Thursday, June 21, 2018

Short Day Trip

We chucked everything that we had to do and just headed out on the road for a short day trip around the area.  Part of the trip was around one of the older if not oldest man made lakes in this area, Medina Lake.  It is a lake that was built by the Medina Irrigation Company to provide water to the many farms just to the south around Castroville and Hondo.  Consequently it is not a constant level lake and can suffer greatly in times of drought.  You can see in the photos I have below that it is not anywhere near full and has been much much lower than it is now.  It plays havoc with the economics of the area as evidenced by the many abandoned businesses and homes.  Unfortunately as with most area in Texas the entire lake is surrounded by private property, so you can't get close unless you pay.  We didn't.

A few more photos of the sunset that was so spectacular Wednesday evening on our drive home from the church house.  It was changing ever so quickly with various colors.  I shot these through the windshield of my truck.  Stopping to get out and I would have missed some of the most brilliant it was changing so fast.  These just don't do God's handiwork justice.  What a great way to end the day.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mediterranean Food for Father's Day (Monday)

I am running a little behind on posting here.  Just not feeling the mojo.  Father's Day was very quiet here at the homestead.  We didn't go anywhere nor did anyone come over.  Both the Sons and I had various duties at our respective congregations that would make late to any gathering so we opted to not make others wait for us with no idea how long it would be.  I did call my Dad.  I tried several times and my phone just wouldn't connect but he could tell it was me calling so he called me.  We just didn't have enough available time to drive over to see him and still be on time for my other commitment at church.  We will try to see him sometime this week.  

We, my Sons and their families, agreed to meet Monday evening for a meal at a restaurant near us for Father's Day.  They have been trying to get me to try Mediterranean food at this particular chain for a while.  I was game, I was curious what it was like.  I have to admit I am pretty much a meat and potatoes guy, but I do love me some Tex Mex and occasional Chinese.  That's about as far off the reservation I venture with food.  I opted for a beef shawarma plate as it was recommended to me by one of my boys.  I have to say the various spices and sauces are very different than anything I have tried.  Nothing was bad although I am not so sure I like something they call tahini sauce.  Just very strange in my mouth.  I don't usually eat any sauce on my meats wanting to get the full flavor of the seasonings and the meat itself.  Apparently that is not the way to eat this style meat.  It is on the tough side and doesn't seem to have much seasoning so the sauces are there to add to it.  But for me that tahini stuff doesn't really help it any.  It comes with a Greek Salad and whatever dressing they use and it was OK and hummus.  Now I like hummus, but this was the most bland stuff and I am not real sure why or how it should be eaten.  I have always used it as some sort of dip so I dipped my shawarma in it. Meh, is all I can say about that hummus.  About the naan, wow.  Now that is something I could get used too.  It's like a giant fluffy flour tortilla but a bit heavier.  They give you some Olive Oil with some sort of spices that look like dirt.  Don't let that stop you from trying it though.  It is pretty good.  So I guess the jury is still out for my venture into Mediterranean food.  It wasn't bad by any means, just way different than what I am used to.  I will have to go again and try something different.  I did notice a significant aftertaste for a while after we left, nothing unpleasant.  I am sure it was the completely different spices they use that I have never come across before.  It was interesting.

The major rain that was predicted for us has been disappointing.  Just a few scattered showers that don't do much good at all other than to make it even more humid.  It has kept the temps from getting as high as they have been but the humidity makes up for that.  We had hoped for some really significant rains.  It is supposed to continue like this the rest of the week.  Hopefully it will get better but the chance diminish each day.

Happy Trails

Friday, June 15, 2018

It's Over

VBS is finally over.  I don't really do anything, at least not teaching like the ladies do, and I am tired.  It's just two hours and I feel beat today.  There's something about the pews at our church that just mess my back up quicker than anything else.  I am stiff and sore and moving slowly.  K does a tremendous job with VBS, she is every talented in that regard, but she is worn out too.  We skipped the picnic that was planned afterward and cleaned up and put things way so we wouldn't have to come back tomorrow to do it.  It is rewarding work and we are glad to volunteer but we are both getting long in the tooth.  It is time for those younger than us to take over.  We were taking a step back this year and it didn't happen.  K was supposed to just be a helper instead of a teacher.  The teacher thing was thrust on her unawares the very first day.  She handled it beautifully without complaint, without any preparation.  

The landscape here is getting crunchy.  Lack of rain and high heat will do that down here on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert.  It is expected and yes we still complain.  However, we have hope for some significant amounts of rain starting Saturday and increasing into next week.  While this is unusual for this time of year it isn't unheard of.  We even get some flooding at times with these events.  Flooding is never wanted but we have come to rely on these events due to our water source coming from one aquifer and nothing else.  We are on stage 2 water restrictions.  This will remain in effect until we get significant amounts of rainfall in the right places to recharge this underground aquifer.  If we get enough rain the restrictions can be eased 10 days after the levels stay at or above the set marker.  I am hopeful but it is tempered with the reality it will only be temporary and we will be back to restrictions again.  We are hopeful though.

I traded emails with a friend I worked with recently.  It seems he has gone back to work in the consulting market.  It turns out that there are two others we worked with also at the same firm.  Good for them.  He was supposed to work just 25-30 hours a week.  It turned into a full time job which probably means overtime also in that field.  Me, I am staying retired, I don't want to go back to anything remotely like working a schedule after being out this long.  Uh-uh, not even.  

Father's Day is this weekend.  We have no plans.  VBS being this week hinders having much in the way of any plans.  So I don't know if we will see our kids or not.  Son #1 has in-laws here so they may have plans with them. Son#2 has gone over to my Dad's in the past, but that was before he got married.  These sort of holidays are sometimes harder to deal with when there are sooo many people to consider.  These things usually get planned at the last minute, like Saturday evening.  Whatever you have planned, I hope your Father's Day is a good one.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Light This Week

I will be up at the church building in the mornings this week helping out with VBS.  Consequently posting will likely be a little lighter than usual unless my mind wakes up a bit more.

We are having fun coming up with suggested names for the 'on the way' Grandkid.  Several have been shot down without so much as a thought.  Wynn Chester, Remington Colt, Duke Eastwood are all no goes.  Of course it is the Daughter in Law that is so disagreeable to these excellent names.  It's all in fun and part of the joy of having kids and Grandkids.  There have been numerous others that have equally been shot down.  I thought Ronald Reagan was a fine choice and to make it more appealing to my comic book writer Son changed it to Raygun.  He immediately changed that to Ray Gun.  But alas, that didn't fly either.  Well she is from Arizona and not Texas so we have that to deal with LOL.

Happy Trails

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Happy News Revealed-and a Request for Help From My Readers That May Know

A friend is having a huge estate sale this weekend.  We had been given early access.  The wife had a few things she was looking for, I went along to temper her purchases, I didn't do a very good job.  They had a ton of stuff and they weren't trying to make money just trying to get rid of it.  I did find several small bags of pocket knives. I got 10 or 11 old knives for 7$.  They went to the Grandkids, their Dad, Son #2 and a neighbor kid.  I kept one, it is in the photo below.  Also picked up a box of 45 ACP.  It looks really old and is in the photo below.  I have never heard of 'kleanbore priming' and don't know anything about these rounds.  Are they safe to shoot?  If you can help me out and keep me from blowing my hand off it would be appreciated if you can tell me what you know.  They are wadcutters.

The wife found a few other random items.  We also got an older refrigerator for 20$.  I moved it yesterday with the help of a friend.  It wound up being a bigger job than we expected.  We had to remove the doors from the fridge to get it out of the house.  I guess they built the house around the fridge.  The doors leading out of the house were not the usual width, they were the width of interior doors.  Then the friends wife showed up to shop.  So we waited around even longer.  Since I was relying on his truck trailer and muscle I had no problem at all waiting, besides they are really great people.  

Today will be spent cleaning up the fridge and getting it cooled down and moved into place to replace the one we have that is having issues.  This one goes in the garage as extra freezer space and for cold drinks that take up so much room in the house fridge.  It's just a convenience thing for bulk items.

The other great news I alluded to a couple posts back is, we are getting another Grandchild.  Son #2 and his new bride gave us this extremely great news and we are having so much fun with it and suggesting names.  Of course I have to mess with them on names and such.  Son #2 is freaking out a little.  This was an accident and he is under a lot of pressure with his work at the moment.  I tried to help him out and hope he can just try to enjoy the moment, this only happens once on your life-the first child.  It should be an exceedingly happy time filled with joy and wonder.  It was for me, I hope it can be for him too.

Oh, and it you can help me out with the ammo condition, thank you.

Happy Trails

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Fun and Games With Internet Trolls

I got a friend request on the book of faces this week.  This was from someone I did not know.  This happens occasionally but it is usually hot chicks that I am sure are genuine.  I do not add them as a friend.  But I do 'mess' with them on occasion.  Come to find out this internet troll sent a request to my wife also.  

This is a screenshot of this jackwagon's FB page.  AS you can see he has taken some photos off the internet of a military man.  There is some resemblance but I wasn't buying it.  I took a little closer look at the photos he represents as himself.  I don't think you will be able to see them in this photo but you probably can by googling Lt. Gen. George Casey, US Army Chief of Staff.  Yeah, you can see the name on his uniform.  What a maroon.  Do people really fall for this?  

I messaged Mr. Frank Wilson:  

Me: 'Wow, a friend request from a General, I am honored, but I have to ask why me?'  
Frank:  'Hello, where are you located dear'  Dear?  what a jackwagon
Me: I am not a 'dear'  You are a fraud, and I have reported you for stolen valor.

It didn't get any further he deleted the profile immediately.  So I didn't get to have more fun with this thing.  I was too PO'ed that he was so stupid about using photos from someone so well known that I called him out before I got to string him along more.  Ah well, maybe his next try he won't masquerade as someone in the military.  Yes I did report him to FB but I doubt they can or will do anything.  No idea how to report someone for stolen valor to authorities.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Oh My Aching....

The wife told me last night that we needed to move a refrigerator.  The extra one we use as a freezer and cold drinks is having some issues.  One of our friends is having an estate sale and has a BIG one.  For 20$ she couldn't pass it up.  She had bought it for Son #2 but he can't deal with it now.  I am not able to lift anything remotely heavy with my back like it is without paying the price.  Son #1 can't help until the 23rd.  I don't like the way I will have to move it.  It will have to be laid down in the bed of my small Ranger.  You always take a chance laying one down.  But if you leave it standing up for a day or so without plugging it in, you might be OK.  That is what I am hoping for anyway.  If it dies on me I'll just have it hauled off by the guy that came and got my old BBQ pits.

The thing that bugs me the most is I obsess over little things like this.  Yeah, I know, don't sweat the small stuff.  Something that should be and is pretty simple I blow up into a big deal.  I wasn't like this years ago.  Now that I have some physical limitations it bothers me more than it should.  I was always the guy that could be counted on to help you move, whether it was just a refrigerator or your entire household.  Not being able to help others in the way I used to bugs me.  Having to ask for help is what REALLY bugs me.  I know, but my mind is a wacky place these days.

Happy Trails