Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tuesday, A Day Late

I try to post on Monday without fail.  Obviously I failed.  In my defense I have been preoccupied with some things.  I went to the chiropractor due to some issues I am experiencing.  He was a bit concerned.  Not real sure how to proceed so we are trying a few treatments to see if that helps.  Otherwise he thinks I may need to see a neurologist.  I have almost no confidence in anything neurologists do.  That is from experience.  We will see how these treatments affect me before we do anything else.  I have some tingling and numbness in feet and hands, not real bad but can be distracting.  I thought it might be related to those bulging discs in my neck.  It could also be diabetic neuropathy.  It could be something more serious in my brain.  I have a visit coming up with my PCP in November, maybe he will have other ideas.  

Today I finally get my new tooth implant.  This will be the final visit and I will be done with that thankfully.  I really like this dentist.  I guess I have to as much money as he has taken from me.  I am finding out that my last dentist wasn't as good as I thought.  But that's another story.

The Granddaughter (the toddler) is here for a couple days.  She is in a great mood and is pretty animated.  That makes it even more fun to have her here.  

Still proceeding with all the projects around the house.  Slowly but surely.  This fantastic weather is cooperating.  We had quite a bit of dust yesterday.  It looked like a return of the African dust we got in June.  I was told that the farmers in Kansas or someplace north of us are pretty busy plowing and the little cool front that came in yesterday brought that dust.  I don't know, but the dry air and the dust is playing havoc with the sinuses.  We are supposed to get a real cold front Thursday.  May have temps in the 40's.  As long as it's not to windy that will be good too.  Have I said I love this weather?  I may need to go on a road trip, despite COVID.  But I really need to finish up the projects around here first.

Happy Trails

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Disappointed-A BBQ Almost Disaster Story

Around mid August I bought a Prime Brisket to have on hand for a special occasion.  Since no special occasion was on the horizon and we just wanted something other than our usual fare, we decided to throw it on the pit.  It would provide us with several meals and also some to freeze for later.  I picked this one up at Costco.  I had not been able to find Prime briskets anywhere for some time.  So when I spotted this one I grabbed it.  The price per pound left me puzzled.  At 3.49/lb it was much cheaper than any Prime I had found before.  Generally 3.49/lb is what I pay for a non prime brisket.  It was labeled on both the cryovac pack and the price sticker.  However, the brisket was the worst one I have ever BBQ'd.  

Over the years I have cooked a lot of briskets.  I have a foolproof technique.  It always has turned out tender enough to not even need a knife.  It always is very flavorful.  I have been asked many times, 'when are you gonna cook another brisket and have me over?'  Yes, I have been told it is the best they have ever eaten.  (This is the first time I have ever repeated that.  I don't like to say it and appear arrogant.) I am just trying to show my bonifides when it comes to brisket.  For those not in this part of Texas, you're not supposed to need sauce if it's cooked right.  We don't want the smoked goodness to be covered up with sauce.  I do offer sauce to guests if that is what they like.  Usually if you have to have sauce it's due to it being too dry.  Mine never is.  It's the final technique that ensures moisture and tenderness.  Yes, I can remember having 2 briskets that didn't turn out all that well.  Neither were prime briskets.  One had so much fat running through the meat, not just the fat cap, but in the actual grain of the meat, that it just wasn't good to eat.  The other was from Costco also and was unusually tough and not very flavorful.  I had not bought another brisket from Costco until this latest.  A span of several years.

As soon as I cut into this one, things weren't going good.  It was tough.  Where was my smoke ring?  I had never seen that before.  I had to look really close for the smoke ring and the meat just was not colored right.  Too light not the darker rich looking I am used to.  Taste?  There was none.  No seasoning (rub) could be detected and no smoky goodness.  I was done eating quickly.  

I cooked that thing another 2 hours and let it cool and placed in the fridge.  The next day I got it out and started slicing the whole thing.  It slices better when cold.  This one was even harder to slice.  As I got into it I could see that it was full of gristle and way more fat than it looked like from the outside.  I threw away a couple pounds of gristle and fat.  It still was tasteless.  I used sauce. I added salt.  (the rub I use is salt based-and it needed salt.  ????

I can just guess it was so gristly and tough it failed to absorb smoke or seasoning.  That thing cost me right at 50$ and we won't really enjoy it at all.  I probably won't eat any more of it.  The wife will drown it in sauce and continue on for a bit.  

The takeaways? I am really glad we didn't have anyone over to eat this disaster.  I would have been appalled that something like that would have been served to anyone.  I am done buying Costco briskets.  That's two bad ones from there and one just OK.  I guess my foolproof technique can't over come a really bad piece of meat.

Happy Trails

Monday, October 5, 2020

Monday and It's a Beautiful Day

As far as weather goes it doesn't get much better than it is.  In fact the last couple weeks have been outstanding.  Cool and dry, almost crisp.  That has allowed me to get and out finish up the tree trimming.  Next, I will power wash the back side of the house in preparation for painting.  The weather is supposed to continue like this through the week.  We could use some rain but I hope it holds off a bit or is short enough and I can get back at is soon.

The photo above is your's truly and I believe that was taken in Landa Park in New Braunfels Texas.  Time frame is around 1955/56 I think, as it isn't labeled and I appear to be around 2-3.  

The vileness of the left never ceases to amaze me.  Actually I have come to expect it.  All sorts of evil is revealing itself since the President has come down with the China Flu.  The media seems to be panicking.  They have become so irrelevant due to their skewed view of the world but especially America, that they are losing all credibility and those with any grey matter are no longer watching.  Their livelihood is danger due to the lies they spread.  It can't come soon enough.  There are plenty of alternatives of you look for them.  Their last gasp will be to corrupt the election.  They know there is no way their candidate can win without their lies and fomenting false rage among their believers.  It's gonna be very Ugly.  Prepare.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I Tried

Did you watch the"Presidential" debate last night.  I tried.  The wife was skeptical about watching it but she watched as long as I did.  I totaled maybe 5 minutes.  They were both talking over each other so much I couldn't tell what was being said.  So I don't have any feel for how it went.  In that short time, I did hear the so called moderator call out the President several times without doing the same to Biden.  Biden's insults were his only tactic that I could tell.  I have never seen those type insults in a debate before.  It was beyond childish and showed no respect for the office.  The President was boorish with his constant interruptions but Biden was nearly as bad in that short time.  We turned it off quickly.  I don't really know why they have these debates.  I don't believe they change anyone's mind.  They only hope the other guy will step on his tongue so the media can rip him apart later hoping to score with those undecided voters.  I don't understand how anyone can be undecided in this election at any point.  You are either for the constitution or against it.  Pretty simple.

I'm in and out of the house today.  Trying to trim some more trees while it's still cool.  The plan was to weed eat for maybe the last time this year/season.  Evidently my fuel has gone bad again.  Stabil is not working for me.  So I switched to trimming trees.  I will get some fuel in the next few days to finish the other chore.  Unfortunately that fuel will also go bad before I need it again in the Spring.  I will then have to find a way to dispose of it and start over.  Most likely I will forgo getting new fuel until next Spring and let the weed eating wait.  That's how I roll LOL.  Hey, I'm retired.  (But those tall grasses will be mocking me all that time.)

'K' is in full decorating mode.  She is switching over to Fall decor.  This goes on for several days.  She is very crafty and can do this sort of thing spectacularly.  At least it looks great to me, but I'm a guy so what do I know.  I found out that my compliments seems to mean that I want her to do this.  I like it, but I don't think it would hurt my feelings if she didn't do it.  It's a lot of work, or she makes it a lot of work.  We have Fall colored leaves all over 'inside' the house, even on picture frames and orange colored accent lights.  I just enjoy it and say the appropriate words.  

What's your take on the debate?  Will there be another after this fiasco?

Happy Trails

Monday, September 28, 2020

Monday Thoughts

I don't know anything about the President's SCOTUS nominee other than what I see on the www.  She seems like a good pick.  But so did Roberts at the time.  I still wonder what they have on that guy.  I don't know when the hearings for her confirmation will begin.  I haven't seen a timeline as of this morning.  I know that if McConnell rushes the process, the libs will go even more crazy.  To spare them that anxiety, maybe he should forgo that process and go straight to a floor vote.  I can see lib heads exploding just at the thought of that.  I just hope that if she gets confirmed she upholds the constitution and not any political ideology as so many of our judges do these days, especially on the SCOTUS.   

The wind has really picked up this morning with a cold front that is blowing through.  No real temp changes yet as it is 66* at this time.  However they say it may get into the 40's tomorrow morning.  I'm ready for some cooler weather, but 40's?  LOL.  With the cooler weather I will start some put off chores.  I have a long list, and I suspect that I will defer some to another time as usual.  I really need to do some painting along with the prep work prior.  Since it's outside, weather is the determiner of when that will start.  I need to get that done either way.  I have put that off too many times already.  The worst part is getting on the roof and cleaning off the siding of my fake chimney.  It will require some scrubbing.  Not looking forward to that at all.

Happy Trails

Saturday, September 26, 2020


In case you're wondering, the new photo at the top was taken by my Grandfather while he was in the Army Air Service.  It is a Handley-Paige bomber and I believe the photo was taken 1919-1921 at Kelly Field.  I plan on changing out that photo every so often with old photos I have of mine and those I have collected from family.  I will try to remember to explain what each photo is.  If I don't please ask if you are interested at all.

Son#1 and his 2 kids will be coming to the house today.  His wife has gone with her parents to Arizona.  We will be watching the Longhorns and then eating supper together.  We both have been lifelong 'Horns' fans.  (I took him to several games when he was young and now he is a season ticket holder.)  This is a rare event that he can find the time to come over for no real reason.  I look forward to it.

Since the weather yesterday started out cool I took advantage of that and did a little tree work.  Yes, I paid big bucks last October to have them worked over.  However, if you know live oaks, they tend to get these sprouts or suckers that makes them look like they need a shave.  They have been looking more and more ragged due to so many sprouts.  With all the clearing that was done last year, more sunshine is getting through so the sprouts have gone crazy.  I still have several days worth of work until I am satisfied.  It's fairly easy work.  I take them off with a saw blade on my pole trimmer.  The issue is some are too high for the pole trimmer or to flexible and just bend and not get cut off.  I then stand on a ladder and pull them off by hand.  No, I don't climb trees anymore.  When I say 'several days,'  It's just a couple hours each day.  My neck and arms can only work overhead like that for a very short time.  So I stop every so often to rest those aching muscles and then start again for shorter and shorter periods.  But it gets done.

I can guess the wack jobs will go even more nuts today when the President announces his nomination for the Supreme Court vacancy.  I hope and pray that there is no violence and cooler heads will prevail.  

Happy Trails

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

2nd Try For This Post

The Granddaughter (the baby) is here for a few days.  Her Mom went back to in person school Monday.  Although there are no students yet.  She won't have any students until mid October.  Not sure the need for her to be there that far in advance but what do I know?  Her Dad is starting a new campaign for his latest book offering and needs to focus on that without a toddler interfering with her needs for the first few days of the kickoff.  We are very glad to do this as I have mentioned before.  It is a blessing in these dark times for sure.

We continue our preps.  'K' is really on board this time.  I think our few preps we had prior to the start of the pandemic has her more inclined to do more.  And she understands what may happen around the election.  

She wants water barrels (we have no room for barrels-there are other options I am exploring).  She has become aware of generators.  I have no practical experience with generators.  Our power rarely goes out, especially for any extended period.  I have never used one either.  I have been doing a little research.  There are tons of generators.  It seems the one that may fit our possible needs is one of the most spendy.  I have a hard time justifying in my mind the need for such an expense for something that may never be used.  Yes, I know, to have and not need than to need and not have.  But at that price I struggle.  I have seen other options I may consider.  They are noisier and use more fuel.  Fuel is an issue too.  Storing the needed amount is a real issue.  No room and the safety of storing, and then rotating it out before it gets bad.  It seems daunting with our limited space.  Especially for any long term needs.  Our specific need would be for keeping our refrigerators running.  If power goes out for more than three days or a week, a generator may be useless after that due to our lack of fuel storage.  It's a quandary for my lack of experience.  If you have tips, please chime in.  The best generator for our needs that I mentioned above is a Honda.  But at 1+K I balk.

I don't want to say bad things about anyone that has passed.  Ruth Ginsburg's family deserves that much.  I hope that some one takes her place that supports the constitution and not political ideals like she did.  Someone that will not champion the odious abortion rights and protect the lives of the unborn.

Happy Trails