven't had a substantial snow here in over 30 years, back when we had the record breaking 13.5 inches in 85 or 86.

I just got word from my doctor friend I should be safe to see the wife.  I am gone.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I don't know where to start.  This could be a very long post but I just can't get all the words out.  My surgery went well and I am doing pretty good.  I was pretty foggy headed most of the day Monday, the day of my surgery.  They decided to take the wife into emergency surgery and try to find out the actual problem and get it fixed.  Once they got in it was worse than expected.  They said it looked like a grenade went off in her small intestine where it joins the colon.  They removed about a foot of her small intestine and will biopsy it to determine what went wrong.  They were noncommittal on the possibilities as you might expect.  But they were optimistic.  This news is all second hand.  I wasn't there.  That was killing me.  It was killing her that she couldn't be at my surgery either.  What a pair we are.

She is on the mend and starting to feel just a little better but has a lot of pain and will remain in the hospital probably through the weekend.  They have to kill all the infection that might be remaining and that her guts have started working without any leaks.  She has a long road ahead of her.  However this, I was told, that this is about the best case scenario for what they were expecting to do.  The biopsy is my main concern at this point and of course getting her home and well.

Thanks for you kind word and prayers.  We have had a lot of support from many folks and we cannot express how much it is appreciated.  Thanks seems so insufficient.

Happy Trails 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Things Can and Do Get Worse

If you have been coming here a while you have seen me write 'it could always be worse.'  I say this all the time.  Saturday afternoon the wife tells me to take her to the ER.  She is now admitted and may be facing a serious abdominal surgery.  A bad colon had failed her and they are exploring the best options on how to deal with it.  That's all AI will say without getting too graphic.

She will be stuck there through my surgery and I most likely can't be at hers if she has to have it.  The next few days/weeks will certainly be a challenge.  It could be worse.

Moy sure when I will be back on, a few days or so.

Asking for your Prayers.

Happy Trails

Friday, December 1, 2017


The wife still isn't as well as she should be after almost a week.  It is really starting to wear on her.  She has an appointment with a gastroenterologist next Tuesday.  I am planning on her not being able to take me to my surgery Monday.  If she isn't significantly better by late Sunday, others will need to help out.  She hasn't been well enough to go and do anything.  Taking me to surgery and then waiting for that and recovery and release will most likely entail 2-4 hours.  No can do.  So I ptu Sons #1 and #2 on notice.  They will have to have me at the facility by 6 AM.  They can work out between them who.  Neither live close enough to make it an easy trip.  

There has been a lot going on with the doctors and various things concerning my surgery and insurance and blah blah blah.  It is hair pulling and combining that with my worry for my wife and her self diagnosing, I got a little tense.  Not good to be around when that happens.  But it passed quickly enough.  I just have to get through the wife being so dang sick and all her emotions with it.  It appears that doctor stuff will continue for a while, not what I was expecting earlier this week.  It could be worse.  Yes, I am optimistic things will improve early next week.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Got a Date

Heard from the surgeon's scheduler this morning.  They have scheduled me for Monday, Dec. 4.  First surgery in the morning, so I have to be there at 6 AM.  Fortunately it is not far from the house, about 15 minutes, so we will miss any of the crazy traffic issues.  I won't stay either, the wife will drive me home shortly after recovery barring any issues/complications.  It's good to have a date finally instead of sitting here wondering.  Hope fully the recovery will be easy and not slow me down too much.  LOL I am already pretty much a couch potato anyway so it shouldn't be a problem.  Hopefully after this there will be less doctor type issues in the near future.

The wife is still sick.  She passed getting a doctor's appointment since she thought she was feeling better.  Then she got to feeling worse again last night.  This morning she is much better but will go see the doctor tomorrow, it's the earliest she could get in.  We had planned to go to a friend's surgery but with all this going on we just can't get there.  

Consequently things have been on hold and will be for a little longer.  

Happy Trails

Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday After

Thanksgiving is over and things were supposed to get back to normal.  However the wife got really sick and I thought I might have to take her to the ER.  She is somewhat better now but still not well at all.  So I am trying to tend to her needs.

The college football season is coming to a close.  It has been a very up and down season for my Longhorns.  Just when you thought things were turning around they fall apart again.  The results are a very lackluster 6-6.  Not nearly as good as I had wished for and much worse than any Longhorn fan should expect.  I do see some major improvements from the last 3-4 years but there is much work to be done.  They have a better foundation to build on yet some of the foundation may bolt for the NFL.  I wouldn't blame them for cashing in but would really hate to see them in the NFL since I don't watch or care a flip for the nfl. 

I assume I will hear from the surgeon's scheduler this week.  I have to get an EKG done first and that is Wednesday.  So there won't be surgery anytime this week as the surgeon had suggested might happen.  I spoke with my good friend that is a doctor and he relieved my concerns and I will proceed with the surgery to include the gall bladder.  He echoed what I knew to be the truth, basically-better now than later when I am even older.  I just wasn't sure it was bad enough to really have to undergo all this and the surgeon left it totally up in the air.  That seems to be the new normal for all doctors these days.  Very non-committal and leaving it totally up to you, without ANY suggestion that something is better than the other as far as choices are concerned.  I don't have to worry about that with my friend as he is more concerned about my well being and has no liability he has to be concerned with like my own doctors have to be. I just wish they would be honest and tell their real thoughts.

So until we get this surgery scheduled and over things are sort of on hold, at least that is the feeling I will have.  I will try to keep everything as normal as possible and do whatever I usually do.  

I have become pretty good friends with my recently married Son's in-laws.  Especially the Dad.  We text each other on occasion.  We have much in common.  I think he is a bigger history buff than I am.  They plan to be here just after Christmas to visit.  I hope to take him to the Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas.  Not that far from my house, just about an hour drive.  The ladies can come too since that town is perfect for them as far as uniqueness and shopping is concerned.  They can go one way and we will go the other.  It's been at least 10 years since I have been and I need to see all the new items and possibly see if they have displayed some items we donated from my Uncle that was at Iwo Jima as they said they would.  However, my surgery may ruin those plans.  It just depends on when it happens and how fast I recover.  I know my stamina won't be very good and I will need as much as I can get to see everything at the museum.  

Happy Trails