Friday, February 16, 2018

Technology and Grandparents

For the most part I do pretty well with technology.  I can make things work like I want them to and play around with it in order to learn 'how to' with various functions.  It was a matter of survival for me as it became a huge part of my job.  I learned mostly by OJT, no classes, just hands on, figure it out for yourself.  I think that method was better for my level of need, it stayed with me.  Learning via a class situation would not have been as productive for me.

Thursday we went to visit my parents.  They mentioned they were having issues with their printer.  My brother had been over and messed around with it some and told them it appeared there was something wrong with the printer other than just needing ink or paper.  So I took that as a cue to try my luck.  As it turns out, it was the same type printer I have so I knew a few things about it and would give it a try.  Well, I determined my brother was most likely right.  They rarely if ever print anything.  So I told them if they really felt like they had to have a printer to look around for a really cheap one instead of ponying up what this one cost new, over 250$.  Yes, cheap ones have issues too, but I'm hoping they decide to just pass on getting another printer.

Son #2 was there also and was trying to get their DVD player working with their TV and sound system.  He did that but trying to teach them how to turn everything on and get it working right was turning into an issue.  They wrote down instructions for them in order to watch their movies.  I am not holding out much hope.  This is the second time they have gone through this. 

K was also trying to show Mom some things on her smartphone.  Oh my, the frustration level for my mother was pretty low by this point.  We were not really able to help them much at all the best I can tell, Mom was shutting down on this technology thing.  I could see it in her expression.  She kept saying she was just too stupid.  No, it certainly is not that.  It is more like, they get frustrated too quickly so they avoid using certain things and never really take the time to learn how to use it.  I understand that.  I get frustrated too at times and have to walk away, but I don't give up.  But the old saying 'use it or lose it' applies to being able to use technology in the way they would need too.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

On This Day 1836 at the Alamo

February 12, 1836 (23 Days to the Fall of the Alamo)
William B Travis to Governor Henry Smith:
"You have no doubt already received information, by Express…that tremendous preparations are [being made]…for the Invasion of Texas…We are illy prepared for their reception, as we have not more than 150 men here and they in a very discouraged state- Yet we are determined to sustain it as long as there is a man left; because we consider death preferable to disgrace, which would be the result of giving up a Post which has been so dearly won, and thus opening the door for the invaders to enter the sacred Territory of the colonies. - We hope our countrymen will open their eyes to the present danger, and wake up from their false security...
In conclusion let me assure your Excelly, that with 200 more men I believe this place can be maintained & I hope they will be sent us as soon as possible. Yet should we receive no reinforcement, I am determined to defend this place to the last, and, should Bexar fall, your friend will be buried beneath the ruins."

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Morning

Woke up Sunday morning to a biting cold wind and some light rain.  It was miserable to be out in it.  I had no idea it was coming as I had not checked on what the weather folks were predicting.  After several years of very mild winters and a couple in a row of no freezing temps, Mother Nature has made up for it this year.  It could be worse but I am ready for Spring.  By this time in February the last couple years we have experienced some really warm days and a few buds start peeking out from various trees and plants.  Not this year, and there is no indication this will end soon.  However, we will shortly be complaining about how hot it is.  This Texas, it's what we do.

A lot of folks we know have come down with that flu that has the country in its grip.  We try to avoid coming in contact with people and carry hand sanitizer.  We did make church but limited it to just one service instead of our usual two.  K continues to get stronger and stronger post surgery but I think her system is still too vulnerable and a case of flu' for either of us at this point, won't be good.

Thursday afternoon K had her big show and did really well.  She even sold some of my leather.  She did sell the holster I had thought I would keep for my 1911 if it didn't sell.  Oh well, I would not have used it much anyway.  It was a good finish to all the work that went into it, we couldn't expect better for just a 3 hour show.  

Saturday we met up with Son #1 and his family.  Friday was his 40th birthday and his son's (my Grandson) 8th Birthday was Sunday.  We met at a place to eat and enjoyed that for a couple hours.

So now we have a little time on our hands and I am getting itchy feet for day trips etc.  But the weather isn't cooperating.  So we will just hang around here and try to stay out of the way of the flu.  

Happy Trails

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Davy Crocket

How many of you remember the Davy Crocket craze of the 50's?  I had the coonskin cap and watched the Disney mini series.  I was very young and we were poor so I didn't get a huge collection of things Davy that were available at the time.  I don't even remember some of them I have seen on the book of faces.  Then I go over to Ebay and look around and see tons of things I never heard of.  

To me, Fess Parker will always be Davy Crocket.

My FB page has been filled with Davy related posts the last week.  FYI, he prefered to be called David, not Davy.  That moniker had been added by a fiction writer of the times that told tall tales of Davy.  There is also a letter I have seen that is claimed to be the last letter he wrote while he was in Texas, in it he spells his last name as I have spelled it here.  Maybe that is misspelled by him but I prefer to use it the way he did.  Yes there are other letters that have both t's, so who knows.  Here in my neck of the woods, except for the wack jobs that call him a racist murderer and even a coward, Davy Crocket is pretty much revered.  

Today is generally accepted as the day he arrived at the Alamo, to never leave.  I took this off the Historic Davy Crockett Homepage on FB.  'ON THIS DAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1836, DAVID CROCKETT ARRIVED TO SAN ANTONIO DE BEXAR IN TEXAS. Researchers have not found the exact day of his arrival, but according to Alamo's engineer, Major Green B. Jameson's letter of February 11, 1836, to the Governor Henry Smith, it reads: "We are now one hundred and fifty strong, Col. Crockett and Col. Travis both here & Col. Bowie in command of the volunteer forces. Col. Neill left today for home ..." This information indicates that Crockett arrived some time between February 6 and 10.'

Here's a description of his arrival from James Donovan's The Blood of Heroes:
"Crockett was greeted warmly when he reached Main Plaza. Someone called for a speech, and the crowd took up the cry. Crockett mounted a wooden crate to enthusiastic cheers. He spoke of the new country of Texas, and patriotism, and told several of his tried and tested anecdotes to frequent applause. He alluded to his career as a congressman, and he delivered his "go to hell" story, now a staple of all his public utterances. He concluded with words to this effect, wisely chosen for his audience and remembered by John Sutherland:

And fellow citizens, I am among you. I have come to your country, though not, I hope, through any selfish motive whatever. I have come to aid you all I can in your noble cause. I shall identify myself with your interests, and all the honor that I desire is defending as a high private, in common with my fellow citizens, the liberties of our common country.
"This made many a man who had not known him before Colonel Crockett's friend," remembered Dr. Sutherland.

Whatever your perception of Crocket is, in my house he will always be remembered fondly.  Mostly because it is a very pleasant memory of my childhood.  But also for the sacrifice he made.  The manner of how he died makes no difference despite his detractors that try to tell us otherwise.

Happy Trails

Saturday, February 3, 2018


Here are a few photos of the Leather work that has kept me out of trouble the last couple weeks.  Just hope we are successful after all this work.

Knife Scabbard

Cuff/Bracelets-there were many more of these in varying styles

Minimalist Holster-fits larger frame semi-autos,  if this one doesn't sell I may keep it for my 1911

Coffee cup sleeves-these are a cooler version of  those paper sleeves you get when you buy your coffee

There was more but I posted a few of those in a previous post.  It doesn't look like a lot but it is pretty labor intensive and takes much time.

Happy Trails

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Happy Wife.....

Leather work has kept me out of trouble so far this week, but  I am getting near the end of any additional items.  So there is no telling what kind of trouble I will get into.  I made a couple of Kindle Fire covers a while back that I have on hand to sell at the upcoming show.  However, i seem to have misplaced one of them.  I have looked and looked and it just isn't here.  It would have been great to have it available for this show, but unless it somehow magically re-appears I will only have the one.  I will get some photos up of what I have made in a day or so.

I haven't had enough time to see what is going on in the news, I pick up bits and pieces from the www, but those are just headlines, I don't bother with most of the content.  Consequently I have managed to keep most of my sanity and not get all tight in the jaws with the things that go on in the world.

Today marks the day I become a Medicare subscriber.  I will have to learn the ins and outs of how that works.  My prescription plan will just transfer seamlessly over, since it is basically the same company.  Hopefully the deductible I met for the year in January will apply to this new plan.  Probably not but I hope so.  I just changed insurance companies last September and now have to go through that again.  At least K is still on our old plan.  

Today K came in and told me she would (wanted to) cut my hair if I trimmed my beard.  It was more of a 'you really need to cut your hair and beard' suggestion.  I haven't had my hair cut since the end of August and had no real plans to cut it at all and especially not my beard.  Well guess what.  They both have been cut.  Although I managed to keep most of the beard by leaving the goatee as long as it was as a beard.  She says I look ten years younger.  Maybe, I don't really care, it's all white/gray anyway, not sure how length makes any difference.  But she is happy.

Happy Trails